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Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Another Road

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Another Road Cheats

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Another Road cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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How do you get Goku Super Saiyan 4 ?
Finish ALL Chapter 6 in Another Road!
Smash and rush
First, if you want to do what the opponents can do,(smashing you and teleport to smash you again, and again...... You simply have to smash your opponent to the air, then during he flies away to the air, press R immediately, repeat this then the final move, if you are goku (kaeoken) during the final move press O to add more power, same to the spirit bomb when goku (normal) throws it,
Starting Battle Super Saiyan
To start in Super Saiyan form when you immediately start a battle, hold R when choosing your character and press X, and you'll hear a "cling" sound, different from normally choosing your character with no R held down. Remember, for this to work, you have to hold down R and press X on the Super Saiyan form when choosing, not the normal one.

The rushing KI
At first when you battle strong foe like Broly/ cooler final form /Super Buu/ and all the other hard character's, i found that if you Do a hook(R1 Arrow button facing the foe,When your next to him press Triangle) every time the foe is blocking or rising his KI you can easily brake his defence and rush him from then on. After than when his on the floor Raise your KI.

KEEP REPEATING THESE STEPS!!!! and u have Victory.
Unlockable characters
Bardock Defeat him as Goku in Chapter 5

Dabura To unlock Dabura, beat him in the second level in chapter 2.

Future Gohan Finish Chapter 5

Goku (SSJ4) Get Ending B (Can be obtained by letting enemies destroy 1-3 cities in the last chapter)

Picolo (Fuse with Kami) Beat him at the alternate path of Chapter 3.

Super Buu with Gohan absorbed Finish the third level of Chapter 7

Super Buu with Gotenks absorbed Finish the second level of Chapter 7

Vegeta (Majin) Get Ending A (Can be obtained by not letting enemies destroy any city in the last chapter)


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Beat "Another Road" once or clear the arcade mode. Bonus will then be available in option.


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