The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (PS3) Cheats

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition cheats, Passwords, Trophys, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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List of books which have special features in the game.
PasswordWhat it does
2920, vol 02 - Sun's DawnGain 1 level in Illusion Skill
2920, vol 04 - Rain's HandGain 1 level in Restoration Skill
2920, vol 08 - Last SeedGain 1 level in Sneak Skill
2920, vol 09 - Hearth FireGain 1 level in Conjuration Skill
A Dance in Fire, Book IIGain 1 level in Block Skill
A Dance in Fire, Book VIGain 1 level in Speech Skill
A Dance in Fire, Book VIIGain 1 level in Speech Skill
A Game at DinnerGain 1 level in Alchemy Skill
A Hypothetical TreacheryGain 1 level in Destruction Skill
Aevar Stone-SingerGain 1 level in Pickpocket Skill
Battle Of Sancre TorGain 1 level in Two-handed Skill
Before The Ages Of ManGain 1 level in Illusion Skill
Beggar (Book)Gain 1 level in Pickpocket Skill
Biography of the Wolf QueenGain 1 level in Speech Skill
Cats of SkyrimUse of Sabrecat Teeth for two Potions; Keen Eye and Fortify Stamina
Catalogue of Weapon EnchantmentsGain 1 level in Enchanting Skill
Cherim's HeartGain 1 level in Smithing Skill
ChimarvamidiumGain 1 level in Heavy Armor Skill
Complete Catalogue of Enchantments for ArmorGain 1 level in Enchanting Skill
Daughter Of The NibenGain 1 level in Alteration Skill
Death Blow Of AbernanitGain 1 level in Block Skill
Du Rerum DirennisGain 1 level in Alchemy Skill
Father of The NibenGain 1 level in Archery Skill
Fire and DarknessGain 1 level in One-Handed Skill
Guide to Better ThievingGain 1 level in Pickpocket Skill
Hallgerd's TaleGain 1 level in Heavy Armor Skill
Heavy Armor ForgingGain 1 level in Smithing Skill
Herbalist's Guide to SkyrimGain 1 level in Alchemy Skill
How Orsinium Passed To the OrcsGain 1 level in Heavy Armor Skill
Ice and ChitinGain 1 level in Light Armor Skill
KingGain 1 level in Two-Handed Skill
Last Scabbard Of AkrashGain 1 level in Smithing Skill
Light Armor ForgingGain 1 level in Smithing Skill
Lord Jornibret's Last DanceGain 1 level in Light Armor Skill
Mace EtiquetteGain 1 level in One Handed Skill
MannimarcoGain 1 level in Alchemy Skill
Mystery of Talara, Book IIGain 1 level in Restoration Skill
Mystery of Talara, Book IVGain 1 level in Illusion Skill
Mystery of TalaraGain 1 level in Destruction Skill
Night Falls on SentinelGain 1 level in One-Handed Skill
Purloined ShadowsGain 1 level in Pickpocket Skill
Racial PhylogenyGain 1 level in Restoration Skill
Response to Bero's SpeechGain 1 level in Destruction Skill
Rislav The RighteousGain 1 level in Light Armor Skill
Ruminations on the Elder ScrollsGain access to 'Elder Knowledge' Quest
SithisGain 1 level in Alteration Skill
Song of HrormirGain 1 level in Two-Handed Skill
Song of The AlchemistsGain 1 level in Alchemy Skill
Surfeit of ThievesGain 1 level in Lockpicking Skill
The Armorer's ChallengeGain 1 level in Smithing Skill
The Black Arrow, v2Gain 1 level in Archery Skill
The Black Arts On TrialGain 1 level in Illusion Skill
The Buying GameGain 1 level in Speech Skill
The Gold Ribbon of MeritGain 1 level in Archery Skill
Horror of Castle XyrGain 1 level in Destruction Skill
The Importance of WhereGain 1 level in One-Handed Skill
The Marksmanship LessonGain 1 level in Archery Skill
The MirrorGain 1 level in Block Skill
The Red Kitchen ReaderGain 1 level in SneakSkill
The RefugeesGain 1 level in Light Armor Skill
ThiefGain 1 level in Pickpocket Skill
Three ThievesGain 1 level in Sneak Skill
Twin SecretsGain 1 level in Enchanting Skill
Vernaccus and BourlorGain 1 level in Alchemy Skill
Oghma InfiniumChoose shadow, might, or magic and level up a full level
The Warrior's ChargeGain level in Conjuration Skill


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Unbound (Bronze)Complete 'Unbound'
Bleak Falls Barrow (Bronze)Complete 'Bleak Falls Barrow'
The Way of the Voice (Bronze)Complete 'The Way of the Voice'
Diplomatic Immunity (Bronze)Complete 'Diplomatic Immunity'
Alduin's Wall (Bronze)Complete 'Alduin's Wall'
Elder Knowledge (Bronze)Complete 'Elder Knowledge'
The Fallen (Bronze)Complete 'The Fallen'
Take Up Arms (Bronze)Join the Companions
Blood Oath (Bronze)Become a member of the Circle
Gatekeeper (Bronze)Join the College of Winterhold
Revealing the Unseen (Bronze)Complete 'Revealing the Unseen'
Taking Care of Business (Bronze)Join the Thieves Guild
Darkness Returns (Bronze)Complete 'Darkness Returns'
With Friends Like These... (Bronze)Join the Dark Brotherhood
Bound Until Death (Bronze)Complete 'Bound Until Death'
Taking Sides (Bronze)Join the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army
War Hero (Bronze)Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall
Sideways (Bronze)Complete 10 side quests
Hero of the People (Bronze)Complete 50 Misc Objectives
Hard Worker (Bronze)Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food
Snake Tongue (Bronze)Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate
Blessed (Bronze)Select a Standing Stone blessing
Citizen (Bronze)Buy a house
Wanted (Bronze)Escape from jail
Married (Bronze)Get married
Artificer (Bronze)Make a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion
Master Criminal (Bronze)Bounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds
Reader (Bronze)Read 50 Skill Books
Daedric Influence (Bronze)Acquire a Daedric Artifact
Dragon Soul (Bronze)Absorb a dragon soul
Dragon Hunter (Bronze)Absorb 20 dragon souls
Words of Power (Bronze)Learn all three words of a shout
Apprentice (Bronze)Reach Level 5
Adept (Bronze)Reach Level 10
Expert (Bronze)Reach Level 25
Glory of the Dead (Silver)Complete 'Glory of the Dead'
The Eye of Magnus (Silver)Complete 'The Eye of Magnus'
One With the Shadows (Silver)Returned the Thieves Guild to its former glory
Hail Sithis! (Silver)Complete 'Hail Sithis!'
Hero of Skyrim (Silver)Capture Solitude or Windhelm
Thief (Silver)Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets
Standing Stones (Silver)Find 13 Standing Stones
Golden Touch (Silver)Have 100,000 gold
Delver (Silver)Clear 50 dungeons
Skill Master (Silver)Get a skill to 100
Explorer (Silver)Discover 100 Locations
Oblivion Walker (Silver)Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts
Thu'um Master (Silver)Learn 20 shouts
Master (Silver)Reach Level 50
Dragonslayer (Gold)Complete 'Dragonslayer'
Platinum Trophy (Platinum)Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy
Secret Trophies-


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Ability to get Married
Obtaining and wearing the 'Amulet of Mara' will unlock new NPC speech options and also allow you to marry some NPC's.

The 'Amulet of Mara' can be obtained for 200 gold coins from Maramal. Marmal can be found in the Bee and Barb, an inn of Riften town, and later in a Riften's Temple Of Mara.

The 'Amulet of Mara' can also random spawn as dungeon loot. The chest at the beginning of the Bleak Falls Barrow has the ability to produce it.
Additional Map Markers
When in Whiterun, visit Dragonsreach, where the Jarl resides. When inside the stronghold, go towards the throne and take the staircase on the right. Once you reach the top, on the left is a table with a map and flag markers on it. These markers denote key locations in Skyrim. Looking at each flag and selecting them will add their location to your world map.
Companion Torch Bearer
Giving your companion a torch will ensure that they use it whenever you enter a dark area, making it easier to see where you are going and illuminating your pathway.
Criminal Activity and Holds
Usual Crimes:
    Trespassing; entering an area that is off-limits. Depending on the level of security, you will often be warned and given a chance to leave peacefully before the crime is triggered. (Bounty: 5 gold)
    Pickpocketing; Pickpocketing a guard of civilian and being spotted. Just looking at their inventory is not a crime; you have to actually take something. (Bounty: 25 gold)
    Theft; swiping an item marked "Steal". (Bounty: Half the item's value)
    Theft; stealing a Horse. You acquire this bounty each time you mount the stolen horse. (Bounty: (50 each time))
    Assault; attacking a guard or civilian with your fists, weapon or spells.(Bounty: 40 gold)
    Murder; killing a guard or civilian(Bounty: 1,000 gold)
    Escape; escaping from Jail after being imprisoned. (Bounty: 100 gold)

Unusual Crimes:
    Vampirism: Feeding on the blood of a guard or civilian and being spotted. (Bounty: 40 gold)
      - Once you reach Stage 4 and become a full-fledged Vampire, all guards and civilians will be hostile towards you. Fighting back against them is considered a Crime, and a Bounty accumulates as normal.

    Lycanthropy: Transforming to or from a Beast Form in sight of a guard or civilian. (Bounty: 1,000 gold)
      - While in Werewolf form, all guards and civilians will be hostile. However, fighting back against them is not considered a Crime (since they don't recognise you), and a Bounty will not accumulate.

    Cannibalism: Eating a corpse while wearing the Ring of Namira is considered assault. (Bounty: 40 gold)
Critical Hits
Regardless of whether or not your character has a high sneak skill, crouching and remaining hidden will double your damage caused when you attack. If you remain hidden during your attack you will cause Critical Sneak Damage from your attacks. This is most efficient with ranged weapons.
Darker rooms/Easier sneaking
Some rooms will have torches attached to the walls to illuminate them. These torches can be taken from the walls and make the room darker, therefore making it easier to sneak and harder for you to be spotted.
Dragon Claws hide passwords
Dragon Claw items will have the code/password to their respective location. When posed with a puzzle which require the Dragon Claw to be used as a key, check your Dragon Claw in your inventory by zooming in and look for the code on the item.
Early Pickaxe
There is a mine located between Riverwood and the Three Guardian Stones (Warrior, Thief, Mage). Walking towards Riverwood from the Guardian Stones will take you to the mining cave where you can find the Pickaxe. It should be marked as a hammer icon on the directional indicator.

Be cautious as there are some bandits hiding inside.
Easy arrows
Ok so heres how to get alot of arrows for free.

1.Join the Theives guild.

2.Find Nirun.

3.He uses many arrows shooting practice Dummys.

4.Collect the arrows you can use them or sell them for 1gold each.
I hope this helped you archers Thanks for reading.
Easy arrows
Ok so heres how to get alot of arrows for free.

1.Join the Theives guild.

2.Find Nirun.

3.He uses many arrows shooting practice Dummys.

4.Collect the arrows you can use them or sell them for 1gold each.
I hope this helped you archers Thanks for reading.
Easy Pickpocketing, Alchemy, Enchanting, and Smithing level 100
When you reach Whiterun take the carriage to Windhelm and speak to the beggar that will train you in pick-pocketing (you may need to obtain some money for this next part) have her train you ONCE then save and pickpocket your money back. If successful your pick-pocketing should be 2 levels higher than it was. Continue this method until you can no longer hire her to train you then level up and put a perk in pick-pocketing and continue from there until you can get the 100 extra pockets perk, make sure you put perk points into pick-pocketing success rate and 50% easier coin theft (be aware that eventually you will pay 2000+ gold as it gets higher and you will be unable to take it back but it's good for early free leveling). Next go to Riften and buy an amulet of Mara and get married. You may want your own house but your spouse's house should be fine. I recommend marrying someone from Whiterun as it will be easier for the Smithing part. I also recommend start putting points into whatever method of attacking you wish to use and walking there to train it. Join the Companions and repeat the pick-pocketing method on Earlund Gray-mane (which should continue to increase it further) until you can make Dwarven armor. Then do Unfathomable Depths from the Argonian in Riften's dock are (something with fathom in the name) it will give you a bonus for wearing Dwarven armor and an exp bonus for Smithing. Sleep in bed at THE HOUSE WITH YOUR SPOUSE for about 8 hours and go smith some Dwarven items and sell. repeat pick-pocketing method for alchemy and enchanting. Buy a house where you can get an enchanting table, and Alchemy lab in it (Windhelm, Riften, and Solitude definitely have them) move your spouse to your new home and get the Lover's Comfort Bonus. Then run to your alchemy lab or enchanting table disenchant/enchant/mix potions for quick increases. In theory this should work for all skills but these are the easiest to do because of the 15% extra exp bonus from Lover's Comfort (which may or may not stack with the lover standing stand haven't tried that yet) Enjoy
Easy Vampirism
Go to a cave located near Solitude to find Movarth's Lair. Inside there are always a good 5 vampires and one master vampire (might be best to avoid that one). After they see you, they'll hit you with a spell called Vampiric Drain. After a few seconds or possibly longer, you'll get the disease that progresses to vampirism.
Faster sprint regeneration
If your stamina becomes fully depleted it will take a few seconds before it starts to replenish. If you do not let the stamina meter empty completely, there will be no wait time before it starts refilling.
Flying skeletons
Use a spell such as Ice Spike on a dragon skeleton (I think raise zombie/ soul trap works too) and the dragon skeleton will go blasting through the air.
Free Fully Furnished House in Riften + how to apply the principle behind it to keep all items and go
OKAY so im gonna lay it down simple. You MAY want a high sneak, speechcraft, and possibly, pickpocket skill right here. If you have or haven't read up on how to get the free Whiterun house, read up, cuz it's the same general idea and can be applied all throughout the game. You go to the Jarl's palace in Riften and speak to the assistant when he is sitting in his chair in the lounge. You have to have enough gold for the house but you won't be spending it. Save now if it didn't already auto-save. Position yourself so you can see the chest next to his chair. Go to buy house then it wait to hit okay now turn as far as possible towards the chest. Then hit the last button to buy the house and turn quickly to the chest and place all gold in it. This chest is however owned so this is a 1 gold crime, but you won't have gold this is where the speechraft comes in, you need to be able to talk your way out of the crime cuz the assistant takes all gold you keep up to the houses price. After getting the pesky guard off your back sneak and retrieve your gold. Repeat the process with all of the houses furnishings and voila you have a free fully furnished house. I hope that this tutorial explains well how that can be applied to any purchase made without a merchant. HOWEVER, you may not realize you can do this when returning quest items you may want to keep. This glitch is very versatile. I have confirmed it on PS3. It is a small glitch with really cliche perks, so I hope it isn't removed.
Getting Oghma Infinium
To get this item (used for a level loop), you'll need to be level 15 or higher, and travel north from Winterhold to an extremely Northern cave called Septimus Signus's Outpost. After some talking, he'll give you a quet to go to Blackreach to transcribe the blank lexicon. Doing this will get you an Elder Scroll, which is basically a 20 pound weight that you can't get rid of and a Runed Lexicon. Go back to Signus and take his next quest to kill five different races (1 Orc, 1 High Elf, 1 Dark Elf, 1 Wood Elf, 1 Falmer). After you kill the people and get their blood (after killing them, just click to loot them). Go back to Signus, and he'll show you a sad cutscene, after which you'll be right in front of Oghma Infinium.

It'll take about 3-4 hours to do the whole quest without the loop if you choose to do it.
How To Stop A Mage From Casting
there are 2 way on how to stop a mage from useing his/her spells and stuffles. 1: use unrelenting force to stop them. 2(my way) run up to then and bash them with a sheild(if you dont have a sheild block the press [R1] and it should hit them.
Importance of Books
Reading every book you manage to find, regardless of whether or not it is a "USE" or "READ" book will sometimes deliver helpful surprises. Books can sometimes contain hidden skills and/or quests that are only unlocked once you manually flick through the pages. The higher the value of the book, the higher the chance of finding a skill or quest as a result of reading it.
Increase Enchanting Skill
To increase your Enchanting Skill you disenchant magic weapons, However you can only disenchant an item once, it destroys the item in the process. You can also only disenchant a specific enchantment once. If you have 2 Iron Daggers of Fire, you can only disenchant one.
Lockpick indicators
When breaking a lock or pushing it into the wrong position, the pick will flick towards it's correct position. Watch the pick carefully in order to determine where the correct position is.
Merchant Restocks
Merchants will restock their gold after a 48 hour period. When selling to a Merchant, do not oversell. If they have a low amount of gold, fast travel to another location on the map and wait a total of 48 hours. Return back to the Merchant after you have waited and they should have restocked on gold.
Rested and Well Rested
Resting in any bed for over one hour will cause you to be 'Rested'. Being 'Rested' will give you a bonus XP boost on XP earned for a short time.

Resting in any bed you OWN for an hour or more will cause you to be 'Well Rested'. Being 'Well Rested' will give you an even greater bonus XP boost than 'Rested' on XP earned for a short time.

Having the 'Lover's Stone' will not allow you to be 'Well Rested' and being a Werewolf will not allow you to be 'Rested' or 'Well Rested'.
Retrieve confiscated items
After serving your sentence in jail or paying off your bounty, it is possible to go back to your jail cell and take back your confiscated items. They will usually be placed in a chest and marked as 'Prisoner Evidence'.
Quite a useless thing to know really, but when in 3rd person view, your character has a shadow, and when in 1st person view they do not.
Speech Skill Blessing
Giving gold to a Beggar will cause you to be blessed, which gives you an increase in the Speech skill by 10 points.
sprinting horse in water
simply ride your mount into a river or lake...dismount the horse then remount the horse...u will now find that the horse can run through water(R2 button) and it will not swim slowly.
Stop an enemy from Casting/Channelling
Using the power 'Unrelenting Force' will cause enemies to flee and in effect hinder them from Casting/Channelling.
Storage Made Easy
With the multitude amount of Dragon Bones and Scales in this game, as well as the perpetual amount of other heavy weapons and apparel, storage can be a hard thing to come by.

Instead of investing money you may not have, try storing these items with your companion. Companions can easily trade weapons with you through talking with him/her, so utilizing them to their fullest potential would provide you with a lesser weight to carry and/or store in external storages.

On the downside, companions may also get over weighed with too much material, but supplying them with even their capability will provide you with a lesser burden of heavy equipment!
Thieves Guild - Faster Additional Jobs
This will help you get through Delvin's and Vex's additional jobs faster, and make it easier to boost towards the City Influence quests to restore the Thieves Guild back to it's former glory. First off, always take a Bedlam job from Delvin and a Heist job from Vex. Make sure they're both in the same City hold that you haven't done a City Influence quest. This is either Whiterun, Solitude, Markarth or Windhelm. Riften will not count towards the City Influence quests.

When you ask for the job, wait for the Objective to pop on-screen after confirming your job choice. If it's not in the City Hold you prefer, simply talk to the respective employer and quit the quest. Repeat as necessary until you get the right city. Don't worry; there's no ill-effects from constant declining.

Now, with the two jobs in that area, simply go and complete the Heist job. For a majority of the time, you should collect the required sum of the Bedlam just from completing the Heist. Rinse and repeat.


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Armour & Apparel Duplication
Go into a house/fort/store that has a mannequin that you can store armour and other apparel on. Activate the doll and put some armour on {warning, this many downgrade higher-level armour or enchanted armour - this has been a problem mainly for Legendary Daedric Armour users who attempt to use this method}. Stay on the menu and remove all of the armour. If done correctly, when you exit the menu, the armour should still be there. Leave the building and then re-enter. And enjoy bountiful armour!

***---Warning: This will NOT copy enchanting or armour levels!!!---***
Cheast "glitch" in Dawnstar
While I've seen many references to this glitch what has not been said was that you can keep going back to the chest as often as you like. To do this, after you've looted the chest head back towards the entrance of town (past the inn) and wait for the Kagjit merchants to arrive (you may have to wait a coiple of days for this to happen) once they do talk to the one who does the trading and look in her inventory, if you've waited long enough she should have a whole bunch of items, once done leave her and head back to the chest next to the mine, you'll see that her inventory is in that chest ripe for the pickins. You can loot it, disenchant enchanted item (which increases your enchanting), sell off the potions and armour, etc.then when your done head over to her again but stay just out of their little group, wait 3 days, talk to her again and her stock will be replenished! then repeat as often as you like. Good way to get soul gems, a lot of potions and you can also level up your blacksmithing as well, with all the free money your getting you can buy the ore you need to smith.....its what I do....I believe there is a youtube video showing this if you wanna check it out.
Chest with lots of items with it
Near Iron-breaker mine, at the rocks, there is a hidden chest. it can have potions, armor, ingots, ores, weapons, and other items. ALSO sometimes it can have a mammoth tusk for Ysolda if you want to finish that quest and get your speech skill up and get better prices from merchants
Dawnstar kajiht merchant chest
1.Go to Dawnstar
2.if the kajiht merchants arnt there wait for 24 if still not there wait again.
3.if they are there click on the merchant and say what do you have for sale.
4.scroll through her inventory the exit out of it. all the way padt the jarls house and go outside the cave.
6. there will be some rocks so go over to them.
7.look downwards and point at one of the leaves. will say search chest.
9,loot chest and enjoy <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Fast travel while encumbered
It is still possible to fast travel while encumbered by mounting a Horse and fast travelling whilst on the Horse.
Flying all over the place
First go to the Greybeards

Second pickpocket them or do anything to make them shout at you

Third go through the gate that you have to use Whirlwind Sprint through then walk over to edge of the cliff and wait for them to use the shout that freezes you

Fourth try to fall off of the cliff while frozen it will not hurt unless you get thawed out when your rolling down the mountain most of the time you won't but it happened to me, then you will start spinning really fast then you will just go everywhere over the Storm Cloaks camp you will eventually stop spinning and end up at the bottom of the mountain

Warning!!! Save before you do it because you can die if you get thawed out before you fall and you cannot control where you go
Free Training
If you make a Trainer your companion, you are still able to take training under them. Once you have completed training, your payment is left in their inventory, which you can take back from the, essentially making your training free.
Get level to 81 quickly and buy house without paying.
In order to do the "Get level to 81 quickly" glitch you must've already done discerning the transmundane which you unlock by doing the main story quest Elder knowledge. If you haven't already done this I would advise you do as this helps. If you already have a house this will work. However if you don't please refer to the second part of this entry.

Go to your house and open the bookshelf. Read the book and click on "path of might" "path of shadow" or "path of sorcery" whatever strikes your fancy, and then close the book being careful not to close bookshelf. The book gives you +5 to all skills in that sub-catagory. After closing the book (without closing bookshelf) place the book in the book shelf by pressing []. The book will then not be destroyed. Then pick up the book and select "do not read" and then press X to pick it up then you just repeat. So it's:

- Open shelf
- Read Book
- Put book on shelf
- close shelf
- pick up book
- Do not read book
- pick book up
- repeat step 1

<hr />

If you haven't got a house and you have only just got enough for a house here's how to do it for free.

Approach the npc you get the house from i.e. Whiterun's Steward and ask about buying a house. He says something like "we have a house availiable for 5000septims" so say "I'll take it" and then quickly back out of the conversation and store your gold in a chest or shelf anything you can store gold in will do. Then once he finishes his sentence you get the key and you don't lose any money. This works for decorations as well.
Horse Glitch
OK, i dont know if this glitch just happens with stolen horses, but sometimes when your on a horse and you rear up the horse will slide along the ground and try to go back to where you got it from , this is really annoing when you are by a cliff and you fall off and your horse dies. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
How to Duplicate a Book
First you need to buy a house, or at least find some place with a bookshelf. Kneel in front of said bookshelf, and select the left corner inside of it. Store your book, and exit. Now quickly select to bookshelf before the book appears, and take the book back. Exit, and quickly select the book before it disappears, and take it. You should now have two of your book.

Note: This glitch works with the Oghma Infinium, but do not use it's power with two in your inventory, or else it will get rid of both.
Infinite Gold
Travel southwest from Winterhold to a location called "Sightless Pit". Just above this location is an alter with a skeleton lying upon it and a copy of the Conjuration skill book "The Doors to Oblivion". Take the book, then kill all three skeletons that attack. Now go back to the corpse of the skeleton from the alter and loot it's entire contents. Back out of the loot screen then repeat the process. You will notice that each time you loot it's corpse, a copy of "The Doors to Oblivion" will re-spawn in it's inventory. Simply fill up your inventory with copies of this book, head to your chosen city and sell them all on, then fast travel to "Sightless Pit" and repeat.

And don't worry, the corpse doesn't de-spawn no matter how long you leave it, so free gold for life!
Infinite Infinium Gain the highest level
Some of you or most of you should know of the Oghma Infinium (Idk if thats how you spell it) and it well give 5 levels to all your skills in magic, strength or stealth. BUT it disappears after used. I KNOW HOW TO RE-USE IT SO YOU CAN GET TO THE LAST LEVEL AND ALL YOUR SKILLS 100!!! Level 81.5 (it doesnt finish leveling up to 82)

1) Ok you will need the book
2) You will need a house or a book shelf you can use
3) Enter the book shelf menu
4) Read the book while still in the book shelf menu (you will gain levels of course)
5) Now since it wont disappear in the book shelf menu you should still have it. Now place it on the shelf (after reading in menu) and it will still be there
6) Now its on the shelf. Select on the shelf (not while in book shelf menu) and do NOT read it when asked and remove from the book shelf
7) Repeat

Note you will need to get to level 15 or higher first to be able to obtain the book

2nd Note Please follow it this way or else you risk losing your book

3rd Note Some people said it may work with chests and cuboard but this works more efficiantly

Last Note Save after reaching some of the higher levels where it may lag because we all know skyrim has a bad tendency to do that

Thank you for reading!

I do this for alot of my characters
Infinite Sheld Charge
Get the sheld charge perk then go into sneak mode pull out your sheld and run with it raised.
Infinte Daedric arrows
Pickpocket the guard always shooting arrows for practice and place 1 daedric arrow. When he is sleeping take his steel arrows. When he shoots arrows it will be a infinite daedric.
Instantly refill Magika/Health/Stamina
A faster way of refilling your Magika/Health/Stamina is by making your character wait. This speed only applies for physical game time and not in game time. There is a minimum of 1 hour of time that you can wait.
Move slightly faster when encumbered
When encumbered, equip a bow and hold down the attack button to ready a shot. Your character will aim the bow and have it slung. They will move slightly faster than they normally would when encumbered.
Pickpocket skill +Any skill you want lvl up
First you must at least have a good pickpocket skill and ar least 2000 gold.First go to the trainer you want (ill be using archery in this case)
Get as many lessons you can then exit out and sneak. Pickpocket your money back and your pickpocket skill will go up.(Pro note: Save before you pickpocket becuase it may fail and initiate a fight with the guards)
Keep doing this until you are satisfied
As long as if you have a high pickpocket (atleast above 35)This is possible. Otherwise its difficult sometimes. Ex: *talks to faendal in riverwood* Train me for archery. *buys 2 lessons and exits* (pickpocket money* Pickpocket+1 Archery+2
Hope this can help you become better at pickpocketing and any other skill <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
-Mustache warrior
Water Walking
After transforming into a werewolf, start to swim and revert back to human form; you should be walking on the ground of the lake. However you can not do this unless you have the Ring of Hircine.
Wooden Plate Lockpick
Pick up a wooden plate and run into a door, sometimes you can slip through the data! I have tried this it works on most doors but i usually only use it in whiterun on the front gate to get to the chest under the skyforge and use the money from the chest to do the ultimate alchemy cheat i am as of now level 400 in skyrim!