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Free Realms Trophies

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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Tower Defender (Bronze)Win a Tower Defense game
Tactician (Bronze)Win a Checkers game
Strategist (Bronze)Win a Chess game
Captain (Bronze)Win a Pirate's Plunder match
Relic Hunter (Bronze)Win an Artifact Hunt game
Window Shopper (Bronze)Visit the Marketplace
Mechanic (Bronze)Visit the Kart & Demo Derby Garage
Housecaller (Bronze)Visit another player's house
Barterer (Bronze)Complete 5 player to player trades
Icebreaker (Bronze)Add a player to your friends list
Groupie (Bronze)Successfully invite 5 players to a group
Guildmaster (Bronze)Create a guild
Stylist (Bronze)Equip a style card
Consumer (Bronze)Use a consumable item
Pet Whisperer (Bronze)Perform a pet trick
Mime (Bronze)Perform 10 emotes
Collector (Bronze)Complete a collection
Home Improver (Bronze)Place 100 items in a house
Socialite (Silver)Add 50 players to your friends list
Team Player (Silver)Successfully invite 25 players to a group
Elite Collector (Silver)Complete an elite collection
Master Decorator (Silver)Place 1000 items in a house
Big Spender (Silver)Spend 50,000 coins
Grand Explorer (Silver)Reach Level 20 as an Adventurer
Marksman (Silver)Reach Level 20 as an Archer
Master Blacksmith (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Blacksmith
Street Fighter (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Brawler
Iron Chef (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Chef
Demolisher (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Demo Derby Driver
Angler (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Fisherman
Speed Demon (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Kart Driver
Doctor (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Medic
Ore Master (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Miner
Flying Dragon (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Ninja
Postmaster (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Postman
Striker (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Soccer Star
Warlord (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Warrior
Arcane Master (Silver)Reach Level 20 as a Wizard
Celebrity (Gold)Add 100 players to your friends list
Free Realms Champion (Platinum)Earn all trophies
Secret Trophies-
Loser (Bronze)Lose 10 minigames
Cow Tipper (Bronze)Tip 10 cows
Pwner (Bronze)Win a tier 5 combat encounter without getting knocked out
Quitter (Bronze)Abandon 10 quests
Duelist (Bronze)Win 10 duels
N00b (Bronze)Ask for help from Free Realms Support
Submitted by: Intoxication on April 18, 2011