Dissidia: Final Fantasy Cheats

Dissidia: Final Fantasy cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Passwords to Unlock Ghosts
Enter the passwords below in the Friends Menu to unlock a variety of ghosts.

PasswordWhat it does
AK6ATR7ECD8NUnlocks Aaron
MAPE5REPE4T5Unlocks Ahriman
LAXBU6GRA4UUnlocks Bash
PASS3SU433KAUnlocks Behemoth
P2KET4DTCW6Unlocks Cait Sith
CH4D9EN3A3TE3Unlocks Death Machine
SF5AUS5WUJ39YUnlocks Fusuya
GU3RK3UG4AMPUnlocks Gilgamash
M8ATK2TCPAYAUnlocks Matoya
MR3ZNNGXU72PUnlocks Ming-Wu
H4NA53NJRE9Unlocks Ninja
8TA9CQQTACUnlocks Oltoross
6C6M6E6G6A6Unlocks Omega
RJAGH5UE6NA7Unlocks Ragna
6A3K2A538TSUnlocks Red Wing
SME4SA39SFAHUnlocks Seifer
469J3ELEVENWSUnlocks Shantotto
FGR3ET5KKJCUnlocks Siegfried
A3NASX6UXT7Unlocks Steiner
PASS3CH3GC45Unlocks Yuffie
VTS3RAPLVKE3Unlocks Vivi
WRKA3KUMKRAUnlocks Wakka
Passwords to Unlock Recipes
Enter these passwords in the Friends Menu to unlock 12 recipes.

PasswordWhat it does
UC5H3J46F3MZAUnlocks the Capricorn Recipe
MZCC3H38ZTUKUnlocks the Aquarius Recipe
QTAK5UWATGAUnlocks the Pisces Recipe
33MKERDTA2AKUnlocks the Aries Recipe
KRCYGU7RJ8E3Unlocks the Taurus Recipe
H3CSH3SDA3YUNUnlocks the Gemini Recipe
SSAYECXK4CY6Unlocks the Cancer Recipe
HA3SESGAH3W3AUnlocks the Leo Recipe
ECTLMCCW3NMCUnlocks the Virgo Recipe
TGALKCAWTNAUnlocks the Libra Recipe
H336DETYA23XUnlocks the Scorpio Recipe
UC6H3M3778CH3Unlocks the Sagittarius Recipe


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Unlockable Characters
The following characters may be unlocked in Dissidia:
GarlandBuy on the PP Catalog for 500 PP (available at beginning).
The EmperorBuy on the PP Catalog for 500 PP (available at beginning).
Cloud of DarknessBuy on the PP Catalog for 500 PP (available at beginning).
GolbezBuy on the PP Catalog for 500 PP (available at beginning).
ExdeathBuy on the PP Catalog for 500 PP (available at beginning).
Kefka PalazzoBuy on the PP Catalog for 500 PP (available at beginning).
SephirothBuy on the PP Catalog for 500 PP (available at beginning).
UltimeciaBuy on the PP Catalog for 500 PP (available at beginning).
KujaBuy on the PP Catalog for 500 PP (available at beginning).
JechtBuy on the PP Catalog for 500 PP (available at beginning).
ShantottoBeat Distant Glory XI: The Lady of Legend, and buy for 1000 PP on the PP Catalog.
Judge GabranthBeat Distant Glory XII: Redemption of the Warrior, and buy for 1000 PP on the PP Catalog.
ChaosBeat Shade Impulse and unlock for 100 PP in the PP Catalog. Can only be used as an OPPONENT in Quick Battle, and ONLY on the Edge of Madness.


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"Ninja" Onion Knight Ghost Battle Guide.
Ok so this guy is notoriously hard to beat. He is fast, he hits hard, and even when you do kill him, he comes back with 1hp.

I have come up with a method of beating him, which works most of the time.

In order to get the Ultima Weapon, you need to fight this guy, the item you need (noahs lute) battle gens after he is inflicted with break status.

Now here is the method for breaking his brave to get the battle gen item wisperweed, and killin him swiftly.

1: Equip Non Auto Odin
2: Buy Battle gen/Item Drop booster packs from the PP shop.
3: Equip the following accessories.
Moonrise (battle gen X1.5)
Dragonfly Orb (absorb excores +30%)
Destroyer (disable opponents last chance effects)
The rest, fill with acc boosters.

Now you are ready. (being lv 100 with most abilities mastered will help alot)

As soon as the battle starts summon odin. If your lucky it will cause break on him, and with the accessory setup the battle gen % for Noah's Lute is over 80% so it should spawn if odin works.

If odin fails, pause, retry, rinse repeat. Do this untill you see the gold star which is probably noahs lute appear on the screen, after odin inflicts break on him.

Then after that, be ready to dodge and block. Try to keep space between you and him, nab the ex cores that spawn.

When your able, if you can, try to get in a block > free hit > ex mode > ex attack. if you can pull off an initial block, most of his attacks leave him open for a follow up BRV to HP combo.

If he connects with any of his attacks you should retry, unless your close to beating him. you can only use odin twice, and if you die and rematch, you lose the previous summon chance, and all the hard work you put in. (also this saves on battle gen /item drop boosters bought in the pp shop)
Another way of getting exclusive weapons
You gonna need an 100+LUK character (to make it easier) then you gonna need another PSP, now you'll need an ghost player of the character that you want the exclusive weapon (the ghost character must have the exclusive weapon) now farm him, this process takes no more that 5-10 battles. You can either farm them in inward chaos
Defeat Inward Chaos's Chaos Easily with Cloud (Thsi may Work with other Characters)
A EX Based Equipment helps, but you can do wihtout it.

You need to have Omnislash ver 5 ability equiped.

Just read Chaos, and when you see and opening or Block him, use Omnislash ver 5, as Chaos crashes down dodge ONCE backards.
then you wait midair as he after getting up will imidiatly Dash towards you. as he nears you BLOCK! after blocking repeat Omnislash ver 5 and doge away.

keep repeating the process.

Note: one the Third battle he may be a little harder, but this startegy works the same.

for the first two battles there are a few things he can do to mess up the stratagy a bit.

any HP attack, and when he dodges towards you he might do that "down lunge" attack, wich onl break your guard but does not hit you.

on the third battle he can do a BRV attack wich teleports imidiatly to your side. just try to learn and dodge and block most of his attacks and you will be OK

ill give a few pointers based on what i know.

HP attack: Condemed : or you are already with an HP atatck on his face, or you have to dodge back, as this attack pulls you in.

HP Attack: Scarlet Rain : Block All of his initial meteors and dodge the last Comet.

HP Attack: Demonsdance : everytime he teleports dodge, but only when he teleports, his last attack is when he is in a standing position with some light coming from his hands.

HP Attack : Divine Punishment : Dodge initialy, then just after the explosions stop dodge again. Or you can just be still and dodge the final atatck. Credti to this method goes to: <a href="http://www.neoseeker.com/members/o_ffxmaster_o/" target="_blank">http://www.neoseeker.com/members/o_ffxmaster_o/</a>

HP attack: Soul Of Oblivion : Just attack him before he lunches the atatck, or if you are far away just get even further as the attack has a limited range.

HP attack : Brink Of Delusion : (Chaos does this after a few sword attacks while he is Giant) As the four swords struck the stage and you are in control of you character again you imidiatly look where there is a space the lights one the ground fo not cover, then just dodge to there, if you manage to get there in time you won't be hit.

i think thats all of them.

just leanr how to read Chaos attack, he only has two Block break atatcks, being the Wall of Flame thing he shoots and the Down ward lunge he does, those were the only ones that i after defending got into a stagering position. hope that helps.

Note: this strategy was made for cloud, and may work with other characters
Easy levels
If you aren't good enough to fight maximums to level then try this. you will need:
a friend with dissidia and psp
and know how to change your psp clock to your bonus day (it also helps to have high exp icon bounus levels in pp catalouge)
now get your friend to swap equip sets in costomization menu and remove all abillity except for one hp attack (NOTE: you can't leave the menu with no hp attacks) now extange friend cards and fight the ghost. OMG!!!!! LOTS OF LEVELS NO EFFORT!!!! =)
Farming: Rosetta Stones & Lores
Complete Destiny Odyssey I-X & Shade Impulse Chapters 1-4.
This unlocks Duel Coliseum.

Now enter the Air Ship Course with your most powerful char. (this is the lv 1-30 course)
*you will want 2 Treasure boost cards and +1 hand size card.

Now max out your coins and then get the cards mentioned above.
The Treasure cards your interested in are Wind Stones, Water Stones, and Life Stones. These 3 items convert into Lores for equipment abilities OR Rosetta Stones. (its also a good idea to get 99 Transmogridust for item upgrades, specifically the super ribbon which required 99 of them.)

Only battle when you absolutely have to, buying an item you don't really need is faster then winning a battle, when all your interested in is getting a new hand to find the items you want.

When you get close to 500 coins left, hold of on buying items unless they are they key items you are looking for. Instead wait till a X2 card appears then max out your coins and repeat the process again.

I maxed out my Dusty Elixirs, Transmogridust, Wind stones, obtained about 70 Water Stones, and 45 Life Stones in 109 battles.
(not to mention I got around 15-20 of every other item available through this course)

In my opinion this is probably the fastest and easiest way to get dozens of Rosetta Stones, Lores, and Transmogridusts.
fast leveling

This is a small trick i've found playing the game.
1. Complete "shade impulse chapter 1" once.
2. Big-Bad-Blue-Guys should appear on your second walktrough
3. Get to 1-3 of Shade Impulse and a blue guy level 78+ appears.
4. It's FF1 Warrior Of Light, and he is strong but all you have to do, is block his attack once and do and HP attack afterwards. For each HP attack you'll get 5500+ exp.

On my first try (I actually thought of killing him but I couldn't) i got 4 HP attacks and 22000k EXP. Then he gets me. It was actually 9999 dmg T_T

5. You do not press retry, you just run away and save the exp, you loose 2 DP but you save the exp)
6. Repeat the fight.
7. When you're done you should just leave for the title screen.

That's the fast levelling guide.
It's not complete and I actually found it out yesterday. Since I Don't even know whether fighting a free battle would give you lvl up that fast.
You should try different things, but it all comes to RunAway->SaveEXP->LooseDP->Retry.
Fast Leveling Up!! :P
Ok, this is what you need to do:

1. Set your PSP clock on the day of your special day. (Remember, you need to have/buy EXP ICON BOOST LVL.10, you can buy it at the PP Catalog.)
2. Change your play plan to Grind-Lover
3. Now, go to Quick Battle and choose any character you want for level up and choose Gabranth as your opponent (Gabranth is easy to battle because he has no HP Attacks unless he is on EX Mode.)

-STAGE: anywhere
-LEVEL(CPU): 100 (You also need to have/buy CPU LEVEL CAP+100
-RULES: any

Fast Leveling! Only for Cloud.
First Change your PSP's Date to the special day on your game then go and activate Grind-Lover day plan.
Second Go to quick battle and pick Cloud, then pick Squall as your enemy.
Stage:Order's Sanctuary
Strength(CPU): Maximum
Level(CPU): 100
Behavior(CPU): Random

Remember, you need to have/buy EXP ICON BOOST LVL.10, you can buy it at the PP Catalog.)Ok this is the routine charge at squall then try to hit him with braver,you will probably miss so then he will use his red circle thing
press R+X and dodge it and then use Braver again and this time you probably will hit him.After that you will get tons of exp.I started with lvl 22 Cloud and got him to lvl 43 in one day! So far....
Firion counters blocks by level 30?
Firion should know how to use fire and shield bash. First, use fire on a opponent. Keep doing it until your opponent reflects it back at you. Right before it hits you, use shield bash. It should hit your opponent accurately.
Get TONS of AP in little time!
If you want some major AP, equip your character with 3 pieces of Diamond equipment* (there's a sword, helm, glove, and armor, and if you have 3 of them equipped at once, you'll get +100% AP), and if you want EVEN more, equip them with a Diamond Ring** accessory (it has +300% AP on it, but it will always break after battle, so you'll want to buy more than one at a time if you want to continuously grind for AP without having to constantly buy more).

If you do that on your bonus day (and do the AP chance), you'll get about 30 AP PER BATTLE!

*Can be traded for in the shop.

**Can be purchased in the shop for 10000 Gil after buying "Shop-Diamond Ring" from the PP catalog.
How to ACE As Cloud
here is a way how to Ace As Cloud. First up, you need The Excalibur II Wich means you need Steiner's Friend Card And you need to Defeat him, With Thief's Cap and Thief's Gloves gloves on with a Mog's Amulet And Item Drop rate Up (PP Cat.)So once you get that you'll need Gold HourGlass, Ivory Choker, Pretty Orb, DragonFly Orb and A Pearl Necklace and thats it, For the Accesories Now for the Abilities, Offensive Abilities: Sonic Break with Finishing touch, and Slashing Blow With Omnislash Version 5. Basic Abilities: EXP to EX force. Now For the Battle First Get your ex force up,Then Burst into EX mode Use Slashing Blow (the one with Omnislash V.5) in mid air and Press Box To execute Omnislash V.5 (DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT PRESS BOX ON EX BLOW PRESS CIRCLE) Your Basic Ability ( EXP to EX force ) Will turn your damnage into Ex Force So Your Gaining Ex force while also using Ex force Dont let your Enemy Get EX Force Now that should be all. HAPPY ACEING!!!!
How To Defeat Level 110 Chaos
Here's The Tip u need Sephiroth and use Sudden Cruelty to Chase Chaos while he suffer to bravery attacks try to press HP attacks (note: u need a perfect timing for this) Try this from 1st to last stage it is very useful.. because u can eliminate some piercing attack of Chaos while u defeat him slowly but surely. Just equip all Level 99 or 100 equipment and make sure Sephiroth is upgraded to level 100. Just Heat Him Hard...
How To Maintain Your 5x or other EXP Multiplier.
After you do a battle with a Multiplier, you will get you PP rewards and all the usual stuff. so what you need to do is to return to the PSP Home Before Going into loading.
if you are doing a quick battle you can wait until the Rematch and Return To Battle Setup Screen Options appear then return home. but if you are at a Odyssey just return home BEFORE going into the Loading.
If you used a summon for grinding or something and you lose the battle, the summon may break if it was his last slot, to prevent this from happening you can also go to the PSP Home as soon as you lose. Unless you want to keep the EXP and Multiplier.

You must ALWAYS let the "Top Reward" Bards Disappear Before Returning to the PSP Home, or else you will have to repeat the entire thing.
this works with any multiplier but it is not worth the trouble if not for a 5x one.
Keep 'Lucky' Percentage
To keep your 'Lucky' percentage to the next day, instead of seeing it reset every time, keep battling and checking your chocobo's progress.
When he is one battle away from some treasure, leave it at that and continue the next day.
The next time you go on, the game should still say you are one battle away from treasure, and your 'Lucky' percentage should remain intact.
This should allow you to get 'Lucky' experience boosts more often, making it useful for those wishing to do some heavy training on their characters.
massive AP
if you equip Diamond Ring to a character and have all the level ups for AP from the PP catalog go up against Chaos in quick battle (only available upon beating Shade Impulse). On a bonus day or AP icon day you can earn up to 72 AP points from one Chaos session given that you get the AP chance in every round. You can score even more if you equip Dazzling Diamond ability if you have the right equipment on.
Omnislash Version 5
To get the ability omnislash version 5 you first have to master the ability slashing blow which may take a while since it needs 300 AP to be mastered, but once it's unlocked you won't have problems taking out enemies in 2 to 3 hits. Good luck.
The REAL way to level up
Okay, first of all you need a chocobo down(+20% exp), a chocobo wing(+50% exp) and a chocobo feather(+100% exp). Make sure its a bonus day,(you can cheat these by advancing your system's calendar) It doesn't really matter what youre chocobo's bonus is, but 5x is recommended, also make sure your EXP ICON lvl is maxed out. You will also need to have unlocked Gabranth, as he is the easiest to battle.(He has no HP moves until he's in EX MODE).
On the Battle Setup screen, Make him lvl.100 and have his stregnth MAX. His behaviour can be whatever.

After all this is done, just battle him. Try to hit him with HP attacks as much as possible. Even without the 5x multiplier, it should take less than 10 minutes to have a lvl. 1 grow to a lvl. 100.
Ultimate level up startegy! :D
Wanna know the easiest (might be hard in the beginning ) way to level up your character? Then read on!
(This is in case you don't already know... )

You need to buy all the CPU level caps in the SYSTEM category of the PP catalog, and the villain Exdeath from the CHARACTER category. (He's the 5th one from top.)

Now go to quick battle. Take your required character, and set Exdeath as CPU. Now put highest difficulty level, highest possible CPU level and set the bottom option to the 9th one. (Not really sure whether the bottom option makes a big difference.)

Now start the battle. You'll see that you gain 1000+ exp. for every hit. Doesn't matter even if you lose coz the game saves the exp. points even if you lose.

To make things more interesting, wait for your SPECIAL day. (Or if you're impatient, change the PSP clock. ) Now you'll have a 1.1x exp. multiplier. Go to the CALENDAR tab in the PP catalog and buy all the EXP levels upto LV10. Now your multiplier will become 2.0x.

I took Terra Branford from LV38 to LV100 in this manner in less than 5 hours.

Now for the itching question. Why Exdeath? Simple... Could you really hit any other character who is massively powered compared to you? No. Exdeath is an exception. He's slow and dumb. Now go get 'em!
Unlock Museum
To unlock the Museum, you must complete story mode at least once with 2 different characters.
Unlock Theatre Mode
To unlock Theatre mode, you must complete story mode at least once.
Wanna litteraly OWN?
this is only a tip, BUT... very helpful and effective all you have to do is get an item called Soul of the destroyer but... theres only 3 ways of getting it:

*get exclusive weapons it sometimes comes along.
*use Hardcore mode, you're gotta be the luckiest guy to find it.
*Duel Colosseum, Very Veeery rare...

This item comes from hell, (believe me) it gives you 2000% brave pts, so... even if you're a level 1 you'll get 9999 brave, but beware he's also 100% breakable so 1 use and its gone, use it wisely, i got 99 of them, took me hell out of 230 hours to get. so here's the Tip and, go out there and OWN.
Winning with Cloud Strife
At first,You may be lead into thinking the best way to win a battle when fighting as Cloud Strife is to simply use his strength stat and make that his best stat. This is not the best way. Cloud excels in launching Rush attacks (especially Wall Rushes) if you focus your acsessories so that he can dish out as much damage as possible while in Wall Rushes, and in battle frequently use abilities such as Climhazard to launch enimies into these states then you will find Cloud can not only massively damage enimies, but when done in a certain "rythym" he can pratically prevent them from doing anything by using frequent Wall Rushes.

The next step is to learn how to not get hurt in rushes. You can dodge the simple attacks but be warned- all characters have a "charging" attack in rushes that may trick you into dodging too early, only to be hit by a fatal attack. Make sure to remain vigilant when observing enemy attacks while in a wall rush if they get a turn.

You can also use Cloud's charging attack by holding square, hopefully this will trick the enemy into dodging too early. You need to make sure that you are able to block and dodge enemy attacks while not in wall rush, because they leave Cloud open for many attacks- but if Cloud is launched into a rush, use this to your advantage to turn the tide on the enemy by dodging there rush attack and following on with yours.

Once you learn Slashing Blow->Omnislash, you will easily be able to defeat enemies by simply: Rush Attacking->Enemy enters Break state->Slashing Blow->Omnislash.


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Easy bonus day
just set your internal clock to 12:00 on the day of your bonus day you can also just move a head one day at a time to get mail and pp (it might take a while but it works
Quick Lvls
Tired of doing 10 battles just to level up your favorite character by 1? Easy "Hint" for ya. Just tinker with t=your systems time and fast forward to your bonus day. Then at about 23 hours into the day just go to your clock settings and set it to 12:00 am on the same day and SHAZAM!!! Never ending bonus day. Also if you change your gamer plan to Casual, your little Chocobo pal will run into treasure chest more often. I did this and within half an hour, Squall went from lvl 1 to lvl 21. HAPPY LEVELING!!!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Easter eggs

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Naked Terra!
If you win a battle using Terra's EX Burst, when you see her victory dance thing, she is in EX Mode and naked!