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Madagascar 3: The Video Game (PS3) Cheats

Madagascar 3: The Video Game cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
3 Rings of Fun! (Bronze)Get 5 Stars in any Flaming Rings Act
A Proper Send-Off! (Bronze)Get 5 Stars in any Trapeze Act
A Sure Hit! (Bronze)Get 5 Stars in any Cannonball Act
Arrivederci, Rome! (Bronze)Finish Rome Circus
Au Revoir, Dubois! (Bronze)Defeat Chantal Dubois
Au Revoir, Paris! (Bronze)Finish Paris Circus
Aye Aye, Skipper! (Bronze)Finish A Mission for Skipper
Back to the Big Apple (Bronze)Get the Gang to New York
Belisima! (Bronze)Complete the Leaning Tower Publicity Stunt
Boss of the Toss! (Bronze)Get 5 Stars in any Snack Toss
Ciao, Pisa! (Bronze)Finish Pisa Circus
Colossal! (Bronze)Complete the Colosseum Publicity Stunt
Farewell, London! (Bronze)Finish London Circus
High Wire Highness! (Bronze)Get 5 Stars in any High Wire Act
King of the Circus (Bronze)Finish New York Circus
Lemur Located: London (Bronze)Find Mort in London
Lemur Located: Paris (Bronze)Find Mort in Paris
Lemur Located: Pisa (Bronze)Find Mort in Pisa
Lemur Located: Rome (Bronze)Find Mort in Rome
Lon-Done! (Bronze)Finish London City Events
Mort is Everywhere! (Bronze)Find Mort in all Cities
Pisa Cake! (Bronze)Finish Pisa City Events
Roman Circus Superstar (Bronze)Get 5 Stars in all Rome Circus Acts
Roman City Superstar (Bronze)Complete all Rome City events with 5 Stars
Running Things in Rome! (Bronze)Finish Rome City Events
Scrapwood Surplus! (Bronze)Find All the Scrap Wood Skipper Needs
The Circus is Coming to Town (Bronze)Complete All Poster Races
The Whole Frenchilada! (Bronze)Finish Paris City Events
Ticket to Adventure! (Bronze)Get 5 Stars in any Ticket Sales
Towering Bridge Star! (Bronze)Complete the Tower Bridge Publicity Stunt
What an Eye Full! (Bronze)Complete the Eiffel Tower Publicity Stunt
Wild About the Circus! (Bronze)Free All Captured Compadres
Yes, Your Highness! (Bronze)Finish A Mission for King Julien
You Went Bananas! (Bronze)Get 5 Stars in any Banana Race
A Rare Sight! (Silver)Find all 195 Thermometers For Melman
A Real Blast! (Silver)Find all 195 Cannonball Balloons for Marty
All Aboard for Adventure! (Silver)Finish Italian Countryside Tutorials
Biggest Star Under the Big Top! (Silver)Get 5 Stars in each Circus Act
Circus Beauty! (Silver)Find all 195 Flowers for Gloria
For King Julien (Silver)Complete All King Julien's Tasks
London Circus Superstar (Silver)Get 5 Stars in all London Circus Acts
London City Superstar (Silver)Complete all London City events with 5 Stars
New York Circus Superstar! (Silver)Get 5 Stars in all New York Circus Acts
Paris Circus Superstar (Silver)Get 5 Stars in all Paris Circus Acts
Paris City Superstar (Silver)Complete all Paris City events with 5 Stars
Penguin Problem Solved! (Silver)Get all the Items Skipper Needs
Pisa Circus Superstar (Silver)Get 5 Stars in all Pisa Circus Acts
Pisa City Superstar (Silver)Complete all Pisa City events with 5 Stars
The Ultimate Showman! (Silver)Find all 195 Stars for Alex
International Superstar (Gold)Get 5 Stars on All City Events
Everything! (Platinum)Earn every Trophy in the game