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Final Fantasy II (Import) (PSP) Cheats

Final Fantasy II (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Buy Cure Early...
As soon as the game starts the first thing to buy should be 3 cures, so you dont wast money at the Inn. You can then use the extra money earned from battles to buy weapos and armor...
To get a Chocobo, go directly south of Kashuan into the forest, one of those tiles is the Chocobo Firest.
Green Souls
These are rather odd monsters. Instead of attacking, they constantly cast Cure VI on you.

If you're running low of HP/MP, and you run into them, take a few turns defeneding, and let them cure you!
Prepaid Ferry...
Whenever you pay for the Ferry the boat will be available even after you go into dungeons or decide to completly leave the area...
Red Souls
These are very powerful creatures witch absorb almost all the elements i tried lightning,blizard, and thunder it absorbed all.
I tried physical attacks and it took very little damage so watch out. Its not really that they are powerful but that they have high defence and absorb spells so just fight it normally and dont waste your mp on spells.
The Best of Minwu...
Minwu can be Ok if used just to be a healer and an overall White Mage, but he can be much better if you do the following: Delete 1-3 of his spells and let him learn the Black Magic spells Fire, Lighting, and/or Blizzard. His Magic Attack is already pretty high so getting his spells to get stronger will take a considerably small ammount of time...
Unlocking a Minigame!
Go to the Snowplains (after you get the snowmobile) and continuously press Circle and X, after this a mini-game will pop up.
What Builds What
In this game, you do not level up, you build stats uby doing certain things in battle. Here's a list of stats and how to increase them:

HP - Increases after a certain battles.
MP - Use magic constantly during battles.
Strength - Use the "Attack" command often.
Stamina - Will increase based on how much damage is taken.
Intgelligence - Use White Magic often.
Magic - Use Black Magic often.
Accuracy - Increases the more attacks successfully hit.
Evasion (Agility) - Increases when an enemy uses a physical attack on a character.
Magic Defense - Increases when an enemy uses a magic attack on a character.


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Extra Menu:
Art Gallery: Clear the game once.
Bestiary: Clear the game once.
Music Player: Clear the game once.
Time Chamber: Clear the Labyrinth of Time once.
Soul of Rebirth Quest
To unlock the SoR quest, beat the game once. The "Soul of Rebirth" option will appear on the title screen.
Art Gallery Number 01-56: Have all of monsters in bestiary
Art Gallery Number 57: Clear 1F-10F in time chamber with unlock blue seal
Art Gallery Number 58: Clear 11F-20F in time chamber with unlock blue seal
Art Gallery Number 59: Clear 21F-30F in time chamber with unlock blue seal
Art Gallery Number 60-67: Clear the game once
Art Gallery Number 68-75: Clear the game twice
Art Gallery Number 76: Clear the game twice include 30 floors in time chamber and have all of monsters in bestiary