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Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Cheats

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice cheats, Trophys, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Item Warrior (Bronze)Beat floors 1 to 100 in an Item World without exiting.
Defeat Wise Innocents (Bronze)Defeat Wise Innocents in the Item World.
Defeat UFO? (Bronze)Defeat UFO? in the Item World.
Defeat Eryngi Pirates (Bronze)Defeat Eryngi Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Donnax2 Pirates (Bronze)Defeat Donnax2 Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Lucky Pirates (Bronze)Defeat Lucky Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Cheerates (Bronze)Defeat the Cheerates in the Item World.
Defeat Cowboy Pirates (Bronze)Defeat the Cowboy Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Asian Pirates (Bronze)Defeat the Asian Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Sports Pirates (Bronze)Defeat the Sports Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Pirate Cleaners (Bronze)Defeat the Pirate Cleaners in the Item World.
Defeat Ghost Pirates (Bronze)Defeat the Ghost Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Z Pirates (Bronze)Defeat Z Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Horizon Pirates (Bronze)Defeat the Horizon Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat UFO Pirates(?) (Bronze)Defeat the UFO Pirates(?) in the Item World.
Defeat Pirate Club (Bronze)Defeat the Pirate Club in the Item World.
Defeat Garden Pirates (Bronze)Defeat the Garden Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Boney Pirates (Bronze)Defeat the Boney Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Kit Cat Pirates (Bronze)Defeat the Kit Cat Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Element Pirates (Bronze)Defeat the Element Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Shinsengumi (Bronze)Defeat the Shinsengumi in the Item World.
Defeat Red Pirates (Bronze)Defeat the Red Pirates in the Item World.
Treasure Raider (Bronze)Get all the treasure boxes in the Treasure Room in the Item World.
Obey the Cat God (Bronze)Talk to the Cat God at the top of the Treasure Tower.
Reverse Bandit (Bronze)Get all the Reverse Pirating treasure boxes.
Who Wants to be a Milliondamagaire (Bronze)Do over 1,000,000 damage.
100,000,000 Damage Pyramid (Bronze)Do over 100,000,000 damage.
Attack of the Counter 10 (Bronze)Counter Attack over 10 times.
Cinco de Panelo (Bronze)Clear Geo Panels with 5 color changes in a row.
10 Block Combo (Bronze)Clear Geo Blocks with 10 color changes in a row.
Consult Your Physician (Bronze)Play for over 10 hours without stopping.
ABC's of Hitting (Bronze)Get hit by ABC Gum.
10 Piece Combo Meal (Bronze)Defeat an enemy with 10 combos or more.
Jumptastic! (Bronze)Jump inside Evil Academy 100 times.
The Ten Towers (Bronze)Defeat an enemy with a 10 story tower.
Axel's Rose (Bronze)Find Axel in the Item World.
Persuade by Force (Bronze)Force the Student Council to approve your Home Room request.
Combo No. 255 (Bronze)Accomplish over 255 combos in battle.
Capture Enemy (Bronze)Capture an enemy during battle.
Magichangician (Bronze)Magichange 5 times in a battle.
Receive 4, Move 20 (Bronze)Receive 4 times and move over 20 panels.
Receive 9, Move 60 (Bronze)Receive 9 times and move over 60 panels.
Trophy Shop Trophy (Silver)Get a Trophy from a Trophy Shop on the 90th floor.
Defeat Prinny Pirates (Silver)Defeat the Prinny Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat 10 Gents Pirates (Silver)Defeat the 10 Gents Pirates in the Item World.
Defeat Baal Pirates (Silver)Defeat the Baal Pirates in the Item World.
Reverse Robber (Silver)Steal from all the Innocents while Reverse Pirating.
Carnagenist (Gold)Beat floors 1 to 100 in a Land of Carnage Item World without exiting.
Reverse Viking (Gold)Steal from all the Innocents and treasure boxes while Reverse Pirating.
The Ten Billion Damage Man (Gold)Do over 10,000,000,000 damage.
4.0 GPA (Platinum)Get all other trophies.


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Here's what to do to clear the HOMEROOM OF "Rascal" enemies

Note that in the below table the left hand side is the Rascal to clear, and in the right is a description of what to do and what reward you get from clearing the rascal.
RascalWhat to do and Reward
CholoPlace a Female near him [Reward: common orb]
ChurroSeated between 2 characters [Reward: imperial seal]
ChewiePlace a Male near him [Reward: brawny muscle]
Prism PurplePlace a monster near him [Reward: speed weight]
Prism GreenSeated between 2 females [Reward: dark rosary]
Prism YellowPlace a prinny near him [Reward: ninja tabi]
Prism BlueSeated between 2 males [Reward: dark rosary]
Prism RedPlace a monster near him [Reward: energy belt]]
Hidden Classes
Here are some of the "hidden" character classes that you can unlock. The way this works is simple. Have 2 characters that meet the requirement to unlock the hidden class. i.e. unlock a Female Archer by having a Female Fighter and a Female Healer that are both level 15 or more.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Archer (Female)lvl 15 Female Fighter and lvl 15 Female Healer
Archer (Male)lvl 15 Male Fighter and lvl 15 Male Healer
Ninja (Female)lvl 30 Female Monk and lvl 30 Female Magician
Ninja (Male)lvl 30 Male Monk and lvl 30 Male Magician
Samurai (Female)lvl 35 Female Fighter and lvl 35 Female Archer
Samurai (Male)lvl 35 Male Fighter and lvl 35 Male Archer
Gunner (Male)Thief and Male Mage level 15
Gunner (Female)Female Thief and Mage level 15
Heavy KnightMale Fighter and Fist Fighter(?) level 15
Monster TamerFemale Fighter and Fist Fighter(?) level 15
Geo MasterFist Fighter and Healer level 20
Magic KnightFighter and Mage level 25
Masked HeroThief and gunner level 45
MajinClear 2nd play through turtorial
Cheerleader (Idol)Geo Master and Healer Lv 25
ShamanGeo Master and Mage Lv 25
BerserkerHeavy Knight and Monster Tamer Lv 40
Celestial HostCleat the Item World Command Attack Online Challenge in under 145 moves on any difficulty setting. Please note; you must be connected to the internet or you will not unlock this class.
Multiple Endings
There are 8 different endings for this game, each with certain conditions needing to be met in order to unlock them.

Stages are denoted by two numbers (X-Y). The first number (X) is the area and generally relates to the chapter number, and the second number (Y) is the specific level in said area.

If the Unlockable has '(NC)' in it, it means you'll begin a new cycle instead of entering the post game. If there is nothing in brackets, you'll enter the post-game area.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Raspberyl's Ending (NC)Lose to Raspberyl on Stage 1-5
Mao's Ambition (NC)Revisit stage 1-9 on second cycle or later (but not during story period from 4-4 to 5-1)
Raspberyl's Ending 2 (NC)Lose to Raspberyl on Stage 2-1
Human World Ending (NC)Kill 99+ allies before 7-6 and clear the two alternate stages
Almaz Ending (NC)Win Final Battle (Stage 8-4) with Almaz exclusively and clear the additional stage
Super Hero EndingDefeat the boss on stage 8-4 with a level 500+ Mao
Laharl's EndingPass the proposal to 'Watch a New Ending' and clear subsequent stage after unlocking the final stage (Stage 8-4)
Normal EndingDid not fulfill the requirements for "Laharl's" or "Super Hero" endings, or killed 99+ allies upon finishing stage 8-4


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Get a bigger classroom for free!
If your classroom is full when you get a new story character like Almaz you will automatically go up a size in the class room, this helps if you don't have enough mana or you can't get it approved.
Ultimate cash gaining
1. Take any character you want to gain loads of cash.
2. Put a LV.300 Broker on its weapon/armor(Brokers can easily be found in the rank 8 weapon,golden ball)
3. Put this character in the club known as PUNK ORG.(or the one that gives 50% more cash in case you changed the name.)

You should now be able to obtain more then SIX TIMES the regular amount of money... Good luck!