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White Knight Chronicles II cheats, Trophys, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Bronze Medal (Bronze)Medal presented to rookie adventurers. A small prize from the Guild.
Bronze Plaque (Bronze)Proff of completing 1 monster-slaying quest. A special award bestowed by the Guild.
Bronze Satchel (Bronze)Spend a total of 100,000 guilder. The money may be gone, but it's been replaced by hope.
Bronze Star (Bronze)Learn 1 entire set of skills. Its bronze light shines from the soul of the wearer.
Letter of Thanks (Bronze)Rid 1 person of their worries.Their gratitude is heartfelt.
Mercenary's Badge (Bronze)Complete 1 quest with an S rank.A badge presented by your clients.
Rare Dabbler (Bronze)Collect 1 rare piece of equipment.A bronze ornament in the shape of a sword and shield.
Toadstone (Bronze)Stone presented to beginner binders.Fashioned by the Don's underlings.
Secret Trophies-
Hikari to Yami no Kakusei (Bronze)Mark of those who defy their fate.
Inishie no Kodou (Bronze)Ancient stone tablet, recovered from a ruin. The surface is etched in a language lost to time.
Anura's Ruby (Silver)Gemstone presented to competent binders. Made by Anura herself.
Gold Satchel (Silver)Spend a total of 10,000,000 guilder. Who says money can't buy happiness?
Professional's Badge (Silver)Complete 50 quests with an S rank. A badge presented by your clients.
Rare Collector (Silver)Collect 20 rare pieces of equipment. A silver ornament in the shape of a sword and shield.
Silver Medal (Silver)Medal presented to seasoned adventurers. A respectful award from the Guild.
Silver Plaque (Silver)Proof of completing 20 monster-slaying quests. A special award bestowed by the Guild.
Gold Medal (Gold)Medal presented to legendary adventurers. A high honor from the Guild.
Gold Plaque (Gold)Proof of completing 40 monster-slaying quests. A special award bestowed by the Guild.
Gold Star (Gold)Learn 8 entire sets of skills. Its gold light shines with the power of every technique.
Perfectionist's Badge (Gold)Complete 100 quests with an S rank. A badge presented by the Adventurer's Guild.
Phibianacci's Diamond (Gold)Stone presented to outstanding binders. Created by Don Phibianacci himself.
Rare Maniac (Gold)Collect 50 rare pieces of equipment. A gold ornament in the shape of a sword and shield.
Royal Certificate of Appreciation (Gold)Rid 150 people of their worries. The adoration of the world washes over you.
Soul of Evil (Gold)Proof of having destroyed the Hakaishin.
Platinum Crown (Gold)A crown reserved for one who is perfect in every regard. Rumored to have once been worn by an ancient king.


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Nearly Infinite Incorruptus MP
have a party member learn the Spear Skill +Support Field
(Caeser is a great choice)

during battle, before or after Transforming into an Incorruptus order the party member to act (R1 + Square, or Circle)

MP Recovery Lasts longer than most stat increases, and increases MP by 2 points every few seconds. You can use this trick to stay as an Incorruptus for as long as possible.

*+Support Field costs 2 AC points each use, carry Charge Drinks to keep the other party members AC gauge full if needed.


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Free Georama Upgrades
Save your current game into a new slot and keep it safe as a backup for later. Sell off anything valuable you may have (worth a lot of money), then go to Edit Georama to your liking with your newfound resources. Then upload your Georama data by connecting to the Geonet.

Now reload your backup file (made from BEFORE you sold all your valuables) and when you return to visit your Georama on the Geonet, you'll find that it is still in its upgraded state!