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Final Fantasy cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Beware of the Chests!
More often then not, a chest is guarded by monsters that appear when approached (sometimes in an area where there aren't any monsters at all). These monsters are considerably stronger then the monsters you find in the area, and may require preparations before battle. Be sure to heal before appraoching a chest and especially when there is a cluster of chests in one area.
Find Your Way Through Earthgift Shrine's Deserts
Occasionally in Earthgift Shrine, you will appear on a floor that's nothing but plan desert, making it impossible to know where you're going. However, if you wander long enoug you will find a group of three Palm Trees that form an arrow. Follow these Palm Trees to reach the stair way to the next floor.
How To Get Excalibur
Go to flying fortress 2nd floor from there go down there are 6 way's there go to south west, enter the door there's a chest it contains adamantite. From there head back to Mount Duergar enter that cave once more once your inside go west then north there should be a door with the blacksmith then talk to him then he will be shock then he'll forge it into Excalibur.
Leveling up + Gil
Ok once you complete the nitro quest and help blow the wall in the sea you will get to a town called Melmond. Travel south by land to the place called "Tavern of Earth". Once there the is several paths, take the one that goes south/west, once you get to a bend in the path and begin to travel north a creature called "HILL GIGAS" will appear there hp is around 240 so make sure u can kill them with at most 2 hits, they show up in numbers also with lizards. An they show up with every move in that area, so make sure not to go to far w/o supplies.
The Hill Gigas is worth 879exp also 879gil also drop tents, So in a few fights you level up fast, as well as getting tons of cash.
I spent 30 mins there went from level 17 upto level 20, from 6000gil to 50,000gil. It just takes a little patience.
Save Often
Anytime your entire party dies, you go to the start screen, and must start from your last save. So I suggest to save often.
View Map
To view the map, press O and Select at the same time.
Weapons/Armor Glitch
Have you ever dreamed about your White Mage just picking up the Excalibur and kickin some butt? Now you can!!!!

First, go to Configuration, and set your Cursor to Memory.

Next, put the character whose weapons you want equipped to another character above or below them through Formation (items CANNOT be equipped).

Next, go to the SAME type of equipment you want to have equipped (weapons, ect.) on both characters. Then, press R and X at the same time to move to the character you want their equipment to be on. If done right, THEY will have the other characters list! With your Cursor set to memory, it will stay on that one area, and not go back to the top.

You can also "create" new weapons this way. The only thing you have to do differently is put both characters on different areas of equipment.

For example, put the cursor on the Warrior's weapons, and the on the Monk's armor. Press R and X at the same time again, and a list of weapons you don't have should show up. Note that you can only have ONE of the "created" item in the inventory at a time. Any others will disappear.

It should be noted that this glitch can cause the music to suddenly turn itself off at random times. It can be fixed opening and closing the menu, though.


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Weapons/Armor Glitch +
If you continue to use the button combination of R and X four times in a row, weapons and armor that you wouldn't normaly aquire until you were close to the end of the game will start to appear. To make it so that the rest of your characters also start to get new weapons and armor just start the 4X combination with a diffent party member. Some examples of the appearing weapons and armor are the Shadowblade, Dragon Armor, and Mage's Staff...

Note: A few minutes after this version of the glitch is used the game may freeze and restart, so saving the game would probably not be such a good idea...

Easter eggs

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Link is Dead??????
Surprisingly yes the child hood hero is dead because if you go to Elfheim (near the Lv.3 white magic store) and look at the third grave from the right it says "Here Lies Link."


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15 Puzzle minigame
When you're on a boat, hold X and repeatedly tap Circle button. Then you should be able to play 15 Puzzle minigame.


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Unlock Extras under main menu
Art Gallery - Clear the game once.

Bestiary - Clear the game once.

Music Player - Clear the game once.

Time Chamber - Clear the Labyrinth of Time once.
Unlock Hard Mode (Final Fantasy I)
To unlock hard mode for Final Fantasy one, beat the game once. After the credits are done and you go back to the title screen, try to load up your beaten game. Upon doing so, you will start hard mode. Hard mode makes harder enemies in places where weaker ones usually are, so start leveling up!