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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

  • By Eurocom for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (PS3) Cheats

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Calypso Chest 1
The first Calypse chest in the game is located on the Prison fortress level, and is on a cliffside on an elevated cave opening. Also in this level, there are 7 letters to be found scattered around in chests. Collect them all.
Calypso Chest 10
The 10th chest is located on the shipwreck city level, you can get this chest my firing a cannon at a ship, knocking over it's mast, and navigating across the past onto another ship where the chest lies.
Calypso Chest 11
The final Calypso chest is located on the Maelstom level behind a movable crate at the bottom of the curved stair way.

If you have been following this guide and you have collected the other 10 crates before this, you have now unlocked the Calypso story in the extras section.
Calypso Chest 2
The second Calypso chest is located on the Port Royal level and is hidden behind a wooden fence that you must open by pulling the lever that is located on one of the balconies near the hand mans noose. Scale the wall where the clearly marked climbing wall is and navigate your way over to the lever, jump back down and collect your prize.
Calypso Chest 3
The 3rd Calypso chest is located on the Dutchan Encounter level. Locate the staircase hidden away on the far corner of the hold, climb down and collect your prize.
Calypso Chest 4
The fourth chest is located on the Tortuga level, near to the fight where you just saved Will. You will need to push the movable crate towards the balcony so you can then clamber ontop of the crate and up onto the balcony to receive your prize.
Calypso Chest 5
The 5th chest is located on the Isla Cruces level. When you switch to Elizabeths character, you will reach a cavern that you must climb into, kill the guy who throws knives at you and you will see the lever just in front of him, pull it to open a fence on the floor below the cavern you are in. Quickly jump down from the cavern and run across the beach to your right where the fence is now open. Be fast, as it will close after a short period of time. Climb the wall inside the hidden room you are in to get the crate.
Calypso Chest 6
The 6th crate is located on the Kraken level, in the Black Pearl gun deck. You will need to navigate your way past Krakens tenticles and then jump diagonally from the stairs, across the gap, and then onto the balcony that holds the prize.
Calypso Chest 7
The 7th crate is located on the Singapore level. It is in the bath house area, after you find a way onto the roof, dispatch of the two riflemen in front of you, jump down from the balcony you were on and head to the far end of the courtyard to find a lever that opens up a gate, storing the prize.
Calypso Chest 8
The 8th chest is located on the Davey Jones Locker level. Once you reach the canyon of forsaken ships area, find the zip line that slants down to where the prize is located. Kill the boss while you're there.
Calypso Chest 9
The 9th crate is located on the Sea battle level. Find Jerichos hold and open it with a bar. Speak to him and he will tell you that one of the wall huggers stole a bottle of rum from him. Find the wall hugger, defeat him, retrieve the rum, take it back to Jericho, and he will reward you with a Calypso puzzle piece. This is the only level where it is not located in a crate.
Isla Cruces level: Gold Idol location
When you get to the waterfall where enemies attack you, defeat them all. Then, walk into the waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a secret room with the gold idol.
Unlock Swords:
Note: The following swords are listed by order of strength. Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding sword:

Cutlass - Default sword.

Dutchman sword - Complete the Pearl Vs Dutchman level.

Norrington sword - Complete the Isla Cruces level.

Bone sword - Complete the Davy Jones' Locker level.

Gun sword - Complete the Sea Battle level.

Pirate King's sword - Complete the Shipwreck City level.

Davy Jones' sword - Complete the Maelstrom level.

Ghost sword - Complete the Hit Combo sub-mission on the Isla Cruces level.

Legend sword - Complete the Hit Combo sub-mission on the Maelstrom level.


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Block All Attacks
At the start menu press: Triangle, square, triangle, circle, circle, square and you'll be able to block all the attacks.
At the menu screen hold L2+R2 and press x, triangle, triangle, square, L1, R1 and you'll be invincible.