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FIFA Soccer 10 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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More substitutions than usual
When u are playing a match whether a friendly or in manager mode.When u use all ur substitutes at once, immediately got to formations and change the team formations,then again immediately change it back to ur prefered type and go back to ur starting 11 and u will see u have a 2 more substitutions left!! However when u make all the 5 only 3 will appear in the cut scene but u will have all 5 on the pitch!


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Changing boots
When a player is substituted onto the field, his usual boots will have been replaced by the player he just substituted for.
Player Face
For example if you're Manchester United and get a defender sent off, Rooney or one of the forwards will have the player who got sent off's face!
If you get someone else sent off, the other forward will have his face!