B-Boy (PSP) Cheats

B-Boy cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Keep that BEAT medal
When your opponent does his/her throwdown, if you open up the psp tray the beat marker will disappear from around them. This stops them from hitting a beat.

Note: That this does not mess up your game or ruin your psp, however maks sure you close the tray before the end of the throwdown.


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15483 Always have maxium hype (seems to apply it to opponent too)
26939 Clears all the cheats
56239 Hides the beat marker (makes being on beat harder can't see the beat marks)
17345 Puts you at club level in Livin' Da Life
11910 Puts you at Pro level in Livin' Da Life
43649 Shows all moves in the movelist (works in both Jam and Livin' Da life)
41549 Turns the HUD off in battles (doesn't show song track and what move your doing)
85363 Unlocks all Jam mode characters (including Crazy Leggs)
92750 Unlocks all Jam mode levels
85872 Unlocks all Jam mode music
20014 Unlocks clothes in Livin' Da Life
93665 Unlocks Crazy Legs
34589 Unlocks everything in Jam mode levels, characters and music
39572 Unlocks everything in Livin' Da life clothes, music, moves(5*level)
50361 Unlocks moves in Livin' Da Life (5* level)
78727 Unlocks music in Livin' Da Life
83083 Unlocks Red Bull King of The Ring
Unlock Crazy Legs In Arcade Mode.
Beat the battle mode on any difficulty with Kmel.