Tales of Graces f Cheats

Tales of Graces f cheats, Trophys, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Appellatrix (50 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 50 different titles for Pascal.
Captain First Class (50 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 50 different titles for Malik.
Emboldened (50 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 50 different titles for Hubert.
Entitled (20 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 20 different titles for Hubert.
First Flower (20 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 20 different titles for Sophie.
Full Flower (50 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 50 different titles for Sophie.
Game Clear: Chaos (Bronze)Completed the game on the Chaos difficulty setting.
Game Clear: Evil (Bronze)Completed the game on the Evil difficulty setting.
Game Clear: Hard (Bronze)Completed the game on the Hard difficulty setting.
Game Clear: Moderate (Bronze)Completed the game on the Moderate difficulty setting.
Openhearted (20 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 20 different titles for Cheria.
Richard the Radiant (20 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 20 different titles for Richard.
Richard the Righteous (50 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 50 different titles for Richard.
Sobriquetian (20 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 20 different titles for Pascal.
Title Fighter (20 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 20 different titles for Asbel.
Title Holder (50 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 50 different titles for Asbel.
Training Captain (20 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 20 different titles for Malik.
Wholehearted (50 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 50 different titles for Cheria.
A Gentlemanly Triumph (Silver)Defeated a true Gentleman. Good show!
Mixer Maxed (Silver)Maxed out your Eleth Mixer by boosting its eleth capacity to 9999.
Secret Trophies-
A Throne Reclaimed (Bronze)Completed Chapter 3.
Bryce in 60 Seconds (Bronze)Defeated that jerk with the claw in a minute or less.
Captain Ephinea (100 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 100 different titles for Malik.
Childhood's End (Bronze)Completed Chapter 1.
Dispaters in 60 Seconds (Bronze)Defeated the monsters Richard sicced on you in a minute or less.
Empowered (100 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 100 different titles for Hubert.
Epithetologist (100 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 100 different titles for Pascal.
Flower Power (100 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 100 different titles for Sophie.
Kurt in 60 Seconds (Bronze)Ended your fateful battle with Kurt in a minute or less.
Lionhearted (100 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 100 different titles for Cheria.
Queen Slime in 60 Seconds (Bronze)Defeated the ruler of all oozes in a minute or less.
Richard in 60 Seconds (Bronze)Defeated the friend who betrayed you in a minute or less.
Richard the Redeemed (80 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 80 different titles for Richard.
The Fallen Eden (Bronze)Completed Chapter 7.
The Infiltration of Fendel (Bronze)Completed Chapter 5.
The Lord of Lhant (Bronze)Completed Chapter 2.
The Other Side of the Sky (Bronze)Completed Chapter 6.
The Sands of Strahta (Bronze)Completed Chapter 4.
Title Master (100 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 100 different titles for Asbel.
Fodra Queen in 60 Seconds (Silver)Defeated the Fodra Queen in a minute or less.
Gagonged! (Silver)Defeated the Rockgagong.
Lambda in 60 Seconds (Silver)Defeated the materialized Lambda in a minute or less.
Lineage & Legacies (Silver)Completed Chapter 9. Next up: the Zhonecage! The what? Look to the skits for a hint!
One with Oblivion (Silver)Defeated Lambda Theos. Impressive!
Polycarpus in 60 Seconds (Silver)Defeated the guardian of the ruins in a minute or less.
Terma-nated (Silver)Defeated Solomus and the Terma Ten.
Who Were Those Guys, Again? (Silver)Defeated Veigue, Reala, and Amber.
A Pact Fulfilled (Gold)Completed Chapter 8.
Lambda Angelus in 60 Seconds (Gold)Defeated Lambda in the final battle in a minute or less.
True Grace (Platinum)Acquired all trophies. Amazing!


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Extra Difficulties.
When you start the game, it comes with a couple of pre-defined difficulties (Easy, normal, and Moderate). You can unlock two more difficulties, including Evil and Chaos.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Evil DifficultyFight 200 Battles on Hard Mode.
Chaos DifficultyFight 300 Battles on Evil Mode.
Grade Shop Bonuses
Complete the game, then make a save file. Begin a "New Game+" and you will be able to access the "Grade Shop" through the Extras menu where you can purchase bonuses for your new game using the total Grade you managed to accumulate during your last playthrough.
UnlockableHow to unlock
BonusGrade Needed
1/2 Experience10 Grade
2x Critical30 Grade
2x Damage30 Grade
2x Experience90 Grade
2x Gald70 Grade
2x Item Drops120 Grade
2x SP200 Grade
3x SP1000 Grade
5x Damage150 Grade
5x Experience400 Grade
Chain Capacity +130 Grade
Chain Capacity +2250 Grade
Dualize Discount100 Grade
Expand Inventory100 Grade
Inherit Arte Usage50 Grade
Inherit Battle Items60 Grade
Inherit Books10 Grade
Inherit Carta Cards200 Grade
Inherit Eleth Mixer70 Grade
Inherit Gald270 Grade
Inherit Herb Bonuses70 Grade
Inherit Shards90 Grade
Inherit Skills2500 Grade
Inherit Stamps30 Grade
Inherit Titles30 Grade
Mastery Bonus20 Grade
Maximum Eleth +500100 Grade
Maximum HP +1000150 Grade
Maximum Speed50 Grade
Skip Childhood10 Grade
Trade EXP for Gald50 Grade
Unlock Qualities50 Grade
Upgrade Eleth Mixer50 Grade


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How To Beat The Rockgagong.
The Rockgagong is a very hard monster to beat. Although it's optional to beat it, you will earn a trophy ("Gagonged!") and the Book of Frugality, which reduces the amount of Eleth needed to cook to half. This can only be done in the Future Arc, after all the characters have the Accel Gauge.

On with the Tip:

First things first, you must do this in Chaos difficulty, so go to options and change the difficulty to Chaos (you may need to unlock it this mode, which could take a short while). The chances of it working in other difficulties is very slim.

Second, switch Cheria to the first member in your party and make sure she is the character you will control in battle. Then set the B-Arte Indignation to any shortcut that is easy to access (I recommend you set it to just without involving the Joystick). Then remove any equipment she may have (except for her daggers - You just want to get rid of the equipment that boosts her defenses, like her Armor/Equipment and ribbons), and finally equip her with the "Alluring Temptress" OR the "Dutiful Daughter", title,

Now that Cheria is ready, for battle, equip the following books to your Eleth Mixer:
  • Book of Solitude (This will prevent other teammates from joining the battle, so only Cheria will participate in the battle against the Rockgagong). You need this book because your other teammates will be useless, you really won't need them at all.
  • Book of Audacity.
  • Book of Restriction.
  • Book of Enthusiasm.
  • Book of Passion.
Finally, make sure Cheria's Accel Gauge is full (max).

The idea behind this "hack" is to let the Rockgagong inflict Cheria as much damage as possible (yes, enough damage to kill thousands of Cherias with one hit), because the above titles have the ability to inflict the received damage to enemies).

Anyways, travel to Inside the Rockgagong and Challenge it. Let him attack you with one his attacks, and the moment he hits you, trigger Cheria's Accel mode. This will allow Cheria to "skip death" and give her half of her HP. After you are hit, get as far away as possible from the Rockgagong (at the beginning of battle, he will mostly attack you with his hands, and they don't reach the whole battlefield), and cast Indignation. When Cheria's done casting Indignation, the Rockgagong will die in one hit regardless of his whooping 999,999 HP!