Demon's Souls Cheats

Demon's Souls cheats, Trophys, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Toughest Soul Trophy (Platinum)All Trophies Obtained
World Uniter's Trophy (Gold)Old Beast Put to Sleep & World United
Sage's Trophy (Gold)All Magic Learned
Saint's Trophy (Gold)All Miracles Learned
Rogue's Trophy (Gold)All Rings Obtained
Soldier's Trophy (Gold)All Valuable Weapons Obtained
False King's Trophy (Silver)Slayerof Demon “False King”
Storm King's Trophy (Silver)Slayerof Demon “Storm King”
Old Monk's Trophy (Silver)Slayerof Demon “Old Monk”
Maiden Astraea's Trophy (Silver)Slayerof Demon “Maiden Astraea”
Dragon God's Trophy (Silver)Slayerof Demon “Dragon God”
Old King's Trophy (Bronze)Conqueror of Old King Doran
Flying Dragon's Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Flying Dragon”
Trophy of Hardness (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Splinterstone
Trophy of Sharpness (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Sharpstone
Trophy of Distinction (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Clearstone
Master Hitter's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Greystone
Master Slicer's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Bladestone
Master Bowman's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Bow by Spiderstone
Poison Master's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Mercurystone
Flame Master's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Dragonstone
Blood Master's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Suckerstone
Life Master's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Pulpstone
Moonlighter's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Moonlightstone
Darkmoon Master's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Darkmoonstone
Congratulant's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Faintstone
Shade Master's Trophy (Bronze)Obtained Best Weapon by Cloudstone
Phalanx' Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Phalanx”
Tower Knight's Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Tower Knight”
Penetrator's Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Penetrator”
Adjudicator's Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Adjucator”
Old Hero's Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Old Hero”
Fool's Idol's Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Fool's Idol”
Maneater's Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Maneater”
Leechmonger's Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Leechmonger”
Dirty Colossus' Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Dirty Colossus”
Armor Spider's Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Armor Spider”
Flamelurker's Trophy (Bronze)Slayerof Demon “Flamelurker”


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Deposit All and Deposit Often
If you find any Shards, Chunks or Large Shards, deposit them with Stockpile Thomas as soon as you can. You do not need to have the items in your inventory to upgrade your weapons (as long as Stockpile Thomas has them it's fine), so there is little to no need for you to carry it all around wasting weight which can be used for getting newer weapons and Items.
Easy way to kill Scirvir
Once you have Pure Black world tendency in world 2 you can fight Black Phantom Scirvir by jumping down to him from the 2-2 archstone. Bring a good shield (I chose Purple Flame Shield but any big shield should do) and stay very close to him while avoiding his magic. Try luring him to the edge of the drop off and as soon as he uses a physical attack and is stunned from the block smash him with your shield and he will fall to his death. Its very quick and easy (only took 2 mins to knock him off the cliff in new game+) and you get a lot of easy souls around 23,000 on new game+ and the Talisman of Beasts weapon. Just make sure you are careful jumping down the rest of the way to the bottom and dont fall yourself, hope this helps^^
Killing King Allant
Since Death Cloud no longer works since the patch after lots of trial and error I found a pretty sure fire way to kill him by melee. First you need a Sticky Long Bow+3 or more, Adjucator Shield, Eternal Warrior's Ring ( Found by killing Old King Dolan ) Regenerator's Ring, and lots of healing items like full and new moon grass. Use an Ephemeral eye to regain your body form since you will need the HP and keep your target locked on him at all times. The trick is to stay away from Allant until he starts to do his charge up move, you will know what it looks like by him raising his sword and it will begin to glow. Fire an arrow to interrupt him and he will either jump to the side or charge it up again either way you can get at least 2 shots in. Unless he starts charging up again 2 is the safest bet no need to rush taking this fight slow and steady is the key. Since you will be constantly backing away from him his other attacks are fairly easy to side step if anything your shield will minimize damage taken. His other dangerous move is a rushing attack where he charges at you very quickly, if you side roll to the left you can avoid this attack entirely. Keep rinsing and repeating this and he will fall, good luck^^


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Duplicating Items
You may be tired of all the farming, or maybe you don't want to trade your values weapons to get the other weapons you need or want for the trophies.

Now for this to work you need to be a Blue Phantom, because it only save when you died or beat a boss. That is if you are the one duping your items. Now drop your items, and let the Host pick them up. After you have dropped all the times you want to dupe, you going to quit but not in game menu, but from the PS button.

Now you and the host both have the items. You can keep doing this to dupe multiple souls, stones, or weapons and trade them back to someone without worries, or get them all for you.

Duplication glitch
Set the Nexial Binding or Archway Stone to quick item use (square). Decide which item you are going to copy. Let's make a copy of the Beast Demon Soul. Rearrange your inventory so that the dup. item is the first or last item in the category (items for souls, the order doesn't matter it's just for speed). Select the Binding or Stone but don't use them. Go to the blacksmith in the Nexus (Boldwin). Try to buy some arrows (you need souls) but don't purchase yet. Leave without a word a go to Stockpile Thomas. Press square. The game will ask you if you want to go back to the Nexus. Press start. Talk to Thomas and deposit the item you want to duplicate. Beast Demon Soul in my example. You'll get one in your inventory and 1023 in your stockpile. The game will transport you back to the Nexus. See how you can use this to your advantage while going for upgrades?