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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Cheats

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX cheats, Trophys, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD Trophies-
Ace Pilot (Bronze)Clear Gummi Ship mission 3.
Alice in Wonderland (Bronze)Seal the Keyhole of Wonderland.
Blade Master (Bronze)Obtain all Keychains.
Complete Record (Bronze)Complete all entries on Jiminy's Memo.
Customizer (Bronze)Create your own Gummi Ship.
Friendship (Bronze)Find all trinities.
Game Clear - Beginner (Bronze)Clear the game on Final Mix: Beginner mode.
Go the Distance (Bronze)Seal the Keyhole in Olympus Coliseum.
Guard Master (Bronze)Obtain all shields.
Gummi Ship Collector (Bronze)Obtain all Gummi Ship blueprints.
King of Synthesis (Bronze)Create all items in the Synthesis Shop.
Magic Master (Bronze)Obtain all staffs.
Mini-game Maniac (Bronze)Complete the "Mini-games" section of Jiminy's Memo.
Part of Your World (Bronze)Seal the Keyhole in Atlantica.
Professor (Bronze)Complete the "Character Encyclopedia" section of Jiminy's Memo.
Searcher (Bronze)Find all of Ansem's Reports.
Storyteller (Bronze)Complete the "Story so far" section of Jiminy's Memo.
Synthesis Beginner (Bronze)Create 3 item in the Synthesis Shop.
Synthesis Expert (Bronze)Create 30 item in the Synthesis Shop.
Synthesis Newcomer (Bronze)Create 1 item in the Synthesis Shop.
Synthesis Senior (Bronze)Create 15 item in the Synthesis Shop.
Test Pilot (Bronze)Clear Gummi Ship mission 1.
The Adventure Begins (Bronze)Seal the Keyhole of Traverse Town.
This is Halloween (Bronze)Seal the Keyhole in Halloween Town.
Top Ace (Bronze)Clear all Gummi Ship courses.
Top Breeder (Bronze)Find all puppies.
Top Pilot (Bronze)Clear Gummi Ship mission 2.
Whole New World (Bronze)Seal the Keyhole in Agrabah.
Will Be in My Heart (Bronze)Seal the Keyhole in Deep Jungle.
Winnie the Pooh (Bronze)Seal the Keyhole in 100 Acre Wood.
Wish Upon a Star (Bronze)Escape from Monstro.
You Can Fly (Bronze)Seal the Keyhole in Neverland.
Unchanging Armor (Silver)Clear the game without changing your equipment.
Undefeated (Silver)Clear the game without using the "Continue" option.
Secret Trophie-
Cold Giant (Bronze)Defeat Ice Titan in the Gold Match.
Coliseum Hero (Bronze)Clear the Hercules Cup.
Coliseum Master (Bronze)Clear the Hades Cup.
End of the World (Bronze)Seal the Keyhole in Hollow Bastion.
Flying Ace (Bronze)Defeat 2500 enemy ships.
Heartless Hunter (Bronze)Defeat 2000 heartless.
Junior Heroes (Bronze)Clear the Phil Cup.
Millionaire (Bronze)Hold over 10 thousand munnies.
Newbie Heroes (Bronze)Clear the Pegasus Cup.
Oathkeeper (Bronze)Receive the Oathkeeper Keychain.
One-Winged Angel (Bronze)Defeat Sephiroth in the Platinum Match.
Single Attack Champion (Bronze)Clear a cup in the coliseum with Sora alone.
The Dancing Sword in the Sand (Bronze)Defeat Kurt Zisa in Agrabah.
The Non-Existant One (Bronze)Defeat the Mysterious Man in Hollow Bastion.
The Shadow That Lurks in the Clock Tower (Bronze)Defeat Phantom in the Clock Tower.
Time Attack Champion (Bronze)Clear the time attack of a cup in the coliseum.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze)Open 100 treasure boxes.
Game Clear - Final Mix (Silver)Clear the game on Final Mix mode.
Stopped the level counter (Silver)Reach level 100.
Game Clear - Proud (Gold)Clear the game on Final Mix: Proud mode.
Speedster (Gold)Reach The End of the World in less than 15 hours.
KINGDOM HEARTS Complete Master (Gold)Obtain all trophies.
Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories HD Trophies-
A Card Crafted From Your Memory (Bronze)Cleared Floor 1 of Castle Oblivion
Ace Pilot (Bronze)Cleared Balloon Glider minigame with a score of over 500 points
Bee Buster (Bronze)Busted 70 bees in under 1min 40sec in the Bumble-Rumble minigame
Card Breaker (Bronze)Broken 1,500 enemy cards
Character Professor: Riku (Bronze)Completed the Character section of D Report
Character Professor: Sora (Bronze)Completed the Character section of Jiminy's Journal
Duel Master (Bronze)Won 100 duels
Game Clear: Beginner with Riku (Bronze)Cleared Beginner Mode with Riku and watched the ending
Game Clear: Beginner with Sora (Bronze)Cleared Beginner Mode with Sora and watched the ending
Game Clear: Standard with Riku (Bronze)Cleared Standard Mode with Riku and watched the ending
Game Clear: Standard with Sora (Bronze)Cleared Standard Mode with Sora and watched the ending
Grappling with Darkness (Bronze)Cleared Basement 12 of Castle Oblivion
High Jumper (Bronze)Cleared Tigger's Jump-a-Thon minigame with a score of over 120 points
Interceptor (Bronze)Encountered enemies 150 times
Maximum Attacker (Bronze)Riku reached maximum Attack Points
Minigame Maniac: Sora (Bronze)Completed the Minigame section of Jiminy's Journal
New Card Deck Creator (Bronze)Assembled first Card Deck
Point Millionare (Bronze)Currently have over 10,000 Moogle Points
Premium Card Maker (Bronze)Turned 20 cards into Premium Cards
Regular Customer (Bronze)Used 20,000 Moogle Points at the Moogle Shop
Room Creator (Bronze)Created rooms 300 times
Skydiver (Bronze)Cleared Whirlwind Plunge minigame with a score of over 2,000 points
Spun Memories (Bronze)Cleared Floor 5 of Castle Oblivion
Storyteller: Riku (Bronze)Completed the Story section of D Report
Storyteller: Sora (Bronze)Completed the Story section of Jiminy's Journal
The Darkness Within Blocking the Way (Bronze)Cleared Basement 8 of Castle Oblivion
The Heart Overcoming the Darkness (Bronze)Cleared Basement 1 of Castle Oblivion
True Memories (Bronze)Cleared Floor 13 of Castle Oblivion
Veggie Master (Bronze)Cleared Veggie Panic minigame with a score of over 150 points
Card Master: Riku (silver)Completed the Card Index section of D Report
Card Master: Sora (silver)Completed the Card Index section of Jiminy's Journal
No Escape (silver)Cleared the game without escaping from a single battle
Sleight Master (silver)Sora learned all sleights
Undefeated (silver)Cleared game without using continue
Secret Trophies-
Ace Striker (Bronze)Hit an enemy with a lifted object
Advanced Card Deck Creator (Bronze)Assembled 500 Card Decks
Battle Card Collector (Bronze)Owns over 300 different kinds of Battle Card
Memories Linking in Slumber (Bronze)Cleared Sora's Story
Road to Dawn (Bronze)Cleared Riku's Story
Tightrope (Bronze)Healed with less than 5% HP
Treasure Hunter (Bronze)Opened secret room treasure chests 10 times
Game Clear: Proud with Riku (silver)Cleared Proud Mode with Riku and watched the ending
Game Clear: Proud with Sora (silver)Cleared Proud Mode with Sora and watched the ending
Level Count Limit: Riku (silver)Riku has reached the highest level
Level Count Limit: Sora (silver)Sora has reached the highest level
Complete Record (Gold)Completed all of Jiminy's Journal!
Complete Report (Gold)Completed all of D Report!
CHAIN OF MEMORIES Complete Master (Platinum)Obtained all trophies.
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days HD Trophies-
Days of Connection (Bronze)View Chapters 1 through 37.
Days of Reflection (Bronze)View Chapters 38 through 74.
Where the Heart Lies (Bronze)View Chapters 75 through 109.
Secret Trophies-
358/2 Days Complete (Gold)Obtain all trophies.
All Diaries Read (Gold)Read all of Roxas' diaries.
All Reports Read (Gold)Read all of the Secret Reports.


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Kingdom Hearts - Colliseum Tournaments
UnlockableHow to unlock
Hercules CupSeal Halloween Town and Neverland keyholes
Pegasus CupComplete Monstro
Phil CupSeal Traverse Town keyhole
Platinum MatchSeal Hollow Bastion keyhole
Hades CupSeal Hollow Bastion keyhole and unlock all other tournaments
Gold MatchComplete Hades Cup
Kingdom Hearts - Donald's Rods
UnlockableHow to unlock
Dream RodAcquire every spell, then visit Merlin
Grand MalletAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Lord FortuneAcquire every summon, then visit Fairy Godmother
Magus StaffAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Morning StarAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Save the QueenComplete Hades Cup solo
Shooting StarAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Silver MalletAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
ViolettaWhite Trinity in Olympus Coliseum
WarhammerAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Wisdom StaffAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Wizard's RelicRare drop from Wizards in Hollow Bastion
Meteor strikeFound in world terminus in a chest after you cross the blank field
Kingdom Hearts - Goofy's Shields
UnlockableHow to unlock
Adamant ShieldAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
DefenderRare drop from Defenders in Hollow Bastion
Dream ShieldAcquire all seven spell arts items from white mushrooms, then talk to Merlin
Genji ShieldBeat Yuffie in Hades Cup
Gigas FistAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Golem ShieldAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Herc's ShieldComplete Hercules Cup
Mythril ShieldAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Onyx ShieldAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Save the KingComplete Time Attack for Hades Cup
SmasherAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Stout ShieldAvailable at Traverse Town's Item Shop
Mighty shieldWorld terminus peterman
Kingdom Hearts - Missing Winnie the Pooh pages
Find all five torn pages from the Winnie the Pooh book (available in Merlin's house after completing the second quest in Traverse Town) to unlock new areas and minigames for 100 Acre Wood
UnlockableHow to unlock
Torn Page 1Rescue 51 Dalmatians in Traverse Town
Torn Page 2Dark Chamber in Cave of Wonders
Torn Page 3Chamber 6 in Monstro's Mouth
Torn Page 4Bookcase in the Doctor's Lab in Halloweentown
Torn Page 5Ariel's Grotto in Atlantica
Kingdom Hearts - Sora's Keyblades
UnlockableHow to unlock
CrabclawSeal Atlantica keyhole
Diamond DustDefeat Ice Titan in Gold Cup
Divine RoseTalk to Belle in Hollow Bastion Library
Fairy HarpSeal Neverland keyhole
Jungle KingSeal Deep Jungle keyhole
Lady LuckFound in a White trinity mark in Wonderland
LionheartDefeat Leon and Cloud in Hades Cup
Metal ChocoboDefeat Cloud in Hercules Cup
OathkeeperTalk to Kairi in the Traverse Town's Secret Waterway
OblivionFound in a chest in Hollow Bastion's Grand Hall
OlympiaComplete Hercules cup
One Winged AngelDefeat Sephiroth in Platinum Match
PumpkinheadSeal Halloween Town keyhole
SpellbinderSpeak to Merlin after getting all first level magic
Three WishesSeal Agrabah keyhole
Ultima WeaponSynthesize all the items at Moogles Workshop to earn its synthesis recipe
Wishing StarTalk to Geppetto in his house in Traverse Town after saving Pinnochio from Monstro
Kingdom Hearts - Unlockable Abilities
UnlockableHow to unlock
Ars ArcanumDefeat Captain Hook
CheerCollecting certain items in Hundred Acre Wood
Dodge RollLearned from Goofy after defeating Guard Armor
RagnarokDefeat Riku the second time in Hollow Bastion
Sonic BladeLearned from Cloud after beating Cerberus
Strike RaidComplete Pegasus Cup
Trinity LimitComplete Hades Cup
ZantetsukenDefeat Kurt Zisa in Agrabah.
Kingdom Hearts - Unlockable Gummi Ships
Gummi-ship blueprints can be acquired from Geppetto and Pinocchio in their house at Traverse Town's 1st District after sealing Monstro.
UnlockableHow to unlock
GeppetoSpeak with to Geppetto in his house
ChocoboEnter Geppetto's house at least thirty times, then speak to Pinocchio
CidDefeat 500+ Heartless
CactuarDefeat 1000+ Heartless
YuffieDefeat 1500+ Heartless
AerithDefeat 3000+ Heartless
LeonDefeat Defeat 4000+ Heartless
HyperionDefeat 5000+ Heartless, acquired all six Summons
Kingdom Hearts - Unlockable Magic
UnlockableHow to unlock
AeroDefeat Opposite Armor in Traverse Town
AeroraIn room behind a Yellow Trinity in Neverland
AerogaFind all 99 Dalmations
BlizzardFind all 4 pieces of evidence in Wonderland
BlizzaraDefeat Jafar (normal form) in Agrabah
BlizzagaDefeat Behemoth in Hades Cup
CureDefeat Clayton in Deep Jungle
CuraDefeat Shadow Sora in Neverland
CuragaTalk to Aerith in Hollow Bastion's library
FireDefeat Guard Armor in Traverse Town
FiraDefeat Jafar (genie form) in Agrabah
FiragaTalk to the princesses in Hollow Bastion
GravityFinish Phil Cup
GraviraDefeat Oogie Boogie (second form)
GravigaDefeat Hades in Hades Cup
StopDefeat Parasite Cage in Monstro
StopraComplete Pooh's Swing mini game in 100 Acre Woods
StopgaDefeat Phantom (optional boss) in Neverland
ThunderComplete barrel smashing training in colliseum
ThundaraDefeat Ursula (large form)
ThundagaDefeat Cerberus in Hades cup
Kingdom Hearts - Unlockable Summons
UnlockableHow to unlock
BambiEarn the Naturespark Gem from completing Pooh's Hunny Hunt, then give it to Fairy Godmother
DumboFind the Watergleam Gem from a chest in Monstro's Mouth, then give it to Fairy Godmother
GenieSeal Agrabah keyhole
MushuAcquire the Fireglow Gem from defeating Dragon-Maleficient, then give it to Fairy Godmother
SimbaSpeak to Leon early on at the Secret Waterway, then go to Merlin's house and talk to Fairy Godmother.
Tinker BellSeal Neverland Keyhole


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Kingdom Hearts - Optional Boss: Kurt Zisa
First complete the Hollow Bastion and seal the keyhole there. Return to Agrabah and enter Aladdin's house where you'll find a magic carpet. Interact with it and you will now have the option to ride into the desert where you will meet and battle the optional and powerful boss Kurt Zisa.
Kingdom Hearts - Optional Boss: Phantom
First complete Hollow Bastion and seal the keyhole. Return to Neverland and go into the ship cabin to recruit Peter Pan, then speak with Tinkerbell. She will direct you to the clock tower where you'll find and battle the optional boss Phantom.
Kingdom Hearts - Rate at which you gain EXP to level up
The rate at which you gain experience throughout the game is determined by the answer you give Wakka, Tidus and Selphie near the beginning of the game regarding when you start your day. You will only be able to choose one of the three:

  • Choose "start at dawn": You require less EXP than normal to gain levels until you reach Level 40. Then you will require MORE EXP than normal to gain levels past 40.

  • Choose "start at midday": No modifiers to how much EXP is required to gain levels all the way to the maximum Level 100. This is considered the most balanced option.

  • Choose "start at dusk": You require MORE EXP than normal to gain levels until Level 40. Then you will require LESS EXP than normal to gain levels past 40.
  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - Reverse/Rebirth Mode
    Complete the game once to unlock the ability to play as Riku.


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    Deep Jungle glitch **Requires dodge roll**
    Okay, so this glitch can only be done at a certain point in the game, I believe. Go to the tree tops where you swing on the vines, and on one of the platforms is a little flower bud. It will ask you to start a time trial. DO NOT START IT!

    What you need to do is keep both fingers on the square and "x" buttons. Hit both x and square while near the edge, and you'll both click the bud and dodge roll off the tree top. Once you land, then you can hit "no" on the time trial.

    Now you're free to run around below the map. There's nothing there, but it's fun to do if you're bored. You can also go above the map be repeatedly hitting the jump button at the edge of the map.

    Be warned, I don't know how you can return to the original map.
    Infinite Money
    In Destiny Island you can race riku the first race is tp name the raft but if you race him again you will get a pretty stone in traverse town you can sell them for 100 munny you can race riku as many times as you want for more pretty stones