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Medal of Honor (PS3) Cheats

Medal of Honor cheats, Trophys, Easter Eggs, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Multiplayer: First Rotation (Bronze)Play online for 15 minutes
Multiplayer: Tour of Duty (Bronze)Play online for 2 hours
Multiplayer: Heavy Fire Support (Bronze)Fire 1000 bullets in a round (awarded at end of round)
Multiplayer: Boot Camp (Bronze)Play once as each class (min 2 min)
Multiplayer: Mission Training (Bronze)Play Combat Mission
Multiplayer: Assault Training (Bronze)Play Team Assault
Multiplayer: Secure Training (Bronze)Play Sector Control
Multiplayer: Raid Training (Bronze)Play Objective Raid
Multiplayer: Enlisted (Bronze)Reach level 2 in any class
Multiplayer: Veteran (Bronze)Reach level 4 in any class
Multiplayer: Triple Canopy (Bronze)Reach level 8 in one class
Multiplayer: Mission Specialist (Bronze)Play two hours of Combat Mission
Multiplayer: Assault Specialist (Bronze)Play two hours of Team Assault
Multiplayer: Secure Specialist (Bronze)Play two hours of Sector Control
Multiplayer: Raid Specialist (Bronze)Play two hours of Objective Raid
Multiplayer: Forward Spotter (Bronze)Deploy a missile strike support action (award at end of round)
First Incision (Bronze)Singleplayer: Complete First In
Welcome to the TOC (Bronze)Singleplayer: Complete Breaking Bagram
Develop the Situation (Bronze)Singleplayer: Complete Running with Wolves...
Unexpected Guests (Bronze)Singleplayer: Complete Dorothy's a Bitch
Full Battle Rattle (Bronze)Singleplayer: Complete Belly of the Beast
Bad Guy Jamboree (Bronze)Singleplayer: Complete Gunfighters
Friends From Afar (Bronze)Singleplayer: Complete Friends From Afar
Cliffhanger... (Bronze)Singleplayer: Complete Compromised
S.E.R.E. (Bronze)Singleplayer: Complete Neptune's Net
Eight Heroes Aboard (Bronze)Singleplayer: Complete Rescue the Rescuers
The Sledgehammer (Bronze)Singleplayer: in Breaking Bagram, destroy 2 vehicles with Single 2000 lb Laser Guided Bomb
Dropping Deuce (Bronze)Singlelpayer Jump 7.5 meters on the ATV
Feeding the Pig (Bronze)Singleplayer: In Compromised, get 15 kills with M60
The Battle is Won... (Bronze)Singlepalyer: Finish the game on Easy, Normal or Hard
The Scalpel (Bronze)Singleplayer: Achieve 20 total knife kills
Pistol Pete Showdown (Bronze)Singleplayer: Get a total of 30 pistol kills
Right in the Grape... (Bronze)Singleplayer: Get 7 headshots in a row with any weapon except the long range sniper rifle
Crowd Control (Bronze)Singleplayer: Kill 5 enemies at once with a single hand grenade
Rangers Lead the way (Bronze)Singleplayer: Finish all of Dante's missions
Never Quit (Bronze)Singleplayer: Finish all of Rabbit's missions
Have a Good One (Bronze)Singleplayer: Finish all of Deuce's missions
Multiplayer: Fire Controller (Silver)Use each offensive support action once (awarded at end of round)
Multiplayer: Quartermaster (Silver)Get 1000 support points
Multiplayer: Tier 1 (Silver)Reach top level in one class
Smooth Operator (Silver)Singleplayer: In First In, Kill the Hostage Taker With a Head Shot
Fear the Reaper (Silver)Singleplayer: In Dorothy's a Bitch, destroy the entire AQ Camp with AC-130
Manic Suppression (Silver)Singleplayer: In Belly of the Beast, defeat DShK in under two minutes
It Takes A Village...Out (Silver)Singleplayer: Destroy 30 buildings in Gunfighters Village
Like a Surgeon (Silver)Singleplayer: While long range sniping, hit one of every body part
The Quiet Professional (Silver)Singleplayer: In Neptune's Net, eliminate 13 enemies without alerting anyone
Timber! (Silver)Singleplayer: In Rescue the Rescuers, eliminate 13 enemies without alerting anyone
...But the War Rages On (Silver)Singleplayer: Finish the game on Hard
Multiplayer: High Achiever (Gold)Be top 3 on the scoreboard ten times
Conspicuous Gallantry (Gold)Singleplayer: Finish every level in the game on Tier 1 mode under par time
Medal Of Honor Tier 1 (Platinum]Obtain all campaign and online trophies

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Game supports USB keyboard + Mouse
Though it isn't written anywhere on the box or in the game manual, MoH supports the use of a USB keyboard and mouse. You'll have to figure out the control bindings for yourself, but they are by default WASD friendly.