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Lost Planet 3 Cheats

Lost Planet 3 cheats, Trophys, Tips, and Codes for PS3.

Lost Planet 3 Trophies

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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
A Winner Is You! (Bronze)Won a Multiplayer Match.
Armed and Dangerous (Bronze)First Weapon Upgrade Purchased.
Big Bang (Bronze)Unlocked Sphere Cell.
Deadly Catch (Bronze)Delivered The T-Eng Canister 2 times during a multiplayer Outpost Scenario match.
Feels Like The First Time (Bronze)Perform your first Stealth Kill in a Multiplayer Game.
First Tag (Bronze)Tagged an Albino Tarkaa.
Heavy Reader (Bronze)Found 50% of Logs.
History Lesson (Bronze)Found a Memento.
Home Improvement (Bronze)Purchase First Rig Upgrade.
Lost Log (Bronze)Found a Log.
Riding Shotgun (Bronze)Get a kill while on the Battlecat.
Scorched Earth Policy (Bronze)Destroyed Satellite Array.
Stop Stalking Me (Bronze)Killed 20 Wardeyes during a multiplayer Research Lab Akrid Survival match.
Top Dog (Bronze)Delivered the T-Eng Canister 3 times during a multiplayer Alpha Lair Scenario match.
Touchdown (Bronze)Delivered the T-Eng Canister to win a multiplayer Quarantine Scenario match.
You're the best...AROUND! (Bronze)Won every Scenario.
Big Spender (Silver)Bought every Weapon and Rig Upgrade.
Campaign Complete (Silver)Finished the Game on Any Difficulty.
Geneticist (Silver)Fully Unlocked Bestiary.
Gone, But Not Forgotten (Silver)Found all Mementos.
Killer Instinct (Silver)Finished Kovac's Quests.
Master Cataloger (Silver)Found all Logs.
Master Huntsman (Silver)Purchased all Ethologist Upgrades.
Master Planter (Silver)Planted every Post.
Sphere We Go (Silver)Unlocked 30 Sphere Cells.
Winning Habit (Silver)Won 25 Multiplayer Matches.
Extreme Conditions (Gold)Finished the Game on Hard Difficulty.
Sphere Complete (Gold)Unlocked all Sphere Cells.
E.D.N. III Unveiled (Platinum)Unlock all Trophies.
Secret Trophies-
Submitted by: Intoxication on August 26, 2013

Lost Planet 3 Tips

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Farming T-Energy in Marshall's Gorge
One way to amass T-Energy is keep fighting the giant crab enemy in Marshall's Gorge after you receive the Acetylene Torch upgrade for your rig. Defeat the crab, fast travel to any location, then return to the Gorge again to respawn the crab and kill it again for T-Energy.

However, it's important to note that you will no longer be able to make the crab respawn once you complete Marshall's Gorge, so be sure to take advantage of this trick while it lasts.
Submitted by: anonymous on September 03, 2013