Dark Souls II (PS3) Cheats

Dark Souls II cheats, Trophys, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
The Dark SoulObtain all achievements
Self RecollectionReclaim flesh and set out as an undead
Supreme WeaponReinforce a weapon to its limit
Gesture MaestroLearn all gestures
Master of SorceryLearn all sorceries
Master of MiraclesLearn all miracles
Master of PyromanciesLearn all pyromancies
Master of HexesLearn all hexes
Selfless GiverMax-out devotion to covenant
This is Dark SoulsThis is Dark Souls
King's RingAcquire the King's Ring
Ancient DragonAcquire Ashen Mist Heart
The HeirSee the ending
Last GiantDefeat the last giant
Sinner's BonfireLight the primal bonfire in Sinner's Rise
Iron Keep BonfireLight the primal bonfire in the Iron Keep
Gulch BonfireLight the primal bonfire in the Black Gulch
Brightstone BonfireLight the primal bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Giant LordDefeat Looking Glass Knight (Mirror Knight)
VendricDefeat Vendric
Brilliant CovenantDiscover a most brilliant covenant
Protector CovenantDiscover the covenant of the protectors
Sanguinary CovenantDiscover the covenant of the bloodthirsty
Covenant of the MeekDiscover the covenant of the meek
Gnawing CovenantDiscover the covenant of rodents
Clangorous CovenantDiscover the clangorous covenant
Covenant of AncientsDiscover an ancient covenant
Covenant of the FittestDiscover an covenant of the fittest
Abysmal CovenantDiscover the abysmal covenant
Curious MapLight all flames on the map of Majula
Change of ClothesGive Rosabeth of Melfia something to wear
Gathering of ExilesIncrease the population of Majula
Moonlight GreatswordInherit Benhart of Jugo's equipment
Holder of the FortInherit Captain Drummond's equipment
Lucatiel's TrophyInherit the equipment from Lucatiel of Mirrah
Smith for LifeInherit Steady Hand McDuff's equipment
Garrulous MiserInherit Laddersmith Gilligan's equipment
Reflections of DisembodimentInherit equipment from the head of Vengarl


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Estus Flask Shard Locations
UnlockableHow to unlock
1Inside small well near the big house. Attack stone in well
2In basement of big house
Forest of Fallen Giants-
3After obtaining Soldier Key, travel to Cardinal Tower bonfire in Forest of the Fallen Giants and use key to open door up the stairs. Look for a chest in second room
Lost Bastille-
4Climb down ladder near White Knight, then head down narrow corridor behind wooden platforms and look for a chest.
Shaded Woods-
5From Shaded Ruins bonfire, head to the hole near basilisk and look for shard behind the locked door
6Inside room opposite Old Akerlarre bonfire
No-Man's Wharf-
7Look for chest inside house with broken wall near the docks
Earthen Peak-
8Inside poison filled hallway
Brightstone Cove Tseldora-
9Check hidden wall just before Prowling Magus boss fight
10Inside building just opposite Lower Brightstone bonfire
Drangleic Castle-
11Go through gate past room with four ranged attackers, two knights and mastadon
Shrine of Amana-
12Down path between second and third bonfires with large enemy, rat and two mages
Fragrant Branch of Yore Locations
UnlockableHow to unlock
Black GulchDrop down the platforms near the hidden room with a bonfire, then look for a room past two giants with a chest containing the Branch
Brightstone Cove TseldoraIn the library after defeating the Duke's Dear Freja
Harvest Valley 1After exiting the first poisonous valley and before the Mines bonfire, look for a cave to the right containing the Branch
Harvest Valley 2Past the Mines bonfire is a room with sickle-wielding enemies. Knock down the wooden wall in the room and check through the doors
Iron KeepPurchased from Magerold of Lanafir's shop for 7,500 souls
Sinner's RiseInside a chest after defeating the Lost Sinner
The GutterLocated before the first bonfire in the Black Gulch
The Shaded WoodsUse a Branch to unpetrify an enemy blocking the entrance into a building near the Scorpioness Najka boss arena. This also allows you to gain access to the Lion Mage armor set


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Accessing The Gutter
Near the Central Earthen Peak bonfire inside the huge tower is an outer walkway over a large window. Go along this walkway, smashing multiple wooden railings along the way, and follow the ledge left to reach a man who offers his bridge-building services for 2,000 souls. It may also be a good idea to purchase the miniature ladder he has in his inventory for 6.699 souls.

Acquire his services to make him return to Majula, where he will be waiting near the huge pit. Speak with him to have him build another ladder reaching down; how far down it goes depends on the amount of souls you offer him: 12,000 souls will allow him to build a ladder that reaches far enough for you drop onto the walkways below.

Continue dropping from platform to platform, past a sewer area leading to some scaffolding, until you reach a giant hole called the The Gutter.
Covenant Info
Way of Blue (Lowers game difficulty, found in Majula)

Blue Sentinels (Protectors of Way of Blue, helps out members of that covenant)

Brotherhood of Blood (Invade other players, killing the players raises your rank in the covenant)

Heirs to the Sun (Able to play co-op more easily, and the 'Praise the Sun' gesture can be learned from this covenant)

Company of Champions (Raises game difficulty, you're also unably to summon co-op partners)

Bell Keepers (Helps co-op partners)

Rat King (Protects a specific area, and stops monsters from attacking you in the Grave of Saints, and the Door of Pharros)

Dragon Remnants (Invade players who own the Dragon Scales)

Pilgrims of Dark (Joining allows access to the Dark Chasm of Old)
Defeating King Vendrick
If you keep all 5 boss souls you have gotten on your journey. This battle will be considerably easier. Each boss soul you have will weaken Vendrick's defense, so save them up and don't use them.
Easy way to defeat The Pursuer
During the boss battle, behind the Pursuer is a ballista.
If you activate while Pursuer is in range, then he is most-likely going to be destroyed.
Gain access to mansion in Majula
In the Forest of Fallen Giants, then look for a path near the bonfire that leads down next to the cliffs. Defeat the Cardinal Tower bonfire and head down the ladder. After defeating two more enemies near the arched bridge, enter the door to the left and go through the white mist to enter a new area. Walk up the sloping tree and drop down onto the rooftop to your right, look for a scaffolding you can jump from and enter a nearby cave. Wait for the dangerous boulder to roll past, then head up the passage to your left to find a cartographer. Speak with him multiple times in order to receive the key that allows you to gain access to the two-story mansion in the back corner of Majula (near the armor shop). Inside you will find a Soul Vessel and an Estus Flask upgrade deep in the basement ruins.
Gift Descriptions
Life Ring - Increases your Max HP by 5%.

Human Effigy - Use to become human, burn at a bonfire to prevent invasions for a little while.

Healing Wares - An assortment of healing items.

Homeward Bone - Use this to return to a Bonfire with your souls and humanity. (If you already have it)

Seed of a Tree of Giants - Enemies react to invaders from other worlds

Bonfire Aescetic - Burn in a bonfire to raise the difficulty forever.

Petrified Something - Drop it near a nest that is at the beginning of the game. You will obtain a random item.

You can also choose not to accept a gift from the woman.
New Game Plus
After you defeat DS II's final boss. An option will appear for you to re-do your adventure all over again. If you say yes, then the game will become New Game +. This mode allows you to keep most of your equipment, items, level, and souls. If you say no, then you can continue on playing the game. However, if you ever get bored then head over to The Far Fire in Majula and switch the game into NG+ (This change is irreversible)
Unlocking Illusory Rings
Complete the game without dying once or using any Bonfires to earn both the Illusory Ring of A Conqueror and the Illusory Ring of the Exalted, which when equipped hides your left- or right-hand weapon, respectively, even when drawn.
Way to defeating Mytha, easier
If you use a torch to burn down the windmill in the poison zone, that makes it so there is no poison when have your battle.

Easter eggs

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False wall in No-Man's Wharf
Near the far edge of No-Man's Wharf is a small room full of jars containing poison. Two guards sleep at the table.
The wall behind them is false and can be blown out with a spell. Hidden behind are Souls and a Royal Soldiers Ring.
Gender swapping coffin
In the Things Betwix section of the Tutorial area at the beginning of the game, look for a open coffin on a beach to your left populated by very unfriendly ogres. Push down the tree and defeat the ogres, then enter the coffin to switch the gender of your champion. You can switch genders as many times as you like, but note that you are not presented with any options for character customization.
Optional Darklurker boss
Join and reach Rank 2 of the Pilgrims of Dark covenent, then return to Drangleic Castle and gain access to the Dark Chasm of Old. Defeat a series of challenging enemies in the three sections of this secret area. At the end, use your torch to light all the braziers then speak with Grandahl to gain access to the optional Darklurker boss via elevator. Note that if you die in the Abyss, you need to offer Grandahl a Human Effigy to regain access to the Dark Chasm.
Secret Dragon Memory
After receiving the Ashen Mist Heart from the Dragon Shrine toward the end of the game, return to the Duke's arena and look for a new crystal that appears underneath the hollowed dragon there. This will allow you to enter the Dragon Memory, where you will find an ancient dragon's corpse that contains an Ancient Dragon Soul.