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Different superstyle moves

To do a different superstyle move simple hold either L1 or R1 and press O. This will change what moves you do.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Sayyed on September 15, 2007

God Of War reference

In the part where you go to the armory, look around at the different trophy cases. One of them is Kratos' armor and swords from the God Of War series.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Synthesis on September 28, 2007

How to perform aerial attacks

What to know how to perform aerial attacks? Simple, find a enemy without a shield and put on your distance stance (hold L1) Then press triangle and when you see the enemy fly in the air, quickly pull the sixaxis up and nariko will jump and follow him. Once in the air, you can perform a 3 hit combo using all three stances.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Sayyed on September 15, 2007


To unlock the "making of" videos, you need to get the required amount of glyphs.

Bringing design to life-Obtain 37 glyphs
Capturing performance-Obtain 42 glyphs
Creating the music-Obtain 86 glyphs
Introduction-Obtain 03 glyphs
The sound of combat-Obtain 77 glyphs
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Sayyed on September 17, 2007

Unlock art gallery

There are 107 pieces of concept and pre-production art to be unlocked in Heavenly Sword. All of the art can be unlocked by collecting the required amount of glyphs

Andy Serkis as Bohan-Obtain 26 glyphs
Andy Serkis as Bohan (2nd)-Obtain 40 glyphs
Andy Serkis as Bohan (3rd)-Obtain 96 glyphs
Andy Serkis facial sketch-Obtain 119 glyphs
Anime character concept art-Obtain 88 glyphs
Arena balcony concept art-Obtain 69 glyphs
Arena concept art-Obtain 67 glyphs
Assasin concept art-Obtain 85 glyphs
Assassin weapon concept art-Obtain 84 glyphs
Axeman concept art-Obtain 35 glyphs
Back of Snowy Fort-Obtain 02 glyphs
Back of Snowy Fort (2nd)-Obtain 102 glyphs
Bazooka concept art-Obtain 52 glyphs
Bohan and Raven concept art-Obtain 90 glyphs
Bohan armor concept art-Obtain 17 glyphs
Bohan Armor concept art (2nd)-Obtain 105 glyphs
Bohan early concept art-Obtain 33 glyphs
Bohan early concept art (2nd)-Obtain 44 glyphs
Bohan early concept art (3rd)-Obtain 123 glyphs
Bohan promo screenshot-Obtain 39 glyphs
Bohan promo screenshot (2nd)-Obtain 49 glyphs
Bohan weapon concept art-Obtain 21 glyphs
Central Hall early concept art-Obtain 53 glyphs
Ch. 5 Port concept art-Obtain 19 glyphs
Chainman concept art-Obtain 66 glyphs
Clansmen concept art-Obtain 63 glyphs
Commander concept art-Obtain 94 glyphs
Cover art - Bazooka-Obtain 71 glyphs
Cover Art - Bohan-Obtain 97 glyphs
Cover art - Nariko-Obtain 73 glyphs
Cover Art - Power Stance-Obtain 110 glyphs
Cover art - Ranged Attack-Obtain 70 glyphs
Crossbowman concept art-Obtain 104 glyphs
Decrepit temple concept art-Obtain 89 glyphs
Desert Battleground concept art-Obtain 81 glyphs
Desert Buildings concept art-Obtain 99 glyphs
Desert Fort concept art-Obtain 93 glyphs
Desert Level concept art-Obtain 116 glyphs
Early Bohan weapon concept art-Obtain 106 glyphs
Early packaging concept art-Obtain 72 glyphs
Early Pond concept art-Obtain 111 glyphs
Encampment concept art-Obtain 103 glyphs
Encampment concept art (2nd)-Obtain 114 glyphs
Enviornment early concept art-Obtain 55 glyphs
Enviornment early concept art (2nd)-Obtain 59 glyphs
Enviornment early concept art (3rd)-Obtain 115 glyphs
Flying Fox costume concept art-Obtain 25 glyphs
Flying Fox facial concept art-Obtain 30 glyphs
Forest Patch concept art-Obtain 57 glyphs
Funeral Boat concept art-Obtain 124 glyphs
Funeral Landscape concept art-Obtain 125 glyphs
Funeral Landscape Painting-Obtain 126 glyphs
Heaven and Hell concept art-Obtain 118 glyphs
Heavenly Sword concept art-Obtain 60 glyphs
Kai concept-Obtain 06 glyphs
Kai early concept art-Obtain 08 glyphs
Kai early concept art (2nd)-Obtain 34 glyphs
Kai promo screenshot-Obtain 46 glyphs
Kai promo screenshot (2nd)-Obtain 127 glyphs
Kai with bow concept art-Obtain 29 glyphs
Nariko approaching cage-Obtain 101 glyphs
Nariko color sketch-Obtain 09 glyphs
Nariko costume concept art-Obtain 23 glyphs
Nariko early concept art-Obtain 80 glyphs
Nariko early concept art (2nd)-Obtain 87 glyphs
Nariko early concept art (3rd)-Obtain 109 glyphs
Nariko early cover-Obtain 13 glyphs
Nariko imprisoned concept art-Obtain 64 glyphs
Nariko pencil sketch-Obtain 12 glyphs
Nariko promo screenshot-Obtain 20 glyphs
Nariko promo screenshot (2nd)-Obtain 31 glyphs
Nariko promo screenshot (2nd)-Obtain 129 glyphs
Nariko with Heavenly Sword-Obtain 27 glyphs
Natural Bridge concept art-Obtain 62 glyphs
Oraguman concept art-Obtain 78 glyphs
Oraguman sketch-Obtain 79 glyphs
Packaging artwork-Obtain 98 glyphs
Prison Approach concept art-Obtain 56 glyphs
Prison Exterior concept art-Obtain 112 glyphs
Prison Interior concept art-Obtain 113 glyphs
Rain Battle concept art-Obtain 100 glyphs
Raven concept art-Obtain 117 glyphs
Raven God concept art-Obtain 121 glyphs
Raven God early concept art-Obtain 122 glyphs
Raven God facial sketch-Obtain 120 glyphs
Roach concept art-Obtain 41 glyphs
Roach weapon concept art-Obtain 83 glyphs
Shen concept art-Obtain 04 glyphs
Shen promo screenshot-Obtain 128 glyphs
Shen with staff-Obtain 05 glyphs
Snowy Fort concept art-Obtain 01 glyph
Swordsman concept-Obtain 11 glyphs
Swordsman concept art (2nd)-Obtain 51 glyphs
The Sword early concept art-Obtain 50 glyphs
The Sword Landscape concept art-Obtain 107 glyphs
The Sword Landscape painting-Obtain 108 glyphs
Throne Room concept art-Obtain 43 glyphs
Tower Interior concept art-Obtain 92 glyphs
Water Lift concept art-Obtain 91 glyphs
Water Temple Interior-Obtain 95 glyphs
Whiptail costume art-Obtain 75 glyphs
Whiptail early concept art-Obtain 38 glyphs
Whiptail early concept art (2nd)-Obtain 45 glyphs
Whiptail Eel concept art-Obtain 36 glyphs
Whiptail promo screenshot-Obtain 76 glyphs
Young Kai concept art-Obtain 15 glyphs
Young Nariko sketch-Obtain 82 glyphs
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Sayyed on September 17, 2007

Unlock hell mode

To unlock hell mode (hard mode) simply beat the game on normal.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Sayyed on September 17, 2007