Cars (PSP) Cheats

Cars cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Unlockable Characters
follow thease instructions to unlock
UnlockableHow to unlock
Doc HudsonWin Grand prix cup 1
SheriffWin Grand prix cup 2
FloWin Grand prix cup 3
RamoneWin Mirror cup
DJDefeat his boss race
Snot rodDefeat his boss race
WingoDefeat his boss race
BoostDefeat his boss race
LuigiIn multiplayer do a postcard race
SargeIn multiplayer do two post card races but different postcards
lizzieIn multiplayer do 3 postcard races but different postcards
FillmoreIn multiplayer do 4 postcard races but different postcards
The Fabulous Hudson HornetIn multiplayer do 5 postcard races but different postcards


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Unlock DJ Intro and DJ Defeted Movie Clips
Beat DJ in the Radiator Cap Run Boss race.


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All Art
Type in conc3pt at cheat entry

All Movies
Type in watchit at cheat entry
Unlimited Boost
To get Unlimited Boost, enter VROOOOM in the Cheats section.