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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Copa Santander Libertadores R16 (Bronze)Awarded for making it through the Group stage in [Copa Santander Libertadores].
Copa Santander Libertadores Win (Bronze)Awarded for defeating the COM for the first time in [Copa Santander Libertadores].
European Elite 16 (Bronze)Awarded for making it through the Group stage of the UEFA Champions League in [Master League].
First Glory: Club Boss (Bronze)Awarded for your first win as a Club Owner in [Club Boss].
First Glory: Competition (Bronze)Awarded for your first win in an [Online Competition].
First Glory: Exhibition (Bronze)Awarded for defeating the COM for the first time in [Exhibition].
First Glory: Master League (Bronze)Awarded for your first win in [Master League].
First Glory: Quick Match (Bronze)Awarded for winning your first [Quick Match]. No disconnections permitted.
First Win: UEFA Champions League (Bronze)Awarded for defeating the COM for the first time in [UEFA Champions League].
Mr. Versatility (Bronze)Awarded for learning to play in another position in [Become a Legend].
Online Debutant (Bronze)Awarded for completing your debut match in [Online]. No disconnections permitted.
Promoted (Bronze)Awarded for Winning Promotion to a Top League in [Master League].
Proud Skipper (Bronze)Awarded for being named Club Captain in [Become a Legend].
The Debutant (Bronze)Awarded for making a professional debut in [Become a Legend].
The Highlight Show (Bronze)Awarded for watching Highlight Footage in [Final Highlights].
The Multi-Talented (Bronze)Awarded for acquiring a New Skill in [Become a Legend].
Theatre Connoisseur (Bronze)Awarded for watching a Highlight Reel uploaded by another user in the [Theatre of Legends].
UEFA Champions League Elite 16 (Bronze)Awarded for making it through the Group stage in [UEFA Champions League].
Wheeler and Dealer (Bronze)Awarded for making your first ever signing in [Master League Online].
Champion Chairman (Silver)Awarded for winning a Top Flight League Title in [Club Boss].
Champion Manager (Silver)Awarded for winning the League Title in any of the Top Leagues featured in [Master League].
Copa Santander Libertadores King (Silver)Awarded for becoming a [Copa Santander Libertadores] Winner.
International Champion (Silver)Awarded for winning a National Team Competition in [League/Cup].
Kings of Europe (Silver)Awarded for becoming a UEFA Champions League Winner in [Master League].
League Best Eleven (Silver)Awarded for being picked for the Team of the Season in [Become a Legend].
League Champion (Silver)Awarded for single-handedly winning a League Title in [League/Cup].
League Champions (Silver)Awarded for winning the League Title in [Become a Legend].
Pride of a Nation (Silver)Awarded for playing in the International Cup in [Become a Legend].
The Community Associate (Silver)Awarded for joining your first [Online Community].
The Treble Winner (Silver)Awarded for winning the League, UEFA Champions League and League Cup in a [Master League] season.
UEFA Champions League Debut (Silver)Awarded for making your UEFA Champions League debut in [Become a Legend].
UEFA Champions League Winner (Silver)Awarded for becoming a [UEFA Champions League] Winner.
No.1 Club (Gold)Awarded for being named the No.1 Club in the [Master League] Club Rankings.
No.1 Owner (Gold)Awarded for being the Greatest Owner within the Beautiful Game in [Club Boss].
Super Star (Gold)Awarded for winning the UEFA Club Footballer of the Year Award [Become a Legend].
World Footballer of the Year (Gold)Awarded for being named World Footballer of the Year in [Become a Legend].
Ultimate Player (Platinum)Perfect Collection
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