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The Sims 3 cheats, Trophys, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
Trophies Videos
what goes around achievement guide (Trophy) (00:01:03)
by greatgameguides May 20 2013
TrophyHow to unlock
Baby Steps (Bronze)Create a household.
Graduated (Bronze)Complete the in-game tutorial.
How You Doin'? (Bronze)Learn the Charisma Skill.
Wishful Thinker (Bronze)Complete 10 Wishes.
What Goes Around (Bronze)Use a Karma Power.
BFF! (Bronze)Make a best friend.
Sim About Town (Bronze)Attend a town event.
It's a Date (Bronze)Go on a date.
You Never Forget Your First (Bronze)Have a first kiss.
Woo Hoo! (Bronze)Make Woo Hoo.
Climbing the Ladder (Bronze)Reach level 5 in a career.
That New Car Smell (Bronze)Buy a car.
Not Twice, But 10 Times (Bronze)Complete 10 Opportunities.
This is so Meta (Bronze)Experience the Meta.
I Double Dare Ya (Bronze)Explore the catacombs after dark.
Sim-Author (Bronze)Write a book.
Epic Party (Bronze)Throw an awesome party.
Partners in Crime (Bronze)Become a partner of the Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse.
Styler (Bronze)Design and save 20 styles using Create a Style.
Once a Parent, Always a Parent (Bronze)Welcome a child into the family.
Be Excellent To Each-other (Bronze)Reach the maximum potential Karma.
Home is Where the Simoleons Are (Bronze)Raise your household's value to §35,000 or more.
Not Dead Yet (Bronze)Resurrect a Sim.
Mad Skillz (Bronze)Complete any 2 Skill Journal Milestones.
But it's Inflammable! (Bronze)Extinguish a Sim on fire.
Epic Fail (Bronze)Use the Epic Fail Karma Power on 13 unsuspecting sims not in your family.
Matchmaker (Bronze)Start 5 romantic relationships.
Fit For a King (Bronze)Prepare a perfect meal.
Owned! (Bronze)Buy out a commercial property in town.
Pyromaniac (Bronze)Get an insurance check for over §15,000 after using the Firestorm Karma Power.
Botanical Perfection (Bronze)Grow a perfect plant.
Trophy Fish (Bronze)Catch a perfect fish.
Happiness... It Stacks (Bronze)Get 5 positive moodlets at the same time on one Sim.
Challenging (Bronze)Complete 50 Challenges.
The Big Proposal (Silver)Get engaged.
Movin' On Up (Silver)Move into a new home.
Expertise (Silver)Reach level 10 in a Skill.
Working Friends (Silver)Become best friends with your boss and all of your co-workers.
Dream Big (Silver)Complete a Lifetime Wish.
Power Overwhelming (Silver)Unlock every Good Karma Power by purchasing them with Challenge Points.
Leet Skillz (Silver)Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones.
Genie (Silver)Gain 150,000 Lifetime Happiness Points in one Sim.
The Reviler (Silver)Become a public menace.
Master Architect (Silver)Build a home of at least §350,000 property value on a large lot.
Child Prodigy (Silver)Complete Lifetime Wish before becoming a Young Adult.
True Wealth (Silver)Gain 250,000 Lifetime Happiness on one Sim.
Very Challenging (Silver)Complete 100 Challenges.
Uberchallenging (Silver)Complete 150 Challenges.
Wish-Master (Silver)Complete 100 Wishes.
Miracle Worker (Gold)Complete 1,000 Wishes.
Master of Simology (Platinum)Unlock all other Trophies.


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Force Events and Opprotunities, and get promoted!!
1. Enable cheating mode ( R1 R2 L1 L2 on the menu with quit save load all that stuff )
2. Go to your sims workplace
3. Hold down L2 and click on your sims workplace ( DONT LET GO OF L2 ) and a list should pop up SAYING Force event force all events and force opprotunity!
4. Use Force all events and your job performance should increase ( this works extremly well for army but not so great for the lower level medical career. )

Hope this helps!
Increase the Chances of Having a Baby Boy or Girl
Eating apples increases, but does not guarantee, your chances of having a baby boy.

Eating watermelons increases, but doesn't guarantee, your chances of having a baby girl.
Pizza Horder
Have a Sim call for pizza. When the pizza delivery man arrives, tell your Sim to not accept the pizza. The delivery man will eventually leave the pizza on the front porch, and it won't ever get rotten. You can stack dozens of pizzas there if you want. If your Sims get hungry, you can tell them to grab a slice from from the front porch.


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Re-Sell It
It doesn't matter if you use an object, if you sell it within the same day you used then you can sell it for a full refund.
So, if your Sim needs body points, but you are trying to save money, buy a treadmill. Work out for an hour or so, then sell it.