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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3) Cheats

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale cheats, Trophys, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Ally of Larry Da Vinci (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Sackboy on 'Dreamscape'
Autarch of Helghan (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Radec on 'Invasion'
Cake, please! (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Fat Princess
Calypso’s Wishes (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Sweet Tooth on 'Black Rock Stadium'
Character Mastery (Bronze)Complete a Combo Tutorial
Combo King (Bronze)Land a 50+ AP Combo in Practice Mode
Demon Hunter (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Dante
Demon of Empire City (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Evil Cole
Eco Master (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Jak
First Blood (Bronze)Earn a Kill in a match-made online game
Friend of the People (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Toro
Friendly Competition (Bronze)Complete a Versus Match against an online player
Fundamentals (Bronze)Complete the Basic Tutorial
Greatest Conduit (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Cole
Heavenly Warrior (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Nariko
Helghast Commander (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Radec
Hero of Gallowmere (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Sir Daniel
I Chose The Impossible (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Big Daddy on 'Columbia'
I Gotta Believe! (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with PaRappa
Intergalactic Heroes (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Ratchet
Interpol HQ Break-In (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Sly Cooper on 'Paris'
Kerwan’s Capital City (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Ratchet on 'Metropolis'
Let's Make a Scene (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Sackboy
Master of the Ray Sphere (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Cole or Evil Cole on 'Alden's Tower'
Monkey Catcher (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Spike
Mr. Bubbles (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Big Daddy
Oh Boys and Girls (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Sweet Tooth
Palace of the Underworld (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Kratos on 'Hades'
Revengeance (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Raiden
REX versus RAY (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Raiden on 'Franzea'
Samos’ Sacred Site (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Jak on 'Sandover Village'
Showing Off (Bronze)Show off your Minion during a game
Sic Parvis Magna (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Nathan Drake on 'Stowaways'
Student Becomes the Master (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with PaRappa on 'Dojo'
The Doctor Is In... (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Ratchet on 'San Francisco'
The God of War (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Kratos
The Iron Fist (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Heihachi
The Legend (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode on Legend
The Peak Point Helmet Blues (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super with Spike on 'Time Station'
Thievius Raccoonus (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Sly Cooper
Tournament Fighter (Bronze)Complete an online Ranked Match
Treasure Hunter (Bronze)Complete Arcade Mode with Nathan Drake
Trial Combatant (Bronze)Complete a Combat Trial
Ultimate Power (Bronze)Perform a Level 3 Super Attack
We have Overtime! - Working Weekends? (Bronze)Enter Overtime!
3x OVERTIME!! (Silver)Enter 3x AP Overtime!
Champion (Silver)Win a Versus Match against a team of three AI opponents
Combo Virtuoso (Silver)Land a 70+ AP Combo in Practice Mode
Team Sweeper (Silver)Earn a Double Kill in a 2v2 match-made online game
This is Living (Silver)Win a match-made online game without dying
Triple Kill! (Silver)Earn a Triple Kill in a match-made online game
Two for One (Silver)Earn a Double Kill with a Level 1 Super Attack
Victorious! (Silver)Win a match-made online game
Three for One (Gold)Earn a Triple Kill with a Level 1 Super Attack
All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything (Platinum)You have successfully earned all other trophies in the game. Congratulations!
The Heavenly Goddess (Silver)Perform a Level 3 Super with Nariko on 'Fearless'


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Special Minions
Earn new minions by attaining Rank 80 with the required number of characters, detailed below
UnlockableHow to unlock
Curtis the PandaHit Rank 80 with 2 characters
Dr. NefariousHit Rank 80 with 3 characters
TagHit Rank 80 with 5 characters
ChimeraHit Rank 80 with 8 characters


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Alternate Costumes
To earn an alternate costume for any playable character, reach Rank 10 with that character.
Unlock Minions
To earn the services of minions for a playable character, have that character hit Rank 8.