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Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Easter eggs

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Mercenaries Reunion Character Secrets!
When playing mercenaries reunion on multiplayer(online or offline)if you pick combinations of two certain characters, some of their melee attacks will change:

Chris and Barry:
Chris-Majin knees-upper cut changes to rising upper cut: neck breaker changes to hammer blow.
Barry-Majin arm-barry sandwitch changes to lights out

Josh and Sheva:
Josh-Majin head-hammer blow changes to maximum straight
Sheva-majin ground-impale changes to double fang

Exella and Rebecca:
Exella-majin arm-slap changes to cross slap
Rebbeca-majin arm-tear gas changes to double flame spray

Note:All of these melee attacks are more powerful than the origonal

Submitted by: OMEGAX on May 01, 2010