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Rankings Explained
The ranking system in Virtua Fighter 5 is pretty complicated compared to Tekken 5. In Tekken 5 you start at Beginner and work your way up to the top. However VF is slightly different. It depends on your win ratio.
Here's a list of the rankings:

10th Kyu
9th Kyu
8th Kyu
7th Kyu
6th Kyu
5th Kyu
4th Kyu
3rd Kyu
2nd Kyu
1st Kyu
1st Dan
2nd Dan
3rd Dan
4th Dan
5th Dan
6th Dan
7th Dan
8th Dan
9th Dan
10th Dan
After the Dan ranks, a character's title is dependent on winning percentage.

If your winning percentage is less than 70% then you will receive the following ranks:
Master -> Defender -> Enforcer -> Sentinel -> Protector -> Guardian -> Paladin -> Liberator

If your winning percentage is between 70% and 80% then you will receive the following ranks:
Master -> Hunter -> Raider -> Barbarian -> Assassin -> Slayer -> Berserker -> Destroyer

If your winning percentage is above 80%% then you will receive the following ranks:
Master -> Warrior -> Veteran -> Gladiator -> Vindicator -> Avenger -> Vanquisher -> Conqueror

So what is truly the highest rank available in the game then? Well upon obtaining "Conqueror" players have not gone through the other two ranking trees therefor they believe that other ranks exist above them. Your winning percentage can and does change over time. This can lead to crossing from one rank tree to another (i.e. an "Enforcer" can rank up to "Barbarian" and then up or down to "Vindicator" or "Protector"). The only time a rank tree is final is when a character obtains their 28th rank, "Liberator", "Destroyer", or "Conqueror". It is impossible to change ranks once a character obtains their final rank, the experience bar stops moving, even when fighting other 28th rank opponents. It also appears to be impossible to rank down from this level, locking a character into their final title.


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Custom Characters In Movies
When you go into VFTV Movie Theatre, hold left on the d-pad when pressing X to select the Wolf-El Blaze or Eileen demo movies. The movies will now feature your customized versions of those characters.
Unlock Costumes C and D for any character
Costume C: Reach the 1st Dan rank in Quest Mode.

Costume D: Complete the first orb disc in Guest Mode.
Unlock Dojo Training Stages
Finish the Time Attack mode to unlock the Dojo Stages.
Unlock Dural
Beat Arcade Mode with every character.