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Ben 10: Protector of Earth (PSP) Cheats

Ben 10: Protector of Earth cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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how to deafet enok
step1:use heatblast then do fire plume 2 times
step2:use armagedron
PS:if stuck use Ben to dodge his attack or use cannonbolt
to let him rest be sure to use heatblast
PSS:do the master control cheat
some people can;t do the seattle level

well here's what you do
1. destroy those egg things (this will activate a ramp)
2. go back use cannonbolt and use ramp and you will do mssiv damage


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XLR8 Speed Trail
Some of my friends said,"How can we make the speed trail of XLR8?" so i found out how in this amazing GLITCH!!Okay so in the cartoon,Ben 10,as XLR8 runs,all you can see is blue and black right?You know wat i mean.Thats he's speed trail. So i am demonstrating how to do that in dis cool Glitch To make the XLR8 speed trail,you need to:

Step 1: Turn into XLR8.
Step2: Find some enemies(Vahalla Knight,Drones,Crystal Beras ect.)
Step 3: Do Special Special move,Flash Barrage.( (),() )
Step 4: Make sure that when you're doing Flash Barrage( (),() ),one opponent hits you.Or another way is to make sure XLR8 flies back after u do Flash Barrage.
Step 5:There u have it!!!An XLR8 Speed Trail! (If succeded in doing it,don't read tis)Step 6: If u fail,just keep on tryin.The best place to do tis is in the secret level in the Null Void were you fight all of the strong bosses.
(Ran low on health and transformed back to ben,Read tis)Step 7: If u transform to Ben,just dodge all the attacks until u can use XLR8 again(or any other hero)and then do steps 1-5 again.Thats y u can use the master control cheat.its above tis cheat.

Well thats all for the XLR8 Speed Trail glitch

Speed u later



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In game cheat
Cannonbolt,heatblast,wildvine,4arms = Master Control

Heatblast; XLR8; XLR8; Cannonblot = Unlock All Locations on Map

Cannonblot; Heatblast; 4arms; Heatblast = Unlock ALL Combos

Cannonbolt; Cannonbolt; 4arms; Heatblast = Dark Heroes

XLR8 ;Heatblast; Wildvine; 4Arms = Invincibility

wildvine,4arms,heatblast,wildvine = unlock alien forms

Wildvine, Fourarms, Heatblast, Cannonbolt = DNA Force

Those are all the cheats I heard that works.