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Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (PS3) Cheats

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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As well as being able to recruit new characters for your squad as you play through the game, there are also some "Hidden" recruits that, to unlock, you have to complete particular tasks to unlock.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Audrey (Lancer)Earn 10 or more medals
Emile (Sniper)Let Oscar be KO'd in battle. This will unlock a hidden potential. You can revive him afterwards, and Emile should be available to be recruited.
Knute (Engineer)Enter Headquarters with 1,000,000 DCT
Musaad (Scout)Complete the game once, and Musaad should be available in the New Game+ data
Lynn (Shocktrooper)Get all of Karl's personal potentials then have him KOed in battle. Lynn will be available after the battle.
Game Completion Benefits
After you complete the game you are given the opportunity to save the game. This is the New Game + data, and when you load it your given a couple of benefits which are listed below:
Character StatsYou retain the EXP, Money, Weapons and Levels that you've gained on your previous excursions.
Hard ModeYou unlock Hard Mode which can be selected ONLY for Skirmishes.
Mission ReplayabilityYou can now play all of the storyline missions as many times as you'd like (You will need to go through chapter by chapter clearing the missions the one time more)
Music TabYou can now listen to the various musical pieces from the game
Statistics TabYou can now see the statistics of the missions (The rank you gained for the particular mission, and the number of turns it took you to complete)
Medals can be seen in the "Decorations" tab of Book Mode once you complete Chapter 9. The medals can be gained by doing the below and then going into the Audience Hall (within the Headquarters) and getting a meeting with the princess.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Gallion Medal of HonorGiven to a Gallian who has performed exemplary service in a military or civilian office.
Fouzen Service MedalGiven to the participants in the battle to liberate Fouzen. A depiction of the city adorns this commemorative medal. (Complete Chapter 10)
Naggiar Service MedalGiven to participants in the confrontation at Naggiar. A likeness of hte plains adorns this commemorative medal. (Complete Chapter 14)
Ghirlandaio Service MedalGiven to participants in the recapturing of Ghirlandaio. An image of the citadel adorns this commeorative medal.
Savior of GalliaGiven to a person who helped save Gallia in times of need. Awarded only four times this far, once to General Gunther.
The Lance of GalliaGiven to a soldier who has performed exceptionally, as by defeating an elite officer of the opposing army (Kill an elite/named officer)
The Bronze Arms of GalliaGiven to a squad that has defeated more than 250 enemies in the defence of their homeland.
The Silver Arms of GalliaGiven to Bronze Arms awardees who have gone on to defeat a total of 500 enemies in the defence of their homeland.
The Splintered HornPresented to a squad or team to honor a fallen member. It stands among Gallia's oldest decorations still issued (Lose a member of your squad in any battle/skirmish)
The Crimson HeartGiven to a soldier wounded in the line of duty. It stants among Gallia's oldest honors still being presented.
Order of the Holy ShieldBased on the Valkyrian shield, it is presented to a squad shown to have earned victory without a single casualty.
Order of the Holy LanceBased on the Valkyrian lance, it is presented to a squad shown to have earned victory with exceptional speed.
The Gold Arms of GalliaGiven to Silver Arms awardees who have gone on to defeat a total of 1,000 enemies in the defence of their homeland.
Note 1: You will need an A rank in the missions to have the weapons appear when you go into the Audience Hall. These can only be obtained once.
Note 2: Defeating the named soldiers for the weapons can be done over and over again.
UnlockableHow to unlock
ZM MP 2(g) (x1)During "Episode 5 - Wildwood Warfare at Kloden" kill the enemy named "Lt Nonnenkof"
ZM SG 1(g) (x1)During "Episode 6 - Battle of Barious Desert" kill the enemy named "Malya the Dust"
Mags M1R (x2), Lancaar M1R (x1)Complete "Episode 11 - Battle at Marberry Shore" & then go to the Audience Hall
ZM SG 4(g) (x1)"Episode 12 - Recapture of Bruhl" Kill the named soldier and touch him
Gallian-3R (x1), GSR-3R (x2)Complete "Episode 12 - Recapture of Bruhl" and visit the Audience Hall
Gallian-3R (x1), GSR-3R (x2), Lancaar M3R (x1)Complete "Episode 13 - Showdown of Naggiar (1)" and visit the Audience Hall
Gallian-3R (x2), GSR-3R(x2)Complete "Episode 14 - Battle of Naggiar (2)" and visit the Audience Hall
VB FW 2(g) (x1)"War Without Weapons - An End to Darcsen Hunting" Kill the named soldier and touch him.
Gallian-S1R (x1), Mags M10R (x4)Complete "Episode 15b - Fight for Ghirlandaio (2)" and visit the Audience Hall
ZM SG 5(g) x1"Episode 16 - Diverting the Marmota" Kill the named soldier and touch him
Gallian-S10R (x1), GSR-20R (x1), Theimer M10R (x1)Complete "Episode 16 - Diverting the Marmota" and visit the Audience Hall
Firing Calculator (Shamrook)Complete "Flower of the Battlefield - Guarding the Refugee Camp" by defeating all the enemies within 8 turns.
Gallion-S10R (x1), Mags M20R (x1), Theimer M10R (x1)Complete "Episode 17 - Breaching Jaeger's Blockade" and visit the Audience Hall
Gallion-S20R (x2), Mags M30R (x2), GSR-30R (x1)Complete "Finale" and visit the Audience Hall
Firing Calculator (Shamrock)Defeat Toloid the Bull in "Flower of the Battlefield"
Firing Calculator (Edelweiss)Defeat Matz the Cleaner in Chapter 15
Enhanced Block Pin (Shamrock)Defeat Yosnoa the Hound in Chapter 12
VB FW 1(g)Cpt. Nonnenkof, Chapter 11
ZM Kar 1(g)Segular the Wall, Chapter 2 (he is hiding in the Northeast)
ZM Kar 2(g)Kanzanar the Lion, Chapter 7
ZM Kar 3(g)Oswald the Iron, Chapter 10 (first battle)
ZM Kar 4(g)Sima the Younger, Chapter 13
ZM Kar 5(g)Oswald the Steel, Chapter 15
ZM MP 1(g)Ty the Immortal, Chapter 3
ZM MP 3(g)Ty the Immortal, Chapter 8 (first battle)
ZM MP 4(g)Sima the Elder, Chapter 14
ZM MP 5(g)Ty the Immortal, Chapter 17
ZM SG 2(g)Zytreet the Lynx, Chapter 8 (second battle)
ZM SG 3(g)Tayse the Beast Chapter 10 (second battle, hiding in the SE corner bridge)
ZM SG 4(g)Mash the Hunter, Chapter 12


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Chapter 7 - Stop Selvaria from moving
In chapter 7 (the boss battle against the giant tank), Selvaria will appear on the battlefield after you have damaged one of the tank's radiators. She will then proceed to utterly demolish your troops.

To stop her from moving around and killing all your soldiers, you can pin her against an obstacle with the Edelweiss. She can't damage the front of your tank, so you can pin her up against a wall (for example, against that rampway leading up to the temple). When she's pinned, she won't do anything on her turn and thus you are free to destroy the Batomys with your lancers.

Be careful though, as she can still shoot intercepting fire at soldiers going past her.