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Dead To Rights : Reckoning cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Whisper's Mansion
When you get to this stage and you are having trouble just duck behind whisper's car, I call this the "safe zone" because think about it if your ducking behind it there not going to shoot you the AI isn't that smart.Also another spot were you'll be safe is to the right of where you come in you can also just wait there until shadow is ready to attack and just keep repeating this process so you won't die.

Good Luck with Whisper.


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Extra Stage
On the last level you have to face two people, a boy and a girl. If you beat them you unlock that guy and his mansion. That means when you play against another player you can pick that guy and have a shootout in his mansion.
Unlock everyhting
Unlock Everything -> DoggieStyle
Unlocking Supercop
Complete the game in Normal mode
Unlock Infinite Adrenaline
Finish stage 5.
Unlock Infinite ammos
Finish stage 4.
Unlock Fit Dog
Finish stage 6.
Unlock Super Deformed Mode
Finish stage 2.
Biker 2 (Multiplayer Skin) Chapter 01
Bar (Multiplayer Arena) Chapter 02
Biker Boss (Skin) Chapter 03
Triad2 (Skin) Chapter 04
Jack2 (Skin) Chapter 05
Triad Boss (Skin) Chapter 06
Militia Boss (Skin) Chapter 08
Cabal1 (Skin) Chapter 09
Cabal2 (Skin) Chapter 10
Mansion (Arena) Chapter 11
Whisper (Skin) Chapter 12
Militia2 (Skin) Chapter 07