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Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Unlockable story scenarios
UnlockableHow to unlock
Main scenario 013:Light to allFinish main scenario 012:Treachery of the gods
Main scenario 000:Confessions of the creatorFinish main scenario 013:Light to all
Main scenario 000:Confessions of the creator (alternate method)Purchase from PP catalog for 2000 PP after finishing main scenario 012:Treachery of the gods


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Feral Chaos in under a minute
ok first of all, u can do this with ANY character except gabranth. u need to have your fighter level 1, with no equipment and 10 accessory slots. First of all, you're gonna want to have your character equipped with the EXP to BRV ability, ill explain this a little further down. As for your accessories, ul want these:

Smiting Soul
Sniper Eye

Lvl gap > 90
Large gap in hp

now, since you're a level 1, any attack from feral chaos will kill you, which is where the near loss booster comes in so stay evasive as well as the hp=100%. so theres no point in having any equipment which is where the other ones wwould activate, since chaos is level 130, the lvl gap > 90 and will activate, all of these will boost you to 99.9, which means theres a 0.1 chance tht smiting soul WONT activate, every hit willbreak him doing 9999,, now as to where sniper eye comes in, at any given time an hp attack can only to 9999 damage, but a wall rush effect has noo damage limit. so it will deal the around 1025% wall rush damage. which if the initial attack is 9999, will end up being around 100,000 dange, knocking his 128,000, to about 19,00o, now because of EXP to BRV, all the EXP you get for tht massive assualt, will be transferred to ur brv which has a max of 9999, so u can repeat the process again, thus killing the big ugly, wimp of a god of discord. the go to the pp catalogue n get him for roughly 350 pp and his manikin costume for 3000 pp. n if u want to train him, just have him set up like the character u used to beat him n fight him with himself without the EXp to BRv, the smiting soul will break the one ur fighting anyways, but its just to be safe whil fighting him the first time.
Fighting Feral Chaos Made Easier
my team consists of Yuna, Cloud, Firion, Kain, and Jecht, all level 100 with lvl 100 equips. everyone had exp to hp , alexander(manual) and the following accesories

strength to courage
Rebellious soul
Final decision
great gospel
2 valor inscense
valor resin
Chocobo wing
lifa dew

now every time you land an hp attack, ull getexp, which will be turned into hp, no if ur h is full, the extra will be turned into bravery, now for the fun part. try to break him asap, n when u do actuvate alex, now every character has a very spammable hp attack. with Yuna, use hellfire on the ground n megaflare in the air, i advise mega flare, hes bit so hell hav a hard tim dodging it. with could just spam them all, even his chainables, except for meteor rain and crossslash, they hav to slow of a start up. with firion use either lord of arms or rope knifes double trouble. as for kain just spam jump. but be careful, he can not you out of the air mid jump. as for jecht just get in close and use jecht beam alot. just keep the oressure on him and ull be fine. when he goes into exmode call an assist, save your assists for this and assists changes, the r REALLY helpful.
How to unlock Desperado Chaos, Gilgamesh, and Prishe
Source of information: <a href="http://dissidiaff.wordpress.com/2011/03/04/how-to-unlock-desperado-chaos-gilgamesh-and-prishe-in-dissidia-012/" target="_blank">http://dissidiaff.wordpress.com/2011/03/04/how-to-unlock-desperado-chaos-gilgamesh-and-prishe-in-dissidia-012/</a>

Desperado Chaos

Desperado is apparently the hardest to unlock. First, you have to find him in the southeast end of the world map and fight him. This is the 60,000 HP fight. After this ends, the second half of the world map will unlock.

Now, you have to find him in a volcano in the northwestern end of the map, where he will have over 128,000 HP (with a Garland Assist). After you beat him there, you can buy him in the PP Catalogue.


Method 1 – Gilgamesh’s story will unlock after you complete 012′s story and all chapters of 013′s story. Play through it and you can buy him in the PP Catalogue.

Method 2 – In the reports section, go to page 2 of Report 8. You will eventually find a battle of Bartz vs Gilgamesh. Choose to play as Bartz and once you beat him, you can buy him in the PP Catalogue. You have to get past the Prishe battle in this before you have access to the Bartz vs Gilgamesh battle.


Method 1 – After completing all of 012 and 013′s stories, you can play her scenario. Beat it and you can buy her in the PP Catalogue.

Method 2 – Report 8, page 2. There’s some blue text on this page. Press square, highlight the text, and then select it. You will have the option to play as Shantotto. Defeat Prishe with Shantotto and you can buy her in the PP Catalogue
Level 100 Exp. Trick (Duodecim version)
In this new game, The character we used to easily jump to level 100, Exdeath is now too smart to beat.

Hence forth you must now use the next best punchbag: Gabranth.

Gabranth is unable to attack you unless he is in EX-Mode so the only thing you really have to worry is getting your bravery drained faster than you can say "HATRED IS WHAT DRIVES ME!".

So now, we have the punching bag but first, we need to set our benefiting character the proper gloves.

1: Equip your character with all three kinds of Chocobo accesories (Downs, Wings and Feathers.) all are obtain from the three different play plans respectively. (Also if possible equip Growth Egg.)

2: Equip your character with the Magic Pot (Manual) summon. This can be obtained from a specific moogle shop in story mode.

3: Advance your play plan (Black Chocobo if possible.) until it gives you an EXP boost. (x2, x3 or x5, x.3-5 isn't good enough.)

4: Schedule this fight on a bonus day or any day with an EXP boost. (Increase the EXP boost level in the PP catalog as much as possible.)

5: Buy Opponent level limit +100 in the PP catalog.

6 (Optional): Unlock the Judgement system. (Not required, but it'll make this a lot easier since Gabranth is faster than Exdeath.)

Now that we're all set, Set up a Quick battle with your character against Gabranth.

Before you press begin battle, set up the following conditions:

1: AI strength: Maximum (The higher the difficulty, the more EXP.)

2: Level: 100

3 (If you have it): Judgement: Chaos Judgement

Any stage is fine.

Now don't be overwhelmed, I'll show you how to win this fight and obtain your 100 levels;

Begin with approaching him. Since he is incapable of using HP outside of EX mode he will attack you with a brave attack, This WILL cause break and increase his already ludicrous bravery but don't worry.


Now wait until your Bravery recovers and you are no longer in break mode. (Go a safe distance away from him and attack with quick brave attacks that will obviously miss if you are under Chaos Judgement to avoid "Coward's Punishment.)

Once it replenishes, use Magic Pot to copy his 9999 Bravery count.

Then(W/Judgement), pressure him with attacks (Projetile braves or HP attacks) and don't let him do anything but dodge. After a while he will be inflicted with Coward's punishment.


Then(W/O Judgement) spam HP attacks until you hit him but be careful of being attacked, your bravery will severely lower if you are low-leveled.

Once you hit him for 9999 Damage you will most likely win and become level 100. If his HP surpassed 9999, simply attack him again.

Enjoy. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Easter eggs

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mildly entertain yourself when installing Game Data
start installing any of the three different size game data (“data install” is located in the extras menu, get there from the main menu)
when installing game Data to your memory stick you can make you can make different sound effects and affect the display in various ways
here’s what i found:
pressing the L Shoulder button makes a Chocobo sound effect
Pressing the R shoulder Button makes a Moogle sound effect
pressing square makes the people walking along jump and gives a sound effect of jumping

i also found that:
pressing the L shoulder button 10 times makes a character run across data install making a running noise
pressing the R shoulder button 10 times makes a character jump from the bottom of the screen making a splashing noise
pressing Square 10 times makes 2 characters fall from the top of the screen and make a falling noise
Moogles in scenes
Go to the theater menu and scroll around the options repeatedly while watching the image that appears in the upper left area.

Certain images, when scrolled through will randomly add three moogles in the picture.

They do not affect the scene itself at all. They are simply an amusing easter egg.