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Skylanders SWAP Force (PS3) Cheats

Skylanders SWAP Force cheats, Trophys, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Platinum)Obtain all other trophies.
Welcome To Woodburrow (Bronze)Complete Mount Cloudbreak on any difficulty
Chieftess Rescued (Bronze)Complete Cascade Glade on any difficulty
Swamp Secured (Bronze)Complete Mudwater Hollow on any difficulty
Ruins Romped (Bronze)Complete Rampant Ruins on any difficulty
Glumshanks De-Evilized (Bronze)Complete Jungle Rumble on any difficulty
Lawman (Bronze)Complete Iron Jaw Gulch on any difficulty
New Law in Town (Bronze)Complete Motleyville on any difficulty
Squid Squabble (Bronze)Complete Twisty Tunnels on any difficulty
Vexed Viper (Bronze)Complete Serpent's Peak on any difficulty
Cold Caravan (Bronze)Complete Boney Islands on any difficulty
Snowball Fight! (Bronze)Complete Winter Keep on any difficulty
Blizzard Bailout (Bronze)Complete Frostfest Mountains on any difficulty
Puppet Master Pounded (Bronze)Complete Mesmeralda's Show on any difficulty
Woods Wetted (Bronze)Complete Fantasm Forest on any difficulty
Kastle Krashed (Bronze)Complete Kaos' Fortress on any difficulty
Kalamity Averted (Bronze)Complete Motherly Mayhem on any difficulty
Kaos Quashed (Bronze)Complete Cloudbreak Core on any difficulty
Boom! (Bronze)Light the fireworks in Woodburrow.
Perch Plunge (Bronze)Dive off the Tree in Woodburrow.
Champion of Skylands (Gold)Complete all main chapters in Story Mode on any difficulty
Times are Hard (Gold)Complete all main chapters in Story Mode on Hard difficulty
Knight of Nightmares (Gold)Complete all main chapters in Story Mode on Nightmare difficulty
Newsworthy (Bronze)Use the signpost in Woodburrow to see the Message of the Day (online only).
Golem Graveyard (Bronze)Defeat 10 Golems
Race to the Finish (Bronze)Complete your first Time Attack level
Mad Dash (Bronze)Earn a 3-star rating in any Time Attack level
Speed Demon (Bronze)Earn a 3-star rating in 3 Time Attack levels
Fastest One Around (Silver)Earn a 3-star rating in 17 Time Attack levels
Reach for the Sky (Bronze)Complete your first Score Mode level
Racking Up the Points (Bronze)Earn a 3-star rating in any Score Mode level
High Roller (Bronze)Earn a 3-star rating in 3 Score Mode levels
Winning Streak (Silver)Earn a 3-star rating in 17 Score Mode levels
New Challenger (Bronze)Complete your first Bonus Mission level
Up and Coming (Bronze)Earn a 3-star rating in any Bonus Mission level
Rising Star (Silver)Earn a 3-star rating in 3 Bonus Mission levels
Heroic Champion (Gold)Earn a 3-star rating in 5 Bonus Mission levels
Slings and Arrows (Bronze)Complete your first Team Survival Arena level
Enduring the Onslaught (Silver)Earn a 3-star rating in any Team Survival Arena level
Coming out Ahead (Gold)Earn a 3-star rating in 3 Team Survival Arena levels


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Easier 3-Star ratings for Bonus Missions
To more easily get a higher score for bonus missions, start one on Hard difficulty or higher. Once you are actually in the mission, lower the difficulty back to Easy. This reduces the strength of any enemies in the level, but you'll still have the longer time limit from starting at a higher difficulty level. Using this trick will allow to easily clear bonus stages with high time bonuses, leading to a better score!
Nightmare Mode
Complete the game once to unlock this new, harder difficulty level.