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Saints Row 2 (PS3) Cheats

Saints Row 2 cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Business Numbers
Insert the numbers listed below into your in-game cell phone to contact the corresponding company.
Who It CallsNumber To Dial
Big Willy's Cab8198415
Bling Bling5554233
Brown Baggers5553765
Company of Gyros5554976
EagleLine Yellow0180174
Eye For An Eye5555966
Foreign Power5552046
Forgive and Forget5554448
Freckle Bitch's5556328
Friendly Fire5554867
Fire Department5553473
Image as Designed5558459
Leather and Lace5552662
Legal Lee's5559467
On the Rag5555926
On Thin Ice5552564
Pimps 'R Us5557467
Rim Jobs5553493
Rusty's Needles5558287
Ship It5557447
Suicide Hotline4876837
TNA Taxis4558008
Ultor Security411
Special Codes
Insert the cheats below into your in-game cell phone. Once the number is accepted, head to the in-game cheats menu and activate the unlocked cheat.
Note Dial the Hash [#] key before the numbers below
What It UnlocksNumber To Dial
Drunk Pedestrians15
Evil Cars16
Low Gravity18
Pedestrian War20
Shrink Everyone202
Super Explosions7
Super Saints8
Special Vehicle Codes
Insert the cheats below into your in-game cell phone. Once the number is accepted, head to the in-game cheats menu and activate the unlocked cheat.
Note Dial the Hash [#] key before the numbers below
What It UnlocksNumber To Dial
Destroy UFO728237
Gyro Daddy Helicopter4976
Peewee Mini-Bike7266837
Vehicle Codes
Insert the cheats below into your in-game cell phone. Once the number is accepted, head to the in-game cheats menu and activate the unlocked cheat.
Note Dial the Hash [#] key before the numbers below
What It UnlocksNumber To Dial
Bag Boy1046
Septic Avenger1070
Stilwater Municipal1072
The Job1075
Venom Classic1079
Weapon Codes
Insert the cheats below into your in-game cell phone. Once the number is accepted, head to the in-game cheats menu and activate the unlocked cheat.
Note Dial the Hash [#] key before the numbers below
What It UnlocksNumber To Dial
12 Gauge920
44 Shepherd921
AR50 Launcher924
Baseball Bat926
Fire Extinguisher928
Holt 55934
K6 Krukov935
Pepper Spray943
Pimp Cane944
Pimp Slap969
Pipe Bomb945
RPG Annihilator947
Samurai Sword948
Shock Paddles950
T3K Urban954
Tire Iron955
Vice 9957
Weather Codes
Insert the cheats below into your in-game cell phone. Once the number is accepted, head to the in-game cheats menu and activate the unlocked cheat.
Note Dial the Hash [#] key before the numbers below
What It UnlocksNumber To Dial
Clear Skies78669
Heavy Rain78666
Light Rain78668
Normal Weather78670
Wrath of God666


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To unlock the following abilities, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Brotherhood MeleeBrotherhood, Mission 6
Health Regeneration (x2)Snatch, Mission 3 (Chinatown)
Health Regeneration (x3)Snatch, Mission 6 (Chinatown)
Improved Weapon AccuracySeptic Avenger, Mission 3 (Suburbs)
Improved Weapon Accuracy IISeptic Avenger, Mission 6 (Suburbs)
Pumped UpFight Club, Mission 3 (Arena)
Pumped Up IIFight Club, Mission 6 (Arena)
Reduced Bullet DamageHeli Assault, Mission 3 (Bario)
Ronin MeleeRonin, Mission 6
Ronin Notoriety ReducedDrug Trafficking, Mission 3 (Hotel and Marina)
Ronin Notoriety Reduced IIDrug Trafficking, Mission 6 (Hotel and Marina)
Sons of Samedi Notoriety ReducedSnatch, Mission 3 (University)
Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced IISnatch, Mission 6 (University)
Sprint IncreasedInsurance Fraud, Mission 3 (Factories)
Sprint Increased II (Infinite)Insurance Fraud, Mission 6 (Factories)
Reduced Vehicle DamageInsurance Fraud, Level 3 (Museum)
Reduced Vehicle Damage IIInsurance Fraud, Level 6 (Museum)
take no damage when fallingland a perfect base jump
Customization Items
To unlock the customization items listed below, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Avenger JacketGet a three gold star ranking in Gang Kills
Bodyguards and NinjasGame Progression
Fireman OutfitComplete all of the Firefighter Missions
Pimp SuitComplete Ho-ing, Mission 10 (Red Light District)
Red Light Apartment CribComplete Prologue, Mission 2
Saints HideoutComplete Prologue, Mission 3
Zombie MaskCompleted Zombie Uprising
Traffic Cone Hat3 Gold Stars in Vehicle Surfing
Brotherhood PersonalityComplete Brotherhood, Mission 11
Ronin PersonalityComplete Ronin, Mission 11
Sons of Samedi PersonalityComplete Sons of Samedi, Mission 11
Easter eggs
All the easter eggs i have found in the few days i have had the game
UnlockableHow to unlock
Airport spoof signsDrive or walk to the airport in Brotherhood turf (You go their in a mission against the japenese crew. I forgot the name) you will find funny signs that say things like "We sacrifice safety so you can get the cheapest price" Also look out for a sign that claims all the flights are delayed.
TNA taxi's MottoCall up TNA taxis and you will here a woman saying "This is TNA taxis, you can ride us anywhere, baby"
bunny rabbitdrive a boat out to the little island you can see from the prision and follow the arrows
alcatrazthe prision island is almost identical to the real prision alcatraz
beware the "MERMAN"go out from one of the boat shops and read the billboard
history of the rowgo to the church (not the purgatory) and go to the back hall, and listen to julious on the wall speakers
suicide manGo to the suburbs expansion cemetery district and find unburied spots. If you wait long enough you'll will see a man fall down from the sky and die. Sometimes this will work if you find other unburied spots and wait, it is ok if a person is in it.
blow up dollthere is a blow up doll floating in a pool on the nuclear waste plant facility island
two headed fishgo to the waste plant and get to the nucular pool at the far end of the island and look for a two headed fish
To unlock the homies listed below, fulfil the corresponding requirement listed.
UnlockableHow to unlock
One FollowerComplete Prologue, Mission 4
Two FollowersConquer 25% of hoods
Three FollowersConquer 50% of hoods
Johnny GatComplete Ronin, Mission 11
Legal LeeComplete Fight Club, Level 3 (Prison)
PierceComplete Brotherhood, Mission 11
ShaundiComplete Sons of Samedi, Mission 11
TobiasComplete Sons of Samedi, Mission 3
TroyComplete Fight Club, Level 6 (Prison)
Vehicle DeliveryComplete Escort, Mission 3 (Red Light District)
mrs. valdaroma ( news reporter )mugg 50 people
Zombie Carlosdial eye for an eye on your phone 555-5966
Julius LittleComplete the Secret Mission
Alive CarlosComplete Prologue, The Breakout
In-Game Unlockables
15% Food and Liquor Store Discount Beat 'Red Light Septic Avenger Level 6'
5% Food and Liquor Store Discount Beat 'Red Light Septic Avenger Level 3'
75% Mechanic Discount Complete all 5 Chop Shop lists
AR-50 XMAC Special All Combat Tricks Completed
Akuji's Prototype Bike Ronin Mission 11
Ambulance All Ambulance Levels
Avenger Jacket 3 Gold Stars in Gang Kills
Bandit Do multiple car stunts to unlock
Bodyguards and Ninjas Game Progression
Brotherhood Gang Cars Complete Last Mission for the Brotherhood
Brotherhood Melee Complete Brotherhood Mission 6
Buggy Complete Truckyard Chop Shop list
Chainsaw in Weapon Cache Complete Crowd Control (Marina) lvl 6
Clothing Store Discount Crowd Control level 3 (Suburbs)
Crib Customization Discount Mayhem level 3 (Red Light)
Demo Derby Vehicles Complete Demo Derby Level 6
Donnie's Vehicle Complete Brotherhood mission 2
Explosion Damage -5% Level 3, Trail Blazing (Downtown)
Fire Fighter Suit Complete both set of Trailblazing activities
Free Food and Liquor Hold up 20 Stores
Gang Customization Cars 15% hoods conquered
Gang Customization Cars 45% hoods conquered
Hand Grenades 1 Hitman list complete
Health Regeneration 2x Snatch level 3 (Chinatown)
Health Regeneration 3x Snatch level 6 (Chinatown)
Improved Weapon Accuracy 15% Finish Septic Avenger Level 6, Suburbs.
Infinite Respect Do activities to raise your respect past level 99. you will then have Infinite respect.
Infinite SMG Ammo Successfully complete "Snatch" Level 6 Downtown
Infinite Shotgun Ammo Complete Drug Trafficking level 6 (Airport)
Johnny Gat Complete final Ronin mission
Kobra (Pistol) Fuzz level 3 (Projects)
Kobra(Pistol) Complete Fuzz Level 3(Projects)
Legal Lee Beat 'Stilwater Prison Fight Club Level 3'
Mechanic Discount Complete Demo Derby Level 3
No damage from falling Get a bull's eye in the base jumping diversion
One Follower Complete Prologue Mission 4
Paintball Mask Mugged 30 People
Pepper Spray in Weapon Cache Complete Crowd Control (Marina) lvl 3
Pierce Complete Ronin Storyline
Pimp Suit Complete Ho-ing Diversion
Pimpcane Pyramid Scheme
Police Notoriety Reduced 2 Complete FUZZ Level 6, Suburbs
Police Notoriety Reduced Complete FUZZ Level 3, Suburbs
Pumped Up Fight Club level 3 (Arena)
Pumped Up Fight Club level 6 (Arena)
Red Light Apartment Crib Complete Prologue Mission 2
Reduced Vehicle Damage Insurance Fraud Level 3, Museum
Reduced bullet damage Heli assault level 3 (Bario)
Ronin Gang Cars Complete Last Mission for the Ronin
Ronin Melee Complete Ronin Mission 6
Ronin Notoriety Reduced Drug Traffickingf Level 3 (Hotel and Marina)
Ronin Notority Reduced 2 Beat 'Hotels & Marina Drug Trafficking Level 6'
Saints Hideout Complete Prologue Mission 3
Satchel Charges 3 Hitman lists complete
Septic Truck Beat both of the Septic Avengers
Shaundi Complete Sons of Samedi Storyline
Shock Paddles (Melee Weapon) All Ambulance Levels
Sons Of Samedi Gang Cars Complete Last Mission for Sons Of Samedi
Sons Of Samedi Melee Complete Mission "Bad Trip"
Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced Complete Escort Level 3, University
Sprint Increased (Unlimited) Insurance Fraud level 6 (Factories)
Sprint Increased Insurance Fraud level 3 (Factories)
Super Taxi All Taxi Levels
The News Helicopter Complete Sons of Samedi Mission 3
Three Followers 50% hoods conquered
Tobias Complete Sons of Samedi Mission 3
Traffic Cone Hat 3 Gold Stars in Vehicle Surfing
Troy Beat 'Stilwater Prison Fight Club Level 6
Two Followers 25% hoods conquered
Unlimited Pistol Ammo Fuzz level 6 (Projects)
Unlimited Rifle Ammo Complete all 5 Hitman lists
Vehicle Delivery Escort level 3 (Red Light)
X2 Ultimax (Shotgun) Drug Trafficking level 3 (Airport)
Zombie Carlos Call eye for an eye after you complete the brother hood story
Zombie Mask Complete Zombie Uprising
UnlockableHow to unlock
Infinite Ammo
To get infinite ammo for the below types of weapons, fulfil the corresponding requirements.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Infinite Pistol AmmoComplete Fuzz, Mission 6 (Projects)
Infinite Rifle AmmoComplete all hitman lists
Infinite SMG AmmoComplete Snatch, Level 6 (Downtown)
Infinite Shotgun AmmoComplete all drug trafficking missions
Infinite respect
UnlockableHow to unlock
Infinate RespectTo get infinate respect, simply, get your respect bar up to 50, then, the 50 will turn into the sign for infinite, now you have the infinite amount of respect. Now when you do a mission, you won't loose any respect.
Shop Discounts
To get the below discounts, fulfil the written requirements.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Clothing Store (5%)Crowd Control, Mission 3 (Suburbs)
Clothing Store (15%)Crowd Control, Mission 6 (Suburbs)
Crib Customization (5%)Mayhem, Mission 3 (Red Light District)
Crib Customization (15%)Mayhem, Mission 6 (Red Light District)
Food & Liquor Store (5%)Septic Avenger, Mission 3 (Red Light District)
Food & Liquor Store (15%)Septic Avenger, Mission 6 (Red Light District)
Mechanic Discount (5%)Demo Derby Level 3
Mechanic Discount (15%)Demo Derby Level 6
mechanic 75% discountcomplete all chop shop lists
Special Weapons
Complete the following to unlock the rewards
UnlockableHow to unlock
AR-50 XMAC SpecialComplete all combat tricks
ChainsawComplete Crowd Control, Mission 6 (Hotel and Marina)
FlamethrowerComplete Mayhem, Mission 3 (Nuclear Power Plant)
GAL 43Complete Snatch, Mission 3 (Downtown)
Hand GrenadesComplete 1 Hitman List
Kobra PistolComplete Fuzz, Mission 3 (Projects)
Pepper SprayComplete Crowd Control, Mission 3 (Hotel and Marina)
Satchel ChargesComplete 3 Hitman Lists
Shock PaddlesComplete Ambulance Diversion, Level 10
XS-2 Ultimax ShotgunComplete Drug Trafficking, Mission 3 (Airport)
Mini-GunComplete Brotherhood, Mission 10
Fulfil the requirements below to unlock the associated car related unlockable.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Akuji's Prototype BikeComplete Ronin, Mission 11
BanditComplete all of the driving stunts
Brotherhood VehiclesComplete Brotherhood, Mission 11
BuggyComplete 1 Chop Shop list
Demo Derby VehiclesDemo Derby Level 6
Donnie's VehicleComplete Brotherhood, Mission 2
Gang Customization CarsConquer 15% of hoods
Gang Customization Cars IIConquer 45% of hoods
Gang Customization Cars IIIConquer 65% of hoods
Maero's Monster TruckComplete Brotherhood, Mission 11
Medical HelicopterComplete Ronin, Mission 7
News HelicopterComplete Sons of Samedi, Mission 3
Ronin VehiclesComplete Ronin, Mission 11
Saints AmbulanceComplete all ambulance missions
Saints Fire TruckComplete all firefighter missions
Septic TruckComplete all Septic Avenger Missions
Sons of Samedi VehiclesComplete Sons of Samedi, Mission 11
The General's BulldogComplete Sons of Samedi, Mission 11
Tornado Attack HelicopterComplete the final mission of the Ultor Epilogue
Bandit (of smokey and the)drive into oncoming traffic with 3 gold stars
Zombie Uprising
This is the place where you kill the zombies in 'Zombie Uprising'.
go down to the mission house and go through the door where you destroy the shanties.
look for a brotherhood painting and go to the left and there is a store.
look through all of the doors and you will find the place where yuou kill the zombies in 'Zombie Uprising'!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UnlockableHow to unlock


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Crowd Control Made Easier
Area Surrounded By Water

One of the areas in which you have to do crowd control is surrounded by water and has a treadmill as the extra money generator. You essentially have to throw the enemies onto the treadmills to gain $1000, however it seems that this is harder than you'd think since they tend to be thrown either too high or too low. A better idea is to instead throw them into the water which will get you $750 per fan that goes in. This can be much quicker at dispersing the crazy fans than throwing them onto the treadmill, since you can simply look towards the water and launch the enemies into the water. There's no need to sprint except when the celeb goes further away from you. You should be able to reach Level 6 in this level with ease.

All Other Areas

For the other areas, it will take far too long for you to throw them into whatever contraption you need to for $1000. Instead you should get a hold of a Baseball Bat (and really only a baseball but, the crowbars aren't as good) and start whacking the crowd around the celeb. This'll be much quicker, especially on harder difficulties.
When doing the hit list, one or two people on the hit list are police, so, instead of going after them the advised way, go after another hit list person, and the police will come, and the police on the hitlist will appear on your radar, making your journeys shorter. I once got 3 in one place!
When doing the activity, 'Snatch', when you drop the girls off, wait for them to get away from the car doors, before driving, otherwise, they'll get trapped in the doors, and fall off, then die, and then you will fail the activity.


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Human Torch
During the game, alot of explosions will happen, so here is what u do to not be damaged.
First u need alot explosive things like bombs or a missile launcher (RPG), once u have the explosives, you throw bombs at yourself one by one.
Now once you did that a bunch of times, you should be on fire, which will make you a human torch, or you can keep walking in too fire alot of times to be the human torch,
The fire will not hurt you, but you can't run, change, watch tv, or do missions, or alot of stuff u can usally do.
But you can still shoot and attack plus you will scream while you are on fire, and you will be on fire until you jump in water.
p.s rain will not put you out.
Vertical Wall Ride up any building
First get a motorcycle. Melbourne is the best for this glitch. Then go to a wall of a building that you want to climb. Position your self in front of the wall about 1 Meter far or enough space to do a wheelie. Then do a wheelie on the wall and your bike will be pointing up the wall. Then press the Handbrake + accelerate button till the tire makes smoke. Release the Handbrake button and keep pressing accelerate. You will keep going up the building as long as there aren't any obstacles there. If there is a gap on the bike you will lose speed and fall. You will also fall when you reach the top of the building. This will work perfectly if done right.

Easter eggs

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300 easter egg
In the Ronin strong at museum district where they show ancient Greek stuff. When u finish the mission you'll see at the newspaper headline saying "This is Madness!".
go anywhere during the jailfights
when your fighting in the jail fights have the low gravity cheat on and jump on the basketball hoop then jump out of the fight area and you can run around the city but there are no people around but you can still here the people cheering
Take On Me
If your character is sitting in a vehicle when "Take On Me" plays on the radio (it plays The Mix by default, but you can put it on your playlist), they will start singing along (badly).