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Soul Calibur IV (PS3) Cheats

Soul Calibur IV cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Bonus characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
AlgolSuccessfully complete Story mode with a character that fights Algol as the final Boss (Mitsurugi, Taki, etc.).
AmyPurchase her in the Character Creation for 4,000 gold.
Angol FearDefeat Angol Fear in Story mode.
AshlotteDefeat Ashlotte in Story mode.
CervantesPurchase him in the Character Creation for 4,000 gold.
Hong Yun-seongPurchase him in the Character Creation for 4,000 gold.
KamikirimusiDefeat Kamikirimusi in Story mode.
LizardmanPurchase him in the Character Creation for 4,000 gold.
RockPurchase him in the Character Creation for 4,000 gold.
ScheherazadeDefeat Scheherazade in Story mode.
Seong Mi NaPurchase her in the Character Creation for 4,000 gold.
SetsukaPurchase her in the Character Creation for 4,000 gold.
ShuraDefeat Shura in Story mode.
SophitiaPurchase her in the Character Creation for 4,000 gold.
TalimPurchase her in the Character Creation for 4,000 gold.
The ApprenticeSuccessfully complete Arcade mode with Darth Vader.
YoshimitsuPurchase him in the Character Creation for 4,000 gold.
Zasalamel: Purchase him in the Character Creation for 4,000 gold.Yoda Purchase Him in the Playstation Store
Tower of Lost Souls Hidden Items (Reward Items)
UnlockableHow to unlock
B05Dark Knight's Cloak
B10Blade Ring: Raging Thunder
B15Lapin Chapeau
B20Repel Gem: Fox Demon
B25Succubus Gauntlets
B30Demonic Armor
B35Demonic Pauldrons
B40Voodoo Crown
Soldier's Hat Located On 01fClear while taking no damage
Warrior Trousers Located On 02fClear with no ring outs from any side
Pauldron Located On 03fSwitch With ally more than 2 times on
Warlord's Belt Located On 04fPerform 3 attack throws on
Clergy Clothes Located On 05fDefeat an enemy on with a ring out
Wonder Jacket Located On 06fThrow an opponent on
Warrior Trousers Located in 07fClear without missing a single attack
Armor Ring: Ice Mirror Located on 08fSwitch characters twice (twice means 2 times just in case you don't know)
Scarlett Blossoms Located on 09fGuard against the opponent's attack 3 times in a row on
Silver Boots Located on 10fGuard the opponent's attack 10 times in a row
Grim Horn Located on 11fDefeat all of the opponent's with a critical finish
Magus Cloth Located on 12fDefeat All opponents with a ring out
Pegasus Sallet Located on 13fDestroy all of the walls on stage
Phantom Pavilion Seesaw Located on 14fPerform Guard Impact more then 3 times
Submissions Belt Located on 15fClear The Stage Only Using A and G Attack Buttons
Warlord's Belt Located on 16fClear The Stage With No More Time Left Remaining
Arm Bandages Located On 17fExecute A 5+ Combo
Kouchu Kabuto Located on 18fStand on every corner of the stage
Longhua Qippo Located on 19fSwitch With An Ally More Then 5 Times
Aculeus Suit Located on 28fOpponent Has Guarded A guard break attack at least twice
Life Gem: Sun Located on 20fClear the stage with a critical finish
Longhua Qippo Located on 21fVoluntarilly Ring yourself out
Honor Boots Located on 22fPerform more then 4 counter hits
Frilled Skirt Located on 23fGuard more then 3 times in a row
Protect Gem: Cardinal Directions Located in 24fPerform a combo with more then 240 damage
Zhuque Changpao Located on 25fThrow more then 5 times
Warthog Cuirass Located on 26fExecute a 10+ Combo
Iron Gauntlets Located on 27fClear the stage without any damage
Unlock The Apprentice
There are 2 blank slots in at the top of the character select screen. One for Yoda which is a DLC on PSN the other is The Apprentice, unlocked by beating Arcade mode with Darth Vader.
UnlockableHow to unlock
The ApprenticeBeat Arcade with Darth Vader
The ApprenticeWell in many cases, he can get really annoying when he wont even let you get up! So what was easy for me was to not fight. Seems weird, but simple and easy. Go to the edge of the arena where one can fall off. Simply just knock him off. Try an attack that will send him flying in the air and if your close enough to the edge, he will fall and you regain victory! It was easy for me, but lets see you try. Oh and one more thing. Try not to let him knock you off first! Good Luck!!!
the Apprenticean easy way to defeat him is to jst run into him and constantly grab him, his reaction is always slow, if he blocks your grab just keep trying, it really works!!
The ApprenticeInstead of just grabbing with L2 you can press Square and X at the same time to gram and do a stronger move.
Unlockable Create-A-Soul Parts/Weapons
UnlockableHow to unlock
Advanced EquipmentEarn 20 honors
All WeaponsClear Story mode with that Character
Animal Head EquipmentEarn 25 honors
Basic EquipmentEarn 5 honors
Intermediate EquipmentEarn 15 honors
Leviathan and Voodoo EquipmentEarn 30 honors
More EquipmentEarn 10 honors


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How to get joke weapons
To get each character's joke weapon (like Amy's wand) finish their story mode.
Win Easily With Taki
This is sooooo simple to win easily!!!! To Do This: - Press up on the left analog stick and keep pressing circle it will be a loop that no one can break out of!!!!!!! See, that's how simple it is. It might not always work but it did for me every time.

I really hope it works for you!!