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Dynasty Warriors 6 (PS3) Cheats

Dynasty Warriors 6 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Character Unlockables
You can unlock each of the below for the characters simply by doing the following.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Alternate AttiresReach level 25 with a character in any mode, and on any setting to gain his/her second attire. The alternate attires are basically the same as the first, just different colours.
Movie PlayerTo unlock a characters movie player, simply beat their musou mode on any setting.
Voice GalleryOnce you reach level 50 with any character, you unlock their voice gallery.
Unlockable Characters
You will need to complete various targets to unlock Characters. Below is a list of each of these targets:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Cao CaoClear Musou Mode with 3 Wei officers.
Cao PiDefeat him on Wu side at He Fei in 5 minutes.
Cao RenComplete battle target 2 on Lu Bu side at Fan Castle.
Diao ChanComplete Musou mode with one officer from each kingdom.
Dong ZhuoComplete battle target 1 on Lu Bu side at Hu Lao Gate.
Gan NingComplete Musou Mode with 1 Wu officer.
Guan PingComplete 2 battle targets on Shu side at Fan castle.
Huang GaiComplete battle target 3 on Wu side at Chi Bi.
Huang ZhongComplete 1 battle target on Wei side at Ding Jun mountain.
Ling TongComplete battle target 1 at Shi Ting on Wei side.
Liu BeiComplete Musou Mode with 3 Shu officers.
Lu BuClear Musou Mode with Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian and Diao Chan.
Lu MengComplete 2 battle targets on Wei side at He Fei.
Ma ChaoComplete battle target 2 at Han Zhong on Wei side.
Pang TongComplete 3 battle targets at Cheng Du on Shu side and keep Pang Tong alive until end of the stage.
Sun CeComplete battle target 1 on Wu side at Xia Pi.
Sun JianComplete Musou Mode with 3 Wu officers.
Sun QuanComplete battle target 1 on Lu Bu side at Chi Bi.
Taishi CiBeat him at the battle for Wu territory.
Wei YanComplete 2 battle targets in Wu Zhang on the Shu side.
Xiahou YuanComplete 1 Battle target on Shu side at Ding Jun Mountain.
Xiao QiaoComplete battle target 3 on Wu side at Shi Ting.
Xu HuangComplete 2 Battle targets on the Wei/ Wu alliance at Fan castle.
Xu ZhuAt He Fei with Wu kill Cao Ren and Xu Zhu.
Yuan ShaoComplete 3 battle targets and capture Wu Chao at Guan Du.
Yue YingComplete battle target 1 at Wu Zhang on Wei side.
Zhang HeComplete 2 battle targets on Shu side at Han Zhong
Zhang JiaoComplete 3 battle targets at Yellow Turban Rebellion.
Zhang LiaoClear Musou Mode with 1 Wei officer.
Zhen JiAt Xu Chuang on Lu Bu's side complete battle target 1.
Zhou TaiComplete 3 battle targets at Yi Ling on Shu side.
Zhuge LiangComplete Musou Mode with 1 officer from Shu.
unlock Xu ZhuI have solved unlocking Xu Zhu problem Yes, He Fei, Wu side, kill Cao Ren and Xu Zhu,
unlock Xu Zhubut you must do this in musou mode using Gan Ning this is the first objective of this battle,
unlock Xu Zhuif you complete it in 10 min. you can unlock Xu Zhu. Enjoy it!
Unlockable Modes
Do the following to unlock new modes for the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Master ModeSuccessfully complete Musou mode on the Easy or Normal difficulty to unlock the Master difficulty for Musou mode and Free mode.
Chaos ModeSuccessfully complete Musou mode with a character from the Wu, Shu, Wei, and Other factions to unlock the Chaos difficulty.
Hell DifficultyBeat Wei,Wu,Shu,and Other Musou mode.
Very Hard DifficultyClear Musou mode with any one character.
Chaos DifficultyClear Musou mode with one character from Wu,Shu,Wei and Other.
Master DifficultyBeat any Musou mode on Easy or Normal.


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An Easy Way to Capture the enemy base
Well, you know, when we played this game, in the musou and free mode, the one most important is to take the enemy base. Well, if you want to take a little while to capture it, find it's Corporal. The Corporal is the base defense 'second' captain. If you kill the corporal, it's mean that you cut 20 of the base HP. If u bring down the HP until30 (i think), the Guard Captain will come out hiding, and kill him will bring the base to yours. Happy gaming!!
Breaking Into Basis With Zhuge Liang
When playing as Zhuge Liang you can very EASILY and QUICKLY enter bases by holding down the Triangle button whilst in the MIDDLE of where the doors are. This will use his charge attack, which happens to deplete much of the doors HP in a very quick time.
call your horse
Calling your horse is new feature in the game simply click down and
you will hear whistle and the horse would came to you .
Defeating Lu Bu(Easy Way)
If you already have a maxed out horse... All you have to do is hit Lu Bu a few times on your horse and he is dead.
Hu Lao Gate Target 3--Defeating Lu Bu
I'll go ahead and tell you, there's no way you'll defeat Lu Bu on your first level, with somebody who is level one. You can attack him for 20 minutes, and still have no help, while he only needs to hit you one or two times before your character dies. If it's your first level, then just go ahead and skip Lu Bu. After he's unleashed, give it about 10 minutes and he'll be attacking a base Yuan Shao has camped in. This is when you attack Don Zhuo. Once you begin battle with him, he'll call Lu Bu back inside the gate to help him. Once he does so, Lu Bu will leave the battle field and head back inside of the gate. You should have about five minutes to fight dong Zhuo before he arrives, so make sure you kill him pretty fast. After getting your character to a prertty high level(somewhere around 25 is usually good) you can return to Hu Lao Gate and defeat Lu Bu within a minute or so. Still, try to keep him from attacking you. Even though your a higher level, he does some pretty decent damage.
Playing As Zhuge Liang In Chi Bi
When you play Zhuge Liang in Chi Bi, you'll notice that you effectively have to wait for a long time at the alter and you can't really help out your allies much (which usually results in the third target being missed since an ally is forced to withdraw). Well you can actually help out, AS LONG as you return back to the Alter around the four minute mark (so you have a further minute or so to defeat the General that ambushes you at the alter).

You effectively have to be at the alter with no enemy Generals around, when the time passes the five minute mark. So as long as you make it back in time, you'll be fine, so go help out your fellow Generals who just don't know how to stay alive.
Soft Reset
The soft reset feature has been made easy in this game by you simply having to press Select & Start buttons anywhere during the game. Pressing these buttons will return you to the main menu screen.