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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 Cheats

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS3.

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 Tips

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Can't find the Cheat Menu?
Can't find the cheat menu?

It's only in the NTSC (American, Canadian, etc) version of the game, not the PAL (Europe, Australia, etc) version.
Submitted by: Team Xtreme on November 28, 2007
Completing 24/7 Mode - With Lots of $$$
There is no point to actually play 24/7 mode apart from the fact to get your CAW level ups from lvl 80.
If its money you are looking for - just plaay with John Cena and Skip to wrestlemania - you will have tons of money by then and should be around the 50 in legend status
Submitted by: Tekutui on January 25, 2008
Easter Egg
Upon Unlocking JBL ( In my point really useless)
play with him in a Smackdown Arena and he will talk about himself as if he is watching himself on TV.
Submitted by: Tekutui on January 29, 2008
Easy wins on Hall of Fame
If you are finding legend difficulty too difficult but still want the unlockables then it is pretty simple.

This effects direct challenges and any match that doesn't involve a special stipulation to win. In the options menu simply put KO to on, work on the head or chest and do a powerful move.

Another way is by tricking the game itself. In game options you can choose a level difficulty, choose legend then go to custom A.I option. Slide the indicators to the left and this will render the computer useless.

They will reverse still but not every time. It affects 24/7 mode as well but gives the computer more chance to reverse. The KO change won't affect 24/7 mode though.
Submitted by: ShadowJ on February 22, 2008
Unlocking Pay Per View arenas
logically, you'd think playing 24/7 mode would unlock PPVs, but oddly this isn't the case. to unlock PPVs, you must get certain ranks on Hall of Fame. here's the criteria for them:

5 Points - No Way Out
6 Points - Vengeance: Night of Champions
7 Points - ECW One Night Stand
8 Points - December to Dismember
9 Points - New Years Revolution
10 Points - Summer Slam
12 Points - Wrestlemania 23
Submitted by: Key zer on June 22, 2008

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 Cheats

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Unlock Second Outfit
For Kelly Kelly's alternate outfit, type this in the cheats menu: KellyKG12R

For HHH's and HBK's D-X outfit, type this in the cheats menu: DXCostume69K2
Submitted by: Kashvin on January 29, 2008