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Order Up!! (PS3) Cheats

Order Up!! cheats, Trophys, Easter Eggs, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
All Assistants (Bronze)Hire and use all assistant chefs
All Recipes (Bronze)Unlock all recipes
All Restaurants (Bronze)Five-Star all five restaurants
Burger Face (Bronze)Learn how to cook a burger at Burger Face
Food Critic (Bronze)Perfect the Food Critic at all five restaurants
Mini-game Master (Bronze)Beat all 5 in-kitchen mini-games
Ned Special (Bronze)Purchase a special ingredient from the delivery truck and use it in each of your restaurants
Paperboy (Bronze)Score a 92 or better on the paperboy mini-game
Patron Pleaser (Bronze)Please all 10 unique patrons
Pepper Chop Master (Bronze)Master the Pepper Chop
Perfect 4 (Bronze)Perfect a table of four
All Chef Spices (Silver)Purchase and use all Chef Spices appropriately
Fortified Chef (Silver)Win the Fortified Chef Battle
Coin Goal (Gold)Earn 100,000 coins

Easter eggs

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Newspaper Catching Minigame
At the start of each new day, a newspaper boy typically rides across the screen to drop off a newspaper. If you select the newspaper boy with your cursor and press the A button before he gets the chance to actually drop off the mail, you'll force him to stumble.

This also serves to unlock a bonus minigame where you are challenged to catch as many newspapers being thrown from passing vehicles as possible; to catch the papers, select them while they are in mid-ar and press the B button. The more papers you can collect, the more money you will receive.