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Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception Cheats

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception Unlockables

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UnlockableHow to unlock
Land guardianSave all allies in mission 5a.
Sea guardianDestroy Gleipnir stealth before uses schock canon on ships.
Bronze aceDestroy 200 enemies.
Silver aceDestroy 500 enemies.
Gold aceDestroy 1000 enemies.
Swift hunterFinish campaign with fewest misions.
MarksmanDestroy 5 enemy aircraft with gun.
SharpshooterDestroy 15 enemy aircraft with gun.
Expert MarksmanDestroy 50 enemy aircraft with gun.
Air GuardianSave all choppers in mission 9A(A Diversion)
Submitted by: dean1 on September 03, 2010
Unlockable Experimental Fighters
There are several secret fighters across the game that are at your reach,like the ADF-01 FALKEN.They also have unlockable parts like more resistant bodywork,weapon systems and more - unlockable by killing the enemy Star units across the levels.
UnlockableHow to unlock
ADF-01 FALKENComplete "Operation X".
Fenrir Advanced FighterBeat all the missions of the game,then complete the game in Ace mode.
XFA-24A ApalisBeat Mission 03A.
XFA-27 GameDefeat Mission 09B.
YR-99 ForneusComplete Mission 12A.
YR-302 FregataComplete Mission 037A.
XR-45 CariburnSuccessfully end Mission 09A.
X-02 WyvernBeat Mission 12B or 12C in second playthrough.
Air GuardianSave all choppers in mission 9A(A Diversion)
Submitted by: Fenrir, jv on December 19, 2008

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception Tips

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ADF-O1 Falken
Clear every version of every mission and complete mission 30 (Operation X)
Submitted by: Guticb on March 17, 2007
Bronze Ace
Kill 200 enemies to get this medal.
Submitted by: Guticb on March 17, 2007
enemy and evasions
when an enemy gets a lock on you, speed up and pull a high maneuver immediately to break the lock before he throws missiles at you...chances when he succeeded in firing a missile, pull and roll sideways,or even drop altitude (roll upside down and pull up for quick altitude drop). Never fly on a straight path or maintain altitude. Also,look into the radar for positions and distance. The rate of evasion will be based on on your position and range of the opponent(avoid close range to evade machine gun fire),the missile (missiles flying at 3' and 9'o clock positions are easy to dodge) and type of special weapons used by the opponent (QAAM's are too dangerous at close range)... i hope this will help.
Submitted by: huey_bornoks on May 21, 2011
How to dodge missles easily
if an enimy is locked on to you warning will be written on the hud.when they fire a missle encrease your speed and fly left or right.then you roll towards the direction you were flying. Thats all. your a missle dodger.
Submitted by: Raahim on June 24, 2010
Killing enemies that won't get in your reticule
If you are trying to destroy aircrafts that don't stop moving and turning in all directions, and really want them down, here's what I do;

1- stabilise/put the plane back to horizontal
2- increase thrust
3- when you think you are far enough, pull the analogue stick so that your plane makes half a looping. Not a complete one, remember
4- your enemy should have followed you, so he will be heading in your direction. If he is far enough, stabilize your plane
5- increase or decrease altitude to be more or less at the same height as him, but do not incline the plane too much. One thing I do is turn it upside-down, so it falls automatically. correct also your your heading, in case it isn't right
6- arm suitable weapon, and wait for distance between you and the enemy to be quite short. If too close, he the missile wont hit him, if too far, he will have time to dodge
7- fire

Remember, re-increase thrust after the looping!
Usually, several planes follow you, so you can shoot them all down, and if you see that when you are aiming the enemy, and they are aiming at you too, don't wait for distance to shorten, fire when locked, and steer out of danger!

It always work for me, on any difficulty, if you don't manage to do it, there might be an error while you tried to do it, or maybe there's a different AI in the game, or simply, maybe I missed a step...
Submitted by: anonymous on March 19, 2007
Operation X
Operation X is the last mission in Ace Combat X. It is unlocked when you beat every mission and mission branch in the game.
Submitted by: Guticb on March 17, 2007

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception Easter eggs

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Ace Combat 5:The Unsung War Reference
In the mission Alect Squadron,when the air battle has started,destroy enemy fighters until you hear a Leasath pilot saying the following phrase:"Dammit,we're losing! Don't superior numbers count anything!?".This is actually one of Swordsman's dialog lines from AC05 The Unsung War.
Submitted by: Fenrir on December 19, 2008