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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 (PS3) Cheats

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 cheats, Codes, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PS3.

Command codes

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Unlock Jilian Hall
How to unlock Jillian Hall all you have to do is type this code

Chris Jericho SvR06 Attire
Chris Jericho SvR06 Attire cheat code is

Unlock Boogeyman
How to unlock Boogeyman is too type this cheat code


Unlock Layla
how to unlock Layla is easy all you have to do is type this code

Unlock Tazz
how to unlock Tazz its easy all you have to do is type this code

unlock Vince McMahon
how to unlock Vince Mcmahon is easy all you have to do is type this code or Play Rey in "The road to WrestleMaina"


Overall 84

Abilitys Dirty Pin
Referee Shield
Move Theft
Steal Taunt
Hammer Throw


Facelock Jawbreaker 3
Pedigree 2(?????!!!! Why does mcmahon have that pedigree? LMAO)


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smackdown vs raw 2009
PasswordWhat it does
up down left rightplay as Evan born
down sqaure circle rightplay as refree
Unlock Ric Flair
First Go To My WWE Then Choose Options Then Go TO Cheats Make Sure You Capitalize The F and W
PasswordWhat it does
FlairWooooooooooooooUnlocks Ric Flair
Unlockable Passwords
There is a Cheats Screen in the Main Menu. Go into the screen and enter the following passwords. These are CASE-SENSITIVE.
PasswordWhat it does
SatNightMainEventSvRRoyal Rumble, SummerSlam, Unforgiven and The Granddaddy of Them All, WrestleMania. All of them are playable arenas in SmackDown vs. Raw 2009, but the game wouldn't be complete without Saturday Night's Main Event. Luckily, it's an unlockable venue in this year's version.
Ryder&HawkinsTagTeamWith a brand new tag team match including the ability to share momentum and attributes, pull off tag team finishers and even get the "hot tag," SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 is all about teamwork. After you've played with D-Generation X, The Hardys, The Miz & John Morrison and other legendary tag teams, enter in the following code to unlock former WWE Tag Team Champions Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
HornswoggleAsManagerThough the Belfast Brawler would be loath to admit it, if you take a close look at Finlay in SmackDown vs. Raw 2009, he appears a little ... lonely. The solution to this problem? Have the Superstar's son and frequent companion, Hornswoggle, accompany him to the ring. Now, if he could just get his hands on a shillelagh ...
FlairWooooooooooooooLets you play as the Nature boy, Ric Flair. Woooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
Ryders&HawkinsTagTeamLets you play as Smackdowns Matt Hawlins and Zack Ryder.
PlayAsJillianHallSvRLets you play as the Raws suckish singer, Jillian Hall.
VinceMcMahonNoChanceLets you play as the WWE chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon.
BoogeyManEatsWorms!!Lets you play as the worm eating BoogeyMan.
BooyakaBooyaka619SvRLets you fight with Rey Mysterios alternate attire (aqua blue attrire).
CMPunkAltCostumeSvR!Lets you fight with CM Punks alternate attire.
UnlockECWTazzSvR2009Lets you play as ECW legend, Tazz.
UnlockECWDivaLayla09Lets you play as ECW Diva, Layla.
UnlockSnitskySvR2009Lets you play as the WWE Raw superstar, Snitsky.
AltJerichoModelSvR09Lets you fight with Chris Jerichos SvR06 attire.
SatNightMainEventSvRLets you use the Saturday Nights Main Event stage to have matches in.
PlayAsKusulets u play as kusu


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90 Overall For CREATED Superstars
Note: This code requires the Create-a-Superstar patch for the game, which is available through the PlayStation Network. Enter "MAXCAS" as a case-sensitive code. When a superstar is now created, he or she will be rated 90 overall