Persona 4 (PS3) Cheats

Persona 4 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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New Game+
Simply beat the game with any of the endings to obtain the New Game+ feature. In this game, your Yen will carry over as well as your Persona Compendium.
UnlockableHow to unlock
New Game+Beat the game once.
Unlocking Izanagi-no-Okami
Beat the game and obtain the true ending. When you start up a New Game+, a new fusion option will be available and you'll be able to fuse Izanagi-no-Okami, one of the best Personas in the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Izanagi-no-OkamiBeat the game once and obtain the true ending and start a New Game+
izanagi no okamimax the fortune social link and get the true ending


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Endings (No Spoilers)

The are a total a 3 endings in Persona 4:
Good Ending: On December 3rd when the party confronts Namadame at night in the hospital Yosuke will ask you 6 questions.
1st Question → 3rd Choice
2nd Q → 1st Choice
3rd Q → 3rd Choice
4th Q → 2nd Choice
5th Q → 3rd Choice
6th Q → 2nd Choice
Then on December 5th you'll have to figure out who is the criminal behind the murders (you only have 3 chances, if you get it wrong you get the bad ending).
On March 12 just head home and watch the Good Ending

True Ending: Instead of just going home on March 12, find
all people you've met and MAXED their Social Link. (If the social link was NOT maxed out, the person won't appear at all, don't bother looking.)
Chariot : In Shopping District South.
Lovers : In Shopping District South.
Tower : In Shopping District South.
Star : In Shopping District South.
Priestess : Bus stop at Shopping District, South and visit the Amagi hotel.
Devil : Bus stop at Shopping District, South and visit the Hospital.
Temperance : Bus stop at Shopping District, South and visit the Day Care.
Hermit : Visit the Shrine on Shopping District, North.
Emperor : In Shopping District, North.
Strength : In Shopping District, North, near Aiya.
Hanged man : In Shopping District, North (Near the Wine Store at the north end).
Justice & Hierophant : Outside of Dojima's House. Speak to Ryoutaro to and pick the second choice to see the event.
Magician: Visit the Food Court in Junes.
Death : Riverbed area.
Moon : Yasogami High, Learning Building 1F (Lobby)
Fortune : Yasogami High, Learning Building 1F
Sun (Music) : Yasogami High, Practice Building 1F. In Music Club
Sun (Drama) : Yasogami High, Practice Building 1F. In Drama Club
Once you are finished talking with everybody you have maxed social links with, you'll be asked if you want to go home; Make sure you pick "No".
Now go to June's Food Court and examine the elevator, you'll be asked if you want to go home once again, answer "No". Then examine the elevator again and pick the first choice "I got some unfinished matters." to visit the food court. After the cut-scene, go to the riverbed and speak with Ryoutarou and then Nanako. Next go to the Velvet Room to get the Orb of Clarity. Then go to the Shopping District South and speak with the gas station worker, after asking the right questions you'll unlock a special dungeon. Head to the Midnight Channel and complete the new dungeon to view the True Ending.

Bad Ending: On December 3rd when the party confronts Namadame at night in the hospital Yosuke will ask you 6 questions. Pick the wrong ones to trigger the Bad Ending (The "wrong ones" means the ones that don't trigger the good ending). Also you could follow the Good Ending path and on the 5th of December fail at figuring out who is the criminal behind the murders, you'll also get the bad ending.
How to accomplish the first Empress requirement.
In order to up your S.Link for Margaret you have to fuse persona's so they have special abilities.
The first one Margaret asks for is an Ippon-Datara with Sukukaja skill.

To get it have a High Pixie and fuse it with an Angel or Archangel. Leave the Velvet room and re enter to up your S.Link with Margaret.
Kaiwan Rank 7 Skill Change Tip for 6/24
A particularly handy Fusion Forecast to keep in mind early in the game is the Skill Change result on 6/24. This particular date is noteworthy because it is the earliest you can fuse a Persona of the Star Arcana before the Star Social Link levels up past Rank 2.

First, ensure that the MC himself is at least Level 24 before 6/24. Then on that day, keep a save file handy and head to the Velvet Room and create Star Kaiwan by fusing Devil Ukobach with Death Ghoul, both preferably with their default set of skills (i.e. "vanilla" Persona acquired from dungeon crawling) and with luck, the Tetrakarn skill that Kaiwan starts with will undergo the skill change into another Rank 7 skill. With even more luck, it will become something incredible like Victory Cry!

If you don't get a result you like, don't save and simply reload your file. Even after you get a Rank 7 skill you like, you can continue fusing Kaiwan to earn even more Rank 7 skills in this manner, which naturally you are going to want to pass down (and more importantly register) to other Personae!

Performing this trick on 6/24 is ideal because the Star Social Link gains ranks automatically, meaning on future Skill Change days the Star Arcana Personae you create will gain more levels as soon as you fuse them. This has the side effect of introducing more skills which are equally likely to undergo the skill change, when you really want to maximize the chances of it happening to Tetrakarn instead.
Leveling up Social Links faster
Make sure to have a persona of the corresponding arcana in your possession when you enter a social link event, you will get a bonus and rank up more effectively.
Margarets 8th Persona request
For Margarets 8th Persona request she wants a Ganesha with Tetrakarn. To get it you must do a three way fusion with Kaiwan, Neko Shogun, and Fuu-Ki. Kaiwan should know Tetrakarn but you must be at lv. 50 to fuse it.
Positive over negative!
Unlike past Shin Megami Tensei games where the worst effects of an attack takes precedence over the best effects, here in P4, it's the opposite. So if you cast a multiple target spell which element is the weakness of only some enemies in the current battle you'll get a "One more" even if the others evade it/void it!!
Social Link benefits for party members
If you increase the social link of a party members you'll get the following benefits according to which rank the link is(This applies to all except Rise):

Lvl1 Social link partner will take lethal attacks or Hama/Mudo skills for you

Lvl3 Social link partner will perform follow-up attacks when MC Knocks Down an enemy. This DOES NOT occur 100% of the time, and each character has a special follow-up attack. Also the follow-up attack will consume the extra turn you got, but you can cancel it if you want to perform another action.

Lvl5 Social link partner will help MC or other party member stand up when Knocked Down

Lvl7 Social link partner will cure MC's or other party member's status ailments

Lvl9 Social link partner will persist to fight even his/her HP has reached 0 (Same as Endure skill)

Lvl10 Social link partner's Persona will mutate into a new upgraded form.

Now, increasing Rise's Social link level has the following benefits:

Lvl3 Rise learns Treasure Radar that reveals the location of all treasure chests in the mini-map

Lvl6 Rise learns Enemy Radar that shows the positions of all enemies in the mini-map

Lvl10 Rise's persona evolves and learns Weakness Scan. With this ability Rise will give you tips on an enemy's weakness or strength at the beginning of battle.
Ultimate Weapons
Available only in a 2nd playthrough or more, Death will sometimes hide within treasure chests. Chests containing Death will prompt you to pick between the choices to open or ignore the chest. If you choose to open the chest, you will have to fight Death, which when defeated, will drop the ultimate weapons for the characters.