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Overlord II (PS3) Cheats

Overlord II cheats, Trophys, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Rescuer of Kelda (Bronze)Rescue Kelda from Nordberg.
Tyrant of Nordberg (Bronze)Complete full Tyranny over Nordberg through either Domination or Destruction.
Industrious Magic (Bronze)Achieve 50 kills by overcharging your Evil Presence Spell.
Big Chopper (Bronze)Achieve 50 melee kills.
Red Rescuer (Bronze)Find the Red Minions.
Green Grabber (Bronze)Find the Green Minions.
Blue Bringer (Bronze)Find the Blue Minions.
Master Builder (Bronze)Build 50% of the Tower buildables.
Crystal Collector (Bronze)Collect 50% of all Dark Crystals.
Gnome Grinder (Bronze)Kill 1000 Gnomes.
Snatcher (Bronze)Win one Pirate Plunder map.
Pillager (Bronze)Win ten Pirate Plunder maps.
Conqueror (Bronze)Win one Dominate map.
The Big D (Bronze)Win ten Dominate maps.
Adversary (Bronze)Kill an opposing Overlord 20 times in one versus match.
Armed and Dangerous (Bronze)Forge one weapon.
Blue Steel Look (Bronze)Forged the Elemental helmet and armor.
Minion Captain (Bronze)Rescue all the Minion crew from the spider webs.
Weapons Nut (Bronze)Forge three weapons.
Kitted Out (Bronze)Forge the Infernal helmet and armor.
Mayhem Maker (Bronze)Cause mayhem during the Prelude.
Minion Harvester (Bronze)Gather 10 Lifeforce orbs.
Minion Gatherer (Bronze)Gather 250 Lifeforce orbs.
Minion Hoarder (Bronze)Gather 1000 Lifeforce orbs.
Town Razer (Bronze)Destroy one Town.
Slaver (Bronze)Enslave one Town.
Seal Slayer (Bronze)Kill 100 baby seals.
Dark Emperor (Silver)Kill Solarius.
Perfect Horde (Silver)Fully upgrade all 50 Minions in your Horde.
Tyrant of the Tower (Silver)Build 100% of the Tower buildables.
The Dominator (Silver)Achieve a 100% Domination Tyranny rating.
The Destructor (Silver)Achieve a 100% Destruction Tyranny rating.
Ultimate Collector (Silver)Collect 100% of all Dark Crystals.
Scrooge (Silver)Collect 50,000 gold.
Minion Lover (Silver)Gather 5000 Lifeforce orbs.
Walking Apocalypse (Silver)Destroy both Nordberg and Everlight.
New World Order (Silver)Enslave both Nordberg and Everlight.
100% Clear (Platinum)Unlock all Trophies available in Overlord II.
Secret Trophies-
Juno's Champion (Bronze)Rescue Juno from Everlight
Corruptor of the Queen (Bronze)Corrupt Queen Fay to turn her into Dark Fay.
Ghost Bringer (Bronze)Kill Dark Fay to turn her into Ghost Fay.
Tyrant of Nordberg (Bronze)Complete full Tyranny over Nordberg through either Domination or Destruction.
Tyrant of Everlight (Bronze)Complete full Tyranny over Everlight through either Domination or Destruction.
Kelda's Special Friend (Bronze)Buy gifts for Kelda and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.
Juno's Special Friend (Bronze)Buy gifts for Juno and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.
Rock On (Bronze)Kill 15 or more enemies with a single Catapult boulder.
Dark Fay's Special Friend (Bronze)Buy gifts for Dark Fay and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.
Ghost Fay's Special Friend (Bronze)Buy gifts for Ghost Fay and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.
Mount Master (Bronze)Discover and use all Minion Mounts in the game.
Ladies Man (Gold)Find a way for you and your three Mistresses to become 'special' friends.


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Get Those Pesky Gnomes Off You
Have you found that often (especially during the last boss battle) the Gnomes appear and attach themselves onto your Overlord and do a lot of damage with their blast?

Well what you wont know is that you can actually get them off of you. To do this you need to do a spinning attack, which can be done by pressing the Attack () and Magic button ( ) together. This combo will knock them off, and if you use it again quickly, kill them.
Quick Gold
If you are doing a domination run, then you should refrain from destroying Nordberg till after you have gained as much money as you need (around 40,000 - 50,000 should suffice for quickly upgrading your Minions and for the Weapons/Armours).

To make quick money you will need to defeat the Spider Boss and get the Green Minion Mounts, as well as escape the temple. Once you've done this, you can now return to the temple (called Everlight Temple from the teleport list). In this area you'll notice an 'Overlord Switch' which can be activated by the overlord standing on it. Do so, and it'll open a door to a 'secret' area. Now go towards this area opening the few chests along the way, and within the area it self, you'll find a whole lot more chests. After you've gotten all the gold from this area (approximately 1000 Gold), teleport to Nordberg Gate 2. Right outside this gate will be more chests (there wont be many if you've killed many villagers, and more if you've dominated them). Get these chests and you'll get around 1000 more gold.

Now just keep going between these two areas and you can make alot of money, fairly quickly.