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The Sly Collection (PS3) Cheats

The Sly Collection cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
The Sly Collection TrophiesSly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus
Foxy Lady (Bronze)Collect a police file from Carmelita
Coin Collector (Bronze)Collect a single coin
Coin recycler (Bronze)Collect 60 coins
Coins, Coins Everywhere! (Bronze)Collect 99 coins
Snowy Blueprints (Bronze)Collect some snowy blueprints
Programmers Can Do Anything (Bronze)Collect some watery blueprints
French Bulldog Style (Bronze)Collect a blueprint from Muggshot
Top Of The Morning (Bronze)Learn Rob McCooper's Explosive Hat Technique
Sucker Punched! (Bronze)Enter the world of Sly Cooper!
Slytankhamon Approves (Bronze)Upgrade your shadow
Run Like An Egyptian (Bronze)Learn Slytunkhamen's secret move
Dive Bomb (Bronze)Learn Drake Cooper's Fast Attack Dive
Slow Slacker (Bronze)Upgrade your slow motion technique
Take It Slow (Bronze)Learn Dev Cooperinda’s Slow Motion Jump
Now Ya See Me (Bronze)Learn Sir Andrew Cooper's Thief Replica Technique
Coin Sucker (Bronze)Learn Karen Cooper's Coin Magnet Technique
Spikes Suck (Bronze)Learn Sir Augustine of Cooper's Briefly Defy Gravity Technique
Singing Gator (Bronze)Collect a voodoo blueprint
Freeze, You're It (Bronze)Learn B.F. Cooper's Speed Up the Clock Technique
Waterlogged (Bronze)Learn Suzanne Cooper's Water Safety Technique
Learn The Ropes (Bronze)Start out on your Cooper adventure
Pug Gambling (Bronze)Enter Muggshot's territory
Frog Legs (Silver)Defeat Sir Raleigh the Frog
Giving The Dog A Bone (Silver)Defeat Muggshot
Dance, Dance, Ruby (Silver)Defeat Mz. Ruby
Pandas Aren’t Always Cute (Silver)Defeat Panda King
Time Stopper (Silver)Max out all slow motion techniques
Complete Darkness (Silver)Max out all shadow techniques
Bayou Lily (Silver)Enter the Voodoo swamp
Clash Of The Clockwerk (Silver)Track down Clockwerk
Meeting The Ancestors (Gold)Find all the blueprints
Greedy Raccoon (Gold)Open all vaults
Oh No He Didn't (Gold)Defeat Clockwerk
Bottle Hoarder (Gold)Collect all clue bottles in any level
Nimble Like A Thief (Gold)Find all the dive moves
True Thievius Racoonus (Platinum)Unlock all trophies for Sly Cooper's first outing
The Sly Collection TrophiesSly 2: Band of Thieves
Art Snob (Bronze)Replace a painting undercover
Gotta Find Um All! (Bronze)Collect 15 clue bottles
Bottle Capped (Bronze)Collect 20 clue bottles
Soda Popped (Bronze)Collect 30 clue bottles
You Look Great In Pink (Bronze)Purchase the Diable Fire Slam from ThiefNet
Rocking It Shell Style (Bronze)Purchase the Hover pack from ThiefNet
Pink Fire Flop (Bronze)Purchase the Raging Inferno Flop from ThiefNet
Big Spender (Bronze)Purchase the Paraglider from ThiefNet
Fiery Fox (Bronze)Escape from Carmelita
Learn To Fox Trot (Bronze)Dance with Carmelita
Spider Legs (Bronze)Pickpocket 3 items from Contessa
Loot Pockets (Bronze)Collect 100 coins
Jail Bird (Bronze)Break out Carmelita from Contessa
Jailed Cotton Candy (Bronze)Pickpocket 3 keys from Carmelita in Canada
Bear Hug (Bronze)Cause a bear fight in Canada
Heads Or Tails (Bronze)Collect 500 coins
Train Jumper (Bronze)Hack the train
He Is Flaming (Bronze)Purchase the Fists of Flames from ThiefNet
Somebody Call A Doctor? (Bronze)Purchase the Snooze Bomb from ThiefNet
Artful Dodger (Bronze)Purchase the Combat Dodge from ThiefNet
Reptilian Robber (Bronze)Defeat Dimitri
Upset Stomach (Silver)Shoot down Neyla to help out Sly
Watch Out It's Spicy (Silver)Defeat Rajan
Creepy Crawly (Silver)Defeat Contessa #1
More Creepy Crawlies (Silver)Defeat Contessa #2
Exact Change (Silver)Collect 1,000 coins
Tummy Trouble (Silver)Collect Clockwerk's stomach
Gold Medal Winner (Silver)Defeat Jean Bison
Moose Head (Silver)Steal the moose costume for Murray
Rise and Shine (Silver)Purchase the Alarm Clock from ThiefNet
Loot! (Gold)Collect 1,500 coins
Tick-Tock (Gold)Defeat Clock-La
Remote Trigger (Gold)Purchase the Trigger Bomb from ThiefNet
Sneaky (Gold)Purchase the Silent Obliteration from ThiefNet
Bird Dentist (Gold)Use Murray's strength to open Clock-La's mouth
Unlikely Bandit (Platinum)Unlock al Sly Cooper and the Band of Thieves Trophies
The Sly Collection TrophiesSly 3: Honor Among Thieves
The Vault (Bronze)Complete Prologue
Intimate Moments (Bronze)Get close to Carmelita
Undercover Racoon (Bronze)Use a Sly disguise in Venecia
Unleash The Guru (Bronze)Meet the Guru
Scorpion Cleaner (Bronze)Dump off the truckload of scorpions
True Friendship (Bronze)Slow down Dr. M as Bentley and Murray
Romantic Boat Ride (Bronze)Complete the canal boat chase in Venice
It's Halloween (Bronze)Defeat mask-powered Carmelita
I Think She Likes You (Bronze)Ask Penelope for help
Last Call (Bronze)Finish the bar room brawl
Vampire Exterminator (Bronze)Stop the vampires
Hug It Out (Bronze)Complete Dynamic Duo
Late Sleeper (Bronze)Purchase the Alarm Clock
The Bends (Bronze)Collect Dimitri's diving gear
Penny Pincher (Bronze)Collect 500 coins
Raccoon Paraglider (Bronze)Obtain the Paraglider
Everyone Needs A Foxy Lady (Bronze)Carmelita to the rescue again
Slytankhamen Approved (Bronze)Purchase Shadow Power Level 2
Bently Plumbing (Bronze)Destroy pumps
Coin Collector (Bronze)Collect 1,000 coins
Whirlwind Of Awesome! (Bronze)Purchase Sly Spin Attack Level 3
Jump Kick Like A Plumber (Bronze)Purchase Sly Jump Attack Level 3
Beat Down (Silver)Defeat Octavio
Mayday, Mmayday (Silver)Defeat the Black Baron
Digging Up A Bone (Silver)Defeat Muggshot
Dragon Punch (Silver)Defeat Chinese Dragon
Taking Out The Trash (Silver)Defeat LeFwee
Tentacular Terror (Silver)Defeat Crusher
Earn Your Stripes (Silver)Complete 50% of the game
Pink Power Murray Fighter (Silver)Purchase Diablo Fire Slam
So Gang What's Next? (Gold)Defeat Dr. M
Obsessive Raccoon (Gold)Complete 75% of the game
Loot! (Gold)Collect 2,500 coins
OMG A Flying Turtle! (Gold)Purchase Hover Pack
100% Pure Cooper (Gold)Complete 100% of the game
Master Thief (Platinum)Unlock all trophies in Sly Cooper's final outing...final? Really?
The Sly Collection TrophiesSly Mini Games
Treasure Hunter (Bronze)Play Treasure Snagging!
Trained student (Bronze)Play Guru Dart Shooter
Where is Penelope? (Bronze)Play Bentley RC Race
Interpol Rookie (Bronze)Play Interpol Target Practice
Move it! (Silver)Get 5,000 points in Treasure Snagging
Remote Controlled Turtle (Silver)Get 8,000 points in Bentley RC Race
Pink Hippo Mash (Gold)Get 6,000 points in Guru Dart Shooter
Carmelita's Crime Crunch (Gold)Get 7,000 points in Interpol Target Practice