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Finding How Much HDD you Have left
A lot of people seem not know where they can find out how much HDD space they have left on their PS3, well their is a simple way to check this.

Just simply go to Settings > System Settings > System Information and it will show all the info about your system, alongisde with how much HDD space you have left.
Re-arranging uploaded music into personalized folders- the quicker way
When you upload music files (mp3s, etc) to your PS3, the ID3 tag of the MP3 will segregate the mp3s into their own folders according to the 'album' tag.

This can result in dozens of mp3s uploaded and separated into a dozen folders. If you want to upload files and move them to their own albums, or just dump every thing into a single album, you can do this by changing the name of the album the desired mp3(s) are inside, the the same name of another album. Instead of overwriting all the album info, it will simply move all the files from one folder with the same name, into the other album, and then delete the spare/empty album automatically.

Quickest way to do this is to rename or create a new album with the title as 'g', since g is the first letter the type cursor appears on when the type box appears.

Then rename the other folders as 'g'. Once all the desired MP3s are combined, simply rename the g folder to whatever you wish.

The only files that will not be moved are files with no id3 tag information for 'album'. These will be automatically moved into a read-only folder called 'unknown'. The unknown folder can be absorbed into another unknown folder if you create one, or you can move the individual files in that folder if you choose.

Note: The PS3 also edits ID3 tags this way. If you upload these files from the PS3 to another device, if the device displays ID3 listings, they will have new information the PS3 added.
Reset all settings
If you somehow mess up and set the resolution too high for your TV (For example) and save the settings, this is what you do. Turn off the PS3. Then turn it back on, but HOLD the power button on the front of the PS3 until you hear a few beeps. These beeps signal that it has been reset.

Keep in mind you will need to plug the controller into the PS3 VIA USB to resync it.
Tips on your ps3 freezing.
Here are some tips on when your ps3 frezes. Freezing is a major problem when its in the 60gb model. If a yellow light comes when your ps3 freezes. Then this is not for you as your ps3 is now broken and you will have to ring Sony and see what they say (Uk is 100 quid!). Here are the tips.

-Make sure the system is in a cool and spacious area to prevent it from heating up.

-Buy the intercooler just to stay on the safe side

-Disable the media thing on the internet settings

-Turn the PS3 vertically

-Make the room quite cool

-Blow the vents

-Place a fan pointing towards it

These should help. And to stay on the safe side. Backup all you save datas!
Using msn messenger
To use msn messenger, go to ebuddy on your ps3. Sign in a voila! You can talk to ur mates

NOTE: This works really slowly if you have a badd connection!
Using the Media Server option
As many people have found out, Firmware 1.8 has added the option to stream and copy media such as music, videos, and pictures from a media server. This guide explains how to do it.

It can either be done by Windows Media Player 11, or Nero Home. This guide is for the WMP11 version of it.

1) Download Windows Media Player 11.

2) After downloading and installing it, it will import your music, videos, and pictures from My Documents. It will not work with your music from iTunes though. For that, you will need to burn it to a disc, then import it to WMP.

3) Open WMP11, Then click on the music tab and there will be three icons, Playlist, library, and Urge. Right Click on library and select share media.

3) On your PS3, turn it on and select "Find Media Servers".

4) On WMP11 a message will pop up showing a unknown device trying to get to your music. Select the Approve button and the click Apply.

There you go! Please remember this though. If you're in the music bar on the XMB, pictures will not display. Only music will work right, other folders will be shown as empty.