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Resident Evil 5 (PS3) Cheats

Resident Evil 5 cheats, Trophys, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
Trophies Videos
Go Into The Light Achievement (Trophy) (00:00:47)
by SoloKnight Feb 07 2012
The Works (Trophy) (00:01:10)
by Overlord73 Jun 08 2011
TrophyHow to unlock
Resident evil 5 Platinum trophyCongratulations! You've overcome all your fears in RESIDENT EVIL 5!
Completed chapter 1-1 (bronze)Complete chapter 1-1 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 1-2 (bronze)Complete chapter 1-2 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 2-1 (bronze)Complete chapter 2-1 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 2-2 (bronze)Complete chapter 2-2 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 2-3 (bronze)Complete chapter 2-3 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 3-1 (bronze)Complete chapter 3-1 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 3-2 (bronze)Complete chapter 3-2 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 3-3 (bronze)Complete chapter 3-3 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 4-1 (bronze)Complete chapter 4-1 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 4-2 (bronze)Complete chapter 4-2 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 5-1 (bronze)Complete chapter 5-1 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 5-2 (bronze)Complete chapter 5-2 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 5-3 (bronze)Complete chapter 5-3 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 6-1 (bronze)Complete chapter 6-1 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 6-2 (bronze)Complete chapter 6-2 on any difficulty setting
Completed chapter 6-3 (bronze)Complete chapter 6-3 on any difficulty setting
Recruit (bronze)Complete all chapters on Amateur
Soldier (bronze)Complete all chapters on Normal
Egg hunt (bronze)Find all 4 types of eggs
A Friend in need (bronze)Save partner 10 times when HELP is displayed
Lifeguard (bronze)Save partner 10 times when DYING is displayed
Exploding heads (bronze)Pull off 20 headshots
A cut above (bronze)Defeat 5 enemies with the knife
Cattle prod (bronze)Defeat 30 enemies with the stun rod
Crowd Control (bronze)Defeat 30 enemies with the gattling gun
Bull's eye (bronze)Defeat 30 enemies with the long bow
Get physical (bronze)Defeat 20 enemies with physical attacks
The Works (bronze)Chain the maximun number of combos in one go
Fireworks (bronze)Shoot an enemy Molotov cocktail, dynamite stick or hand grenade
Meat Shower (bronze)Defeat 3 Majini with one hand grenade or proximity bomb
Go into the light (bronze)Defeat 2 enemies with one hand grenade
Ride the Lightening (bronze)Defeat a Majini from the electric current from a transformer
Stop, Drop & Roll (bronze)Defeat 3 Majini by setting oil canisters on fire
Baptism by Fire (bronze)Defeat 3 Majini at once with a drum or gas tank explosion
Masters of Removing (bronze)Work together to save someone special
Egg on your face (bronze)Defeat a Majini with a rotten egg
Heart Stopper (bronze)Defeat a certain enemy by stabbing it in the heart
Bad Blood (bronze, secret)During the first fight with Wesker, damage him a set number of times
Veteran (silver)Complete all chapters on veteran
All Dressed Up (silver)Purchase all available alternative costumes in Bonus Features
Stockpile (silver)Obtain all available weapons
Take it to the max (silver)Completely upgrade all weapons
They belong in a museum (silver)Obtain all treasures in the game
Badge of Honour (silver)Find all the BSAA emblems
They're ACTION Figures! (silver)Collect all the figurines
Lead Aspirin (silver)Defeat a Majini with a headshot while its jumping
Be the Knife (silver)Deflect a bow gun arrow with your knife
Drive By (silver)Stop an armoured truck by taking out the driver
Who do you trust? (silver)Build up a certain level of trust with your partner
Army of OneWin 30 matches in Slayers.
Eye of the TigerWin 30 matches in Survivors.
The Team That Slays Together...Win 30 matches in Team Slayers.
We Will SurviveWin 30 matches in Team Survivors.
Keep the Good Times RollingChain a 20-defeated combo in Slayers.
It Takes Two to TangoChain a 40-defeated combo in Team Slayers.
It's All About the PointsScore at least 40,000 points in Survivors.
There's No "I" in TeamScore at least 80,000 points in Team Survivors.
Let's Get This Party Started!Unlock all selectable characters in Versus.
Bringing the PainDefeat 100 players using physical attacks in Versus.
DLC Trophies-
Must've Got Lost (Bronze) Complete "Lost in Nightmares" on any difficulty setting.
It's Just a Bad Dream! (Bronze) Complete "Lost in Nightmares" with an S rank.
Kung Fu Fighting (Bronze) Inflict a set amount of damage to Wesker in "Lost in Nightmares."
Wish Upon a Star (Bronze) Destroy all 18 of the Score stars found throughout "Lost in Nightmares."
Getaway (Bronze) Complete "Desperate Escape" on any difficulty setting.
The Great Escape (Bronze) Complete "Desperate Escape" with an S rank.
Way of the Warrior (Bronze) Defeat 150 enemies singlehandedly in one playthrough of "Desperate Escape."
Shoot the Messenger (Bronze) Defeat 3 Agitator Majini in one playthrough of "Desperate Escape."
Night Terrors (Silver) Complete "Lost in Nightmares" on Professional.
Run the Gauntlet (Silver) Complete "Desperate Escape" on Professional.


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General Unlockables
Here are some general unlockables that you will recieve once you complete the game...
UnlockableHow to unlock
New Game+Complete the game on any difficulty
Mercenaries ModeComplete the game on any difficulty
Playing as ShevaComplete the game on any difficulty
History of Resident EvilComplete the game on any difficulty
Professional DifficultyComplete the game on Veteran difficulty
Mercenaries Mode
To unlock Mercenaries Mode, you must beat the game once on any difficulty.
To unlock additional characters and/or costumes in Mercenaries Mode, you'll have to achieve at least an A Rank in certain levels...
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chirs (S.T.A.R.S)Achieve at least an A Rank in the Experimental Facility (Lab)
Chris (Safari)Achieve at least an A Rank in The Village
Wesker (Midnight)Achieve at least an A Rank in The Mines
Wesker (S.T.A.R.S)Achieve at least an A Rank in The Prison
Sheva (Clubbin)Achieve at least an A Rank in the Ancient Ruins
Sheva (Tribal)Achieve at least an A Rank in the Missile Area
Jill (B.S.A.A.)Achieve at least an A Rank in the Public Assembly
Jill (Battlesuit)Achieve at least an A Rank on the Ship Deck
Unlockable Costumes
You can unlock alternate costumes for Chris and Sheva by completing certain requirements...
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chris (Safari)Complete every chapter
Chris (STARS)Complete every chapter AND collect 25 BSAA Emblems
Sheva (Clubbin)Complete every chapter
Shave (Tribal)Complete every chapter and collect 30 BSAA Emblems
Unlockable Weapons
UnlockableHow to unlock
M93R 'Samurai Edge' Custom S.T.A.R.S. HandgunCompletely upgrade the M92F Handgun.
'Hydra' Triple-barrel Sawn-off ShotgunCompletely upgrade the Ithaca M37 Shotgun.
Longbow (Sheva Only)Completely upgrade the S75 Rifle. (NOTE: Has infinite ammo)
Gatling Gun (Chris Only)Completely upgrade the VZ61. (NOTE: The box on Chris's back deflects projectile fire; has infinite ammo)
S&W M500 Magnum (Handcannon)Completely upgrade the S&W M29 Magnum.
Infinite Rocket LauncherSuccesfully complete the game on any difficulty in under 5 hours. (NOTE:Levels do not have to be in order.)
Infate VZ61 Completely upgrade the VZ61 and complete all chapters.
Gatlin Gun (only for chris)Fully upgrade VZ61 machine gun
Hydra-Triple barrel shotgunFully upgrade Ithaca M37 Shotgun
Longbow (only for sheva)Fully upgrade S75 rifle
M93R-3 burst handgunFully upgrade M92F pistol
Handcannon (Magnum)Fully upgrade the S&W M29 Magnum
How to unlock certain weapons and equiptment
UnlockableHow to unlock
Infinite Ammo for any WeaponFully upgrade the weapon, then buy the infinite ammo cheat for it in bonus content (must have completed the game once)
Gatling Gun (Chris exclusive, has inf ammo)Fully upgrade the VZ61 MG, then the Gatling will be available in the shop (must have completed the game once)
Longbow (Sheva exclusive, has inf ammo)Fully upgrade the S75 Rifle, then the Longbow will be available in the shop (must have completed the game once)
M93R HandgunFully upgrade the M92F HG, then the M93R Handgun will be available in the shop (must have completed the game once)
Hydra ShotgunFully upgrade the Ithaca M37 SG, then the Hydra will be available in the shop (must have completed the game once)
S&W M500 MagnumFully upgrade the S&W M29 Magnum, then the M500 will be available in the shop (must have completed the game once)
Rocket Launcher Infinite AmmoHave your best total time for every chapter add up to less than 5 hours (any difficulty), and the rocket launcher will have infinite rockets (must have completed the game once)
Mercenaries - Chris (Safari)Finish The Village with 40,000 points or more
Mercenaries - Chris (STARS)Finish The Experimental Facility with 40,000 points or more
Mercenaries - Sheva (Clubbin)Finish The Ancient Ruins with 40,000 points or more
Mercenaries - Sheva (Tribal)Finish The Missle Area with 40,000 points or more
Mercenaries - Jill (BSAA)Finish Public Assembly with 40,000 points or more
Mercenaries - Jill (Battlesuit)Finish The Ship Deck with 40,000 points or more
Mercenaries - Wesker (Midnight)Finish The Mines with 40,000 points or more
Mercenaries - Wesker (STARS)Finish The Prison with 40,000 points or more


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1st Uroboros Boss Tip...
If you run out of bullets, you can circle around Uroboros and slash at its arms with your knife. This is very dangerous so be careful. After you remove his arms, you can then use your knife to finish off the giant sprouting Parasite.
2nd Uroboros Boss Fight Tips
1. Whenever the Flame Thrower runs out of gas, make sure to put it back and circle around the entire room to dodge the Black Tentacle Monster (Uroboros). Every time you pass by the Flame Thrower and the light is still red just continue to run laps around the room. As soon as the light tunrs green pick it up and do your thing.

2. Before using the Flame Thrower make sure that you have already blown Uroboros's arms off. If you decide to burn him while his arms are still attached, then the BTM will strike and take away half of your life.
3 secret jewels
In chapter 1-1 when the horde of majini comes and attacks you defeat the entire horde and the last one will drop a jewel worth 3000.(this is very ammo consuming and when i tried on veteran it did not work so use amateur).

in chapter 1-2 when you fight the first form of uroborus defeat him with your ammo (this means on veteran you can use the furnace once and twice on professional) and he will drop a jewel worth 5000.

when you fight the executioner (axe man) he will drop another jewel worth 5000.
Best chapter to get a lot of money at
If you play through chapter 4-1, the caves, and collect all the treasures including the soul gem at the end from beating the bug enemy, you'll make about 50,000. The level isn't hard to beat and beating it multiple times is good for making money.
Complimentary Ammo...
When you decide to get an Ammo Capacity increase, you get free bullets depending on how much you increased by.
Crazy Chainsaw Dude Tips...
1. Whenever you want to reload, make sure to never do it if he is coming at you. What you want to do is wait until he attacks, move out of the way, and then reload.

2. If you have a Shotgun, get really close to him and right before he is about to attack, shoot him right in the most central part of his body. He will stop, give you a very menacing look and he'll come right back to try to take your head off again. If the shotgun is barely upgraded, it might take about 7 shotgun shots to down Crazy Chainsaw Dude.

3. If you run out of bullets and you can't find a good time to reload because the CCD is breathing down your neck, then set Sheva to 'Attack' right after the CCD attacks and misses. Sheva will attack and the CCD will start chasing after her. Then you can reload and help her out.

4. His weak spot is his one eye so concentrate on shooting his one eye. When he takes a few steps back, make sure to chase after him and give him an uppercut or kick by pressing the Square button. By about the 9th or 10th uppercut or kick the CCD will be dead.

Deciding Who Goes...
Whevener you reach a spot where you have to decide between either Sheva or Chris to go out and do a specific task make sure to do one of the following:

-If you're going to send Chris to do something, make sure that he is equiped with a Shotgun or overall short distance but effective weapon. Sheva should also be set on Attack and is equiped with a Rifle.

-If you're going to send Sheva, make sure that the above is vice-versa...
Destructible Treasure.
I came across this quite by accident, it first happened in chapter 5-2 going through the hallway where the lickers are with an infinite rocket launcher.

If you blow up an enemy that holds a treasure, and the enemy isn't on the ground, the treasure gets destroyed. This works on enemies that are in the air (jumping), or on a ceiling or wall.

The enemy has to be completely blown up so there is no trace of them left, there is a particular blast radius or splash damage area that does not have this effect however.

When fighting an enemy that tends to jump around a lot, or climb, and holds a treasure, then explosive weapons that destroy the enemy completely may not always be the best method of dispatch.
Easy "Who do you trust?" Trophy
REMEMBER anytime she:
Heals You
Gives You Ammo
Helps You
Saves You From Dying
Press (O)[circle] to say Thanks! do this a preset number of times to get it.


You need 40,000 at max
Buy 40 First Aid Sprays, equip 9 to each of you.
Start 1-2 on Veteran
Slash the transformer at the start till you are seriously injured
She will heal you. press (O). Thanks!
when she runs out, give her yours.
Repeat the Slashing process
if you still dont get it, quit, save, and start again with the other 21 FA Sprays .
Easy 1-1 dont even play
After you've started the big city fight in this level Kill the ax man and have Sheva equipped with an infinite revolver, move to the back corner and she will pick off enemies until Kirk shows
easy money
first go to 5-3.when it starts go straight untill there are two turns. go right. go in the hall that opened up go in. then go straight and open the safe. once u get the gem quite then save. the gem is worth 3000 per 1.you can keep doing in it as long as you want.it got me 50k in less than 30 min.the process takes 30- 60 sec.
ok go to the mash lands level and get on the boat then when you look at the half sunken boat on the map make port and get on it there should be a silver chest in it is a rocket launcher
eat eggs zombies
equip a rotten egg then throw it to a zombies face they will die if they dont use 2 but u can sell the egg for a good price ;]
Fast way to get money
During the Jill fight in chapter 5-3, if you make Wesker leave, the heart of africa, a treasure, will appear between the stairs when you fight Jill alone. It sells for 10,000. Now, collect it, pause, and choose quit. Save your inventory, and then go to play game and continue. You'll be at the Jill/Wesker fight again, but you'll have to make Wesker leave again to get the heart of africa again. With the infinite launcher, though, you can do it very fast. Keep collecting the heart of africa, then sell them all, you'll get a lot of money.
Giant Bat-Worm Boss Fight #2 Tips
1. Don't even bother shooting at his tail like you did in the first encounter. Just run right up the stairs and the animations will just take place at very awkward intervals.

2. If you're playing by yourself, then set Sheva to Attack and make sure to shoot at the GB-W in the head to distract it while Sheva is unloading on it's tail, or if the GB-W decides to go after Sheva just shoot the GB-W in the tail yourself...
How to get lots of money easily
Go to Chapter 5-2 on Amateur Mode, and play all the way to the part where you come across hoardes of Lickers.
It should checkpoint that small area.
Kill all the Lickers in that area.
You will get 5 Lion Heart treasures (which equel 12,500 in gold).
Then just repeat as many times as you want.
Each time it will only take around 4 minutes to kill them all.
Strong weapons are needed (Shotgun, Explosives, etc).

Also, doing it on Co-op is easier.
Irving (Giant Sea Serpent) Boss Tip
If you're playing Resident Evil 5 by yourself, make sure to station Sheva on the North-Eastern most turret. Make sure to set her to 'Attack' then you can sit back, relax and pretty much do nothing while Sheva literally takes out the boss from start to finish.
Kill all of the Lickers...
In the level where there's a lot of Lickers caged inside glass walls don't skip them by passing through the area quietly. Instead kill all of them and make sure to pick up all of the treasures left over (I think the treasure left over is called a Lions Heart). You can sell all of the treasures earned for some serious cash to pick up all of the stats on your weapons or buy supplies...


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Grenade Launcher Duplication
In chapter 4-1, after the interactive cutscene where the statues fall down the corridor, collect the grenade launcher. Quit and save your items. When you go to continue it will start you off before the interactive cutscene and you can collect another grenade launcher. Do this as many times as you like... the treasures and barrels will also remain (barrels change contents for each load) in the level and a base grenade launcher sells for $1,000. So have fun getting gold and upgraded your arsenal.
Level Glitch
When playing online with someone, make sure that you are on a higher level than what you were on in your Single Player game. If you disconnect accidentally or on purpose (it worked by accident for me), when you play Single Player you will be on that exact level that you played on, therefore skipping the rest.

Note: It worked for me when I was on 1-1 and played with someone on 3-1. So try to stick to 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, and 6-1.

Rotten Egg Glitch
This is by far the easiest and fastest way to obtain a ton of money.

1. Obtain a rotten egg.
2. Host a game and have the rotten egg(s) in your slot.
3. Invite a friend.
4. Start, then give your friend the RE (rotten egg) and make him leave.
5. Get the RE from your computer partner, and quit the game.
6. Start the game and invite the same friend.
7. Have your friend give YOU the rotten egg and tell them to quit but DO NOT save their equipment.
8. Quit the game and invite the same friend. He will have a RE as well.
9. Repeat steps 2-7 to have 5REs in each of the nine available slots of your friend.
10. Start the game and have your friend give you all 45REs and quit but DO NOT save equipment.
11. When he comes back into your party after you reinvite him, you both will have 45REs. Deposit your 45REs and repeat step 10.
12. Keep doing this and sell all but one of your REs and repeat steps 1-11.

This will get all of your weapons upgraded in no time.

Have fun!