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Trinity Universe Cheats

Trinity Universe cheats, Trophys, Tips, and Codes for PS3.

Trinity Universe Trophies

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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Hero (Bronze)To defeat 100 monsters.
Super hero (Bronze)To defeat 300 monsters.
Ultra hero (Bronze)To defeat 800 monsters.
Victory (Bronze)To win the battle 30 times.
Super victory (Bronze)To win the battle 100 times.
Ultra victory (Bronze)To win the battle 300 times.
Power soldier (Bronze)The TOTAL damage exceeds 10000.
Power king (Bronze)The TOTAL damage exceeds 50000.
Break power (Bronze)The TOTAL damage exceeds 100000.
Speed star (Bronze)The number of HIT exceeds 300.
Shooting star (Bronze)The numbers of HIT exceeds 500.
Stardust (Bronze)The numbers of HIT exceeds 700.
Creator (Bronze)To discover 10 images.
Treasure hunter (Bronze)To discover 30 concealed treasures.
Space cleaner (Bronze)The dungeon is drifted 10 times.
Bourgeois (Bronze)To spend over 100000G in the shop.
Managraphic love (Bronze)To spend over 1000000G in the atelier.
Gorgeous road (Bronze)To have over 100000000G.
Meteorlight star (Bronze)To make Meteorlights 100 times.
Material star (Bronze)To compose items 100 times.
Monsterstar (Bronze)To create monsters 100 times.
Space traveler (Bronze)You drift 50 times.
Game mania (Silver)The evaluation point exceeds one million.
Shopping mania (Silver)To spend over 10000000G in the shop.
Dreamer (Silver)To discover 30 images.
Treasure mania (Silver)To discover 60 concealed treasures.
Hit mania (Silver)The numbers of HIT exceeds 1000.
Damage hazard (Silver)The TOTAL damage exceeds 300000.
Battle mania (Silver)To win the battle 500 times.
Space clear (Silver)The dungeon is drifted 50 times.
Legend (Silver)To defeat 1300 monsters.
Space hero (Gold)To defeat 2000 monsters.
True end (Gold)To clear the true scenario.
Ultimate player (Gold)The dungeon is drifted 100 times.
Shop owner (Gold)To spend over 1000000000G in the shop.
Character love (Gold)The level of all characters exceeds 100.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum)To acquire all the trophies.
Submitted by: Krunal on November 29, 2009

Trinity Universe Tips

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Cheap way to beat Lurkers.
For the most part it seems like when a Lurker attacks then they get to go first. Usually the take about half of a characters health. The easier way I found to deal with this is as follows:

-Have a character in your party that has the escape ability.
-Get into a battle with a Lurker.
-Use the other three characters to attack.
-Use escape. (On the first turn so the Lurker doesn't attack again)
-Use healing items to get the injured character back to full health.

Since the Lurker keeps any damage you give it then the next time you fight it, it will still be missing a bit of health. This is a slow going process since you chip away at it's health pretty slowly, but as long as the Lurker doesn't kill you in one shot then this should work. Slowly getting revenge on the super powered Lurkers, one turn at a time.
Submitted by: tenma no jinsei on September 11, 2010
New Game +
Successfully complete the game to unlock new game+. It lets you play the game again with all the Items (including Abilities, Equipment, Managraphics, Meteorites, Recipes), Money and Universe Rank from your previous games. Unfortunately, all the unlocked characters and the level of all characters will be gone.
Submitted on April 01, 2012