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Kung Fu Panda Cheats

Kung Fu Panda cheats, Codes, Passwords, and Codes for PS3.

Kung Fu Panda Command codes

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Enter the following codes at the in-game cheat menu.

Down, Up, Left, Right, Right :Big Head Mode
Left, Down, Right, Left, Up :Unlock Dragon Warrior Outfit (Multiplayer)
Down, Right, Left, Up, Down :Infinite Chi
Down, Down, Right, Up, Left :Invulnerability
Left, Down, Left, Right, Down :Unlock All Multiplayer Characters
Submitted by: BluePhoenix on August 15, 2008

Kung Fu Panda Passwords

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In-Game Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
Down, Down, Left, Right, LeftAll Moves
Right, Left, Down, Up, RightAll outfits
Left, Right, Down, Left, UpFull upgrades
Submitted by: WEROBIN on December 29, 2008