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Command codes

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To get Money,Full Ammo,Full heath.
While playing,go into the pause meun and enter thses following cheat codes but theres a trick u can only put this in ever 5 mins so use them we need it.

Full Ammo-Trangle,left,trangle,right,square,R3.
Full health-left,sqaure,right,trangle,right,L3.

u should be good:sonic:


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never press and hold L2 when you anwser a phone it freezes your game
Easy money!!!
you can easily use [], /\, [], [], /\, L3 every five minutes for $5,000.
OR you can go to one of your warehouses you've siezed and get in one of the trucks there and take it to tyhe drop off point, and you get credit and you get some money. BEWARE: Some warehouses DO NOT have trucks. And, if you see a random guy on the street beating up people, KILL HIM, he holds $1,000 plus.
well, there ya' go bye bye
EASY way to SAVE or GET AWAY from COPS
If you're out away from your safehouse, and you have to leave or save really fast for some reason, OR if you have like a high heat level and need to get to your safehouse, go into the nearest, or ANY business, yours or another families, and go to the phone and it should say CALL DRIVER. Hit triangle and then click the safehouse you want to go to, and tere ya' go
Female crew member
If you continue to go into the hotels/safehouses and alternate between flirt/make a move with the girls in red teddies then eventually they will show up in your safehouse one at a time. You can the hire them as crew members. they are expensive but worth it they take lots of damage and actually hit stuff in a fire fight.
Female Crew Member-How it worked for me...
Both my husband I played this game (him twice, me four times)...He never was able to "unlock" the Female Crew Members for hire...

For us-it had nothing to do with the flirting and making a move on the various girls in the safehouses,etc. He had more (number wise) of both then I did. After studying and trying various things I've found the way to receive the Female Crew Member is simple...change your clothes and change them often! I am picky, and choose between only a select few items I like...so that doesn't matter...what matters is how often you do change your clothes. By level 20-25, if done often enough you'll have your girls.
Real Female Crew Member Hints
Ok... did some research and found the true scoop on how to unlock the female crew members.... which are really good, but very expensive.

It is very simple. You have to flirt 25 times successfully, and make a move 25 times successfully. Once that is done they are in the following locations and available for purchase:

•Little Italy - Bowery Hotel
•Hell’s Kitchen - The Elegante
•Brooklyn - St. Sebastian Hotel
•Midtown - Savannah Hotel
•New Jersey - George Hotel

They are all level 5.... however, I was at level 2 and had no issues with paying for their services. If you have the cash... they are great in a fight.
Taken down warehouses and compounds
Before you start taken down the warehoueses and compounds you should always have full health and atleast strong guns in either rank 2 or 3. Once at either warehouse or compound whichever 1 you choice to do first you should always take place behind walls to use as cover and if you ever have trouble call in for a crew and they will help you out


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All Movies
At the games normal Menu Screen enter TRIANGLE SQUARE TRIANGLE SQUARE SQUARE L3.
Full Ammo
when paused hit left square right triangle right L3 only available every 5 mins
Get 5000 dollars at pause the hit square triangle square square triangle l3