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Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony (PS3) Cheats

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony cheats, Passwords, Trophys, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Cell phone Codes
There's plenty of codes to enter through your cell phone. The codes are listed below.
PasswordWhat it does
359-555-0100Spawns an Annihilator
227-555-9666Spawns a Bullet GT
227-555-0142Spawns a Cognoscenti
227-555-0175Spawns a Comet
938-555-0100Spawns a Jetmax
625-555-0100Spawns an NRG-900
625-555-0150Spawns a Sanchez
227-555-0168Spawns a Super GT
227-555-0147Spawns a Turismo
227-555-0100Spawns an FIB Buffalo
625-555-0200Spawns an Akuma (Bike)
272-555-8265Spawns an APC (Tank)
359-555-2899Spawns a Buzzard (Helicopter)
938-555-0150Spawns a Floater (Boat)
625-555-3273Spawns a Vader (Bike)
468-555-0100Change Weather
362-555-0100Health and Armor
482-555-0100Heatlh, Armor and Weapons
267-555-0150Raise Wanted Level
267-555-0100Remove Wanted Level
486-555-2526Sniper Rifle Bullets Explode
276-555-2666Super Punch
486-555-0100Weapons (Advanced)
486-555-0150Weapons (Poor)


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Gone Down (Bronze)Complete all base jumps.
Diamonds Forever (Bronze)Complete the Trinity.
Four Play (Bronze)Hit a flag with a golf ball four times.
Bear Fight (Bronze)Win the L.C. Cage Fighters championship.
Catch the Bus (Bronze)Dance perfectly in both Tony's nightclubs.
Snow Queen (Bronze)Complete 25 drug wars.
Adrenaline-Junkie (Bronze)Freefall for the longest possible time.
Maestro (Bronze)Finish the Ballad.
Past the Velvet Rope (Bronze)Score 80% or above in all missions.
Gold Star (Bronze)Score 100% in all missions.


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Meet the following requirements to unlock rewards which can be found in the safehouse unless otherwise noted.
UnlockableHow to unlock
.44Win 10 gang wars
Advanced MGWin 20 gang wars
Explosive ShotgunWin 30 gang wars
Sticky Bombs Win 40 gang wars
Gold SMGWin 50 gang wars
NOOSE APC at construction siteKill all 50 seagulls
ParachuteComplete 15 base jumps
Golden Buzzard in heliport over Booth TunnelComplete the game
Yellow Super Drop Diamond outside Yusef's ApartmentComplete the game
Remove ammo limitAchieve 100% completion


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Every Secret Location In Liberty City
Head to the internet café (or wherever you can access the internet) and insert the URL www.whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com. If inserted properly, you'll be brought to an in-game message board containing maps of secret locations in the game.