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Silent Hill: Homecoming Cheats

Silent Hill: Homecoming cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.

Silent Hill: Homecoming Passwords

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Secret Outfit
This code is entered at the Main Menu. After Entering you should hear the sound of a page turning
PasswordWhat it does
up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, OUnlocks the Young Alex Costume
Submitted by: Archangel on December 09, 2008

Silent Hill: Homecoming Unlockables

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All 5 Endings
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bogeyman endingDon't forgive his father, don't mercy kill mother, and then don't save wheeler.
Drowning endingDon't forgive his father, and mercy kill his mother
Good endingForgive Alex's father and show his mother mercy by killing her.
Hospital endingForgive his father and do not kill his mother.
UFO endingDon't forgive the father or mercy kill the mother, but must save Wheeler.
Submitted by: Archangel on December 09, 2008
Alternate Costumes
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bogeyman HelmetObtain the "Bogeyman" Ending
Deputy AlexObtain the "UFO" Ending
Order Soldier OutfitObtain the "Drowning" Ending
Orderly AlexObtain the "Hospital" Ending
Trucker AlexObtain the "Good" Ending
Submitted by: Archangel on December 09, 2008
Unlockable Weapons
To unlock these two, just beat the game once, and follow the steps.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Circular SawOn your Second play through, it is found in the Shepherds family garage.
Lasor PistolIn a subseqquent play though, it is found in Joshua's room on top of his foot locker if you obtianed the UFO ending
Submitted by: Archangel on December 09, 2008

Silent Hill: Homecoming Tips

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Conserve ammunition, and use melee effectively.
Save up every bullet you get. They will indeed be helpful when you are in a bind with no healing items.
Select your weapon as you see your enemy (if fighting is your intention), if not, run like hell using your dodge button.
For instance, a player should be more partial to using the knife against a Feral, a larger weapon for the larger enemy.
Identify the speed of an enemy, and decide which weapon would be best.
Use combos, and keep your finger on that dodge button.
If you use the dodge button in a fight, and an attack at once, your character will duck and slide out of your enemy's way, and strike them off guard.
Don't use your healing items unless your health falls below the halfway point.
Submitted by: SOTGCreator on February 05, 2009
Stay out of the light.
Most enemies are attracted to the light, because they prey cannot see without light.
If you hear your radio going slightly, turn off your light if you cannot fight, or want to get to where you need to with haste.
If you have no choice but to fight, keep your light on anyway.
Submitted by: SOTGCreator on February 05, 2009