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Street Fighter IV (PS3) Cheats

Street Fighter IV cheats, Codes, Trophys, Unlockables, and Codes for PS3.

Command codes

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Alternate Stages
Hold down either L1 or R1 when selecting a stage. This will make slight changes to the stages you selected.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
10 Years Too Early (Silver Trophy)Win 50 online battles. (ranked match or player match)
10 Years Too Late (Gold Trophy)Win 100 online battles. (ranked match or player match)
All Dolled Up (Bronze Trophy)Set your Title and Icon.
Arcade Rat (Bronze Trophy)Clear Arcade Mode with 1 character on Medium or higher difficulty.
Challenge Expert (Bronze Trophy)Clear all Challenges in Challenge Mode.
Challenger (Bronze Trophy)Clear a Challenge in Challenge Mode.
Color Guard (Bronze Trophy)Unlock all Colors.
Crowd Pleasing Master (Bronze Trophy)Perform 10 Personal Actions.
EX-cellent Master (Bronze Trophy)Perform 100 EX Special Moves.
First Victory (Bronze Trophy)Win 1 ranked match.
Focus Master (Bronze Trophy)Perform 100 successful Focus Attacks.
Hard Fought Battles (Bronze Trophy)Play 200 online battles. (ranked match or player match)
I Got Next! (Silver Trophy)Win 5 ranked matches in a row.
Icon Master (Silver Trophy)Collect all Icons.
Last Man Standing (Bronze Trophy)Cleared HARD Survival in Challenge Mode.
Legendary Champion (Silver Trophy)Defeat Gouken and clear Arcade Mode in Hardest difficulty.
Lobbyist (Bronze Trophy)Create 10 multiplayer lobbies.
Medal Collector (Bronze Trophy)Collect 100 Medals.
Medal Hunter (Bronze Trophy)Collect 500 Medals.
Medal Master (Bronze Trophy)Collect 1,000 Medals.
Medals Get! (Bronze Trophy)Collect all Medal types.
No Challenge Too Hard (Bronze Trophy)Cleared HARD Trial in Challenge Mode.
No Sweat (Bronze Trophy)Unlock all Personal Actions.
Playing To Win! (Silver Trophy)Win 10 ranked matches in a row.
Proof of Battle (Bronze Trophy)Play 500 online battles. (ranked match or player match)
Rapid Fighter (Bronze Trophy)Clear NORMAL Time Attack in Challenge Mode.
Save Your Quarters (Silver Trophy)Clear Arcade Mode without using a single continue on Medium or higher difficulty.
Simply Perfect (Bronze Trophy)Achieve 10 Perfect victories.
Special Move Master (Bronze Trophy)Perform 100 Special Moves.
Speed King (Bronze Trophy)Cleared HARD Time Attack in Challenge Mode.
Storied Reputation (Silver Trophy)Clear Arcade Mode with all characters on Medium or higher difficulty.
Sunny Daze (Silver Trophy)Perform 365 flashy background finishes.
Super Combo Champion (Bronze Trophy)Perform 50 Super Combo finishes.
Super Combo Master (Bronze Trophy)Perform 100 Super Combos.
Taking On All Comers (Bronze Trophy)Fight 10 opponents via fight requests.
Technical Fighter (Bronze Trophy)Clear NORMAL Trial in Challenge Mode.
The Gold Standard (Gold Trophy)Earn gold medals in all challenges.
The Journey Begins (Bronze Trophy)Win 10 online battles. (ranked match or player match)
The Line Starts Here (Bronze Trophy)Win 3 ranked matches in a row.
The Road to Battle (Bronze Trophy)Play 100 online battles. (ranked match or player match)
The World Warrior (Bronze Trophy)Unlock all characters.
Title Master (Silver Trophy)Collect all Titles.
Tough Cookie (Bronze Trophy)Clear NORMAL Survival in Challenge Mode.
Ultra Combo Champion (Bronze Trophy)Perform 50 Ultra Combo finishes.
Ultra Combo Master (Bronze Trophy)Perform 100 Ultra Combos.
Unbeatable Fist (Platinum Trophy)Ruler of All
Way of the Fist (Bronze Trophy)Win 5 online battles. (ranked match or player match)
World Champion (Silver Trophy)Clear Arcade Mode on Hardestb difficulty.


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Gallery Movies
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chun-Li vs. C. ViperComplete Arcade Mode with Chun-Li and C. Viper
Guile vs. AbelComplete Arcade Mode with Guile and Abel
Ryu vs. KenComplete Arcade Mode with Ryu and Ken
Gouken vs. AkumaComplete Arcade Mode with Gouken and Akuma
Seth vs M. BisonComplete Arcade Mode with Seth and M. Bison
these are just a few
UnlockableHow to unlock
AmigoEl Fuerte's 1st Hard Challenge
Anti ShoRyuKenSagat's 1st Hard Challenge
Bath TimeE. Honda's 1st Hard Challenge
Blonde ArrowCammy's 5th Hard Challenge
Delta RedCammy's 1st Hard Challenge
Family ManGuile's 5th Hard Challenge
Fists of FireKen's 5th Hard Challenge
Fists of WindRyu's 5th Hard Challenge
Flashy FighterFei Long's 5th Hard Challenge
Heavenly SkyAkuma's 5th Hard Challenge
High School GirlSakura's 5th Hard Challenge
Hitenryu Kunk FuFei Long's 1st Hard Challenge
Hope You're Ready!Chun-Li's 1st Hard Challenge
I Wish I Had A FamilyAbel's 5th Hard Challenge
I'm Ready For Ya!Ken's 1st Hard Challenge
Invincible TigerSagat's 5th Hard Challenge
JimmyBlanka's 5th Hard Challenge
Jungle BoyBlanka's 1st Hard Challenge
Legs of LegendChun-Li's 5th Hard Challenge
MESSATSU!!Akuma's 1st Hard Challenge
Red CycloneZangief's 5th Hard Challenge
Rice For The WinSakura's 1st Hard Challenge
Righteous AvengerGuile's 1st Hard Challenge
Ruler Of DarknessM. Bison's 5th Hard Challenge
Samurai FighterRyu's 1st Hard Challenge
Seriously EmoAbel's 1st Hard Challenge
Spin It AgainZangief's 1st Hard Challenge
Sumo SlammerE. Honda's 5th Hard Challenge
Viva MexicoEl Fuerte's 5th Hard Challenge
Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
AkumaAfter unlocking Sakura, Dan, Cammy, Fei Long, Gen and Rose, Play with someone you've beat the game with and get at least 1 perfect (on single round matches) and use no continues.
CammySuccessfully complete Arcade mode with Crimson Viper.
DanSuccessfully complete Arcade mode with Sakura.
Fei LongSuccessfully complete Arcade mode with Abel.
GenSuccessfully complete Arcade mode with Chun-Li.
GoukenComplete the game with Akuma. Then (in single round matches) get at least 2 perfects, 3 Ultra Finishes, 5 first attacks and don't use any continues.
RoseSuccessfully complete Arcade mode with M. Bison.
SakuraSuccessfully complete Arcade mode with Ryu.
SethSuccessfully complete Arcade mode with all other characters, including the bonus characters.
Various Awards for Challenges
UnlockableHow to unlock
Time Attack (Normal) 1Color 3
Time Attack (Normal) 2Personal Action 2
Time Attack (Normal) 3Title
Time Attack (Normal) 4Title
Time Attack (Normal) 5Title
Time Attack (Normal) 6Color 5
Time Attack (Normal) 7Personal Action 4
Time Attack (Normal) 8Title
Time Attack (Normal) 9Title
Time Attack (Normal) 10Title
Time Attack (Normal) 11Color 7
Time Attack (Normal) 12Personal Action 6
Time Attack (Normal) 13Title
Time Attack (Normal) 14Title
Time Attack (Normal) 15Title
Time Attack (Normal) 16Color 9
Time Attack (Normal) 17Personal Action 8
Time Attack (Normal) 18Title
Time Attack (Normal) 19Title
Time Attack (Normal) 20Title
Time Attack (Hard) 1Title
Time Attack (Hard) 2Unknown
Time Attack (Hard) 3Unknown
Time Attack (Hard) 4Unknown
Time Attack (Hard) 5Unknown
Survival (Normal) 1Color 4
Survival (Normal) 2Personal Action 3
Survival (Normal) 3Title
Survival (Normal) 4Title
Survival (Normal) 5Title
Survival (Normal) 6Color 6
Survival (Normal) 7Personal Action 5
Survival (Normal) 8Title
Survival (Normal) 9Title
Survival (Normal) 10Title
Survival (Normal) 11Color 8
Survival (Normal) 12Personal Action 7
Survival (Normal) 13Title
Survival (Normal) 14Title
Survival (Normal) 15Title
Survival (Normal) 16Color 10
Survival (Normal) 17Personal Action 9
Survival (Normal) 18Title
Survival (Normal) 19Title
Survival (Normal) 20Title
Survival (Hard) 1Title
Survival (Hard) 2Title
Survival (Hard) 3Title
Survival (Hard) 4Title