uDraw Studio: Instant Artist (PS3) Cheats

uDraw Studio: Instant Artist cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Personal Masterpiece (Bronze)Saved a Painting in the Gallery
Color Fill Crazed (Bronze)Saved a Coloring Book Painting in the Gallery
I've Got Your Number (Bronze)Saved a Numbers Painting in the Gallery
Dots Terrific! (Bronze)Saved a Connect The Dots Painting in the Gallery
Great Start (Bronze)Completed any Art School Lesson
Beginner Artist (Bronze)Complete three Drawing Lessons in Art School
Color Crazy (Bronze)Saved a Custom Palette
My Personal Effects (Bronze)Applied an Effect Filter to a Painting
Animated Artist (Bronze)Created artwork using an Animated Stamp
Artist in Training (Bronze)Discover an Extended Tool Tip
Splat Success (Bronze)Painted with the Splatter Brush
Look, No Mess! (Bronze)Painted with the Fingerpaint Brush
Fancy Pants (Bronze)Painted with the Calligraphy Pen
Accomplished Artist (Bronze)Painted with each Brush Type at least once
Anti-Alien (Bronze)Completed Level 1 in the Alien Splat Game
Bring it on! (Bronze)Obtained 6 lives in the Alien Splat Game
Lost in Paint (Bronze)Completed Level 1 in the Tilt Maze Game
Tilting Hero (Bronze)Completed a Tilt Maze in 60 seconds
Just a Warm up (Bronze)Completed Level 1 in the Tilt Painting Challenge Game
Color and Cruise (Bronze)Completed Level 3 in the Tilt Painting Challenge Game
Sit Back and Relax (Bronze)Watched a Slideshow of your Gallery Paintings
Lockdown! (Bronze)Activated the Lock Palette feature
It's Customary (Bronze)Drag and Drop a Custom Color into the Palette Wheel
Stroke of Luck (Bronze)Selected a Different Stroke Mode in the Brushstroke Menu
Place Your Mark (Silver)Created a Signature Stamp
Intermediate Artist (Silver)Completed three Painting Lessons in Art School
Advanced Artist (Silver)Completed three Color Wheel Lessons in Art School
Get Inspired! (Silver)Completed any Art Starter
Sizzling Splatter (Silver)Completed Level 10 in the Alien Splat Game
Splat Maniac (Silver)Completed 2 Levels in a row without losing a Life in the Alien Splat Game
Tilt Triumphant (Silver)Completed Level 10 in the Tilt Maze Game
Maze Master (Silver)Completed all 40 Tilt Mazes with a total time of less than 40 minutes
Challenge Champ (Silver)Completed Level 5 in the Tilt Painting Challenge Game
Color Conundrum (Silver)Used all the colors in the Palette Wheel in Tilt Painting Freeplay Mode
Picture This (Silver)Exported a Painting
Remmy's Apprentice (Gold)Completed all Art School Lessons
Awe-Inspiring! (Gold)Explored all Art Starters
Art Camp Crazy (Gold)Explored all Art Camp Activities
Canvas Country (Gold)Saved a Painting on each of the 11 Different Canvas Types
Artist of the Year (Platinum)Unlocked all Trophies
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