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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
The Dark Soul (Platinum)All trophies obtained. Congratulations!
Knight's Honor (Silver)Acquire all rare weapons.
Wisdom of a Sage (Silver)Acquire all sorceries.
Bond of a Pyromancer (Silver)Acquire all pyromancies.
Prayer of a Maiden (Silver)Acquire all miracles.
Covenant: Way of White (Bronze)Discover Way of White covenant.
Strongest Weapon (Bronze)Acquire best wpn through standard reinfrc.
Crystal Weapon (Bronze)Acquire best wpn through crystal reinfrc.
Lightning Weapons (Bronze)Acquire best wpn through lightning reinfrc.
Raw Weapon (Bronze)Acquire best wpn through raw reinfrc.
Magic Weapon (Bronze)Acquire best wpn through magic reinfrc.
Enchanted Weapon (Bronze)Acquire best wpn through enchanted reinfrc.
Divine Weapon (Bronze)Acquire best wpn through divine reinfrc.
Fire Weapon (Bronze)Acquire best wpn through fire reinfrc.
Chaos Weapon (Bronze)Acquire best wpn through chaos reinfrc.
Enkindle (Bronze)Light bonfire flame.
Estus Flask (Bronze)Acquire Estes Flask.
Reach Lordran (Bronze)Arrive in Lordran.
Ring the Bell (Undead Church) (Bronze)Ring Bell of Awakening at Undead Church.
Ring the bell (Quelaag's Domain) (Bronze)Ring Bell of Awakening in Quelaag's domain.
Rite of Kindling (Bronze)Acquire the Rite of Kindling.
Art of Abysswalking (Bronze)Acquire the Art of Abysswalking.
Reach Anor Londo (Silver)Arrive in Anor Londo.
Lordvessel (Silver)Acquire the Lordvessel.
Secret Trophies---
To Link the Fire (Gold)Reach 'To Link the Fire' ending.
Dark Lord (Gold)Reach 'The Dark Lord' ending.
Covenant: Princess's Guard (Silver)Discover Princess's Guard covenant.
Covenant: Blade of the Darkmoon (Silver)Discover Blade of the Darkmoon covenant.
Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight (Silver)Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant.
Covenant: Forest Hunter (Silver)Discover Forest Hunter covenant.
Covenant: Darkwraith (Silver)Discover Darkwraith covenant.
Covenant: Path of the Dragon (Silver)Discover Path of the Dragon covenant.
Covenant: Gravelord Servant (Silver)Discover Gravelord Servant covenant.
Covenant: Chaos Servant (Silver)Discover Chaos Servant covenant.
Occult Weapon (Bronze)Acquire best wpn through occult reinfrc.
Defeat Gravelord Nito (Silver)Defeat the Soul Lord Gravelord Nito.
Defeat Bed of Chaos (Silver)Defeat the Soul Lord Bed of Chaos.
Defeat the Four Kings (Silver)Defeat the Four Kings, inheritors of souls.
Defeat Seath the Scaleless (Silver)Defeat Seath the Scaleless, inheritors of souls.
Defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin (Silver)Defeat Dark Sun Gwyndolin, the Darkmoon God.
Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla (Silver)Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla, the Lifehunter.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Jax06 on September 25, 2011


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Dodging the harpoons in Anor Londo

In Anor Londo you will encounter a very frustrating and brutal stretch right after the 2 knight statues. Once you kill off the mindless spear demons(pin them close to a ledge and they will kill themselves 90% of the time) you will walk down a narrow pathway where 2 more demons are waiting for a pincer attack. You can run straight through them and dash towards the left up another narrow ledge. Once you walk around the pillar you will see another ledge going up and 2 knights with a bow.... and they shoot harpoons. If you try to stand and block the harpoon will knock you back about 3 feet which will most often than not send you over the edge to your death. The trick is to keep running up the ledge. Once you reach the top against the wall's window ledge run right towards one of the knights. When he shoots at you you can roll under the harpoon so that it misses you entirely. Remember if you try to block them you will be knocked over the edge. once you get close to the knight its a normal sword shield battle. After he is down you can repeat the process with the other one if you choose to as he is guarding a hero's soul.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Titan22 on October 30, 2011

Farming for Ore

Yes it is in fact possible to do something called farming in a video game. It's called killing the same type of enemy many times until it drops a certain item. Every enemy drops something different. Also, items are dropped more often depending on if you are human or not, and how many humanity you have ingested and are currently carrying around. The more the merrier. Here's a few good ones.

Undead Rats: Humanity
Undead Baby(Catacombs): Humanity
Leech: Green Titanite
Man-Eating Clam: Twinkling Titanite
Titanite Demon: Demon Titanite
Mimic: Symbol of Avarice
Verified by: ifrit1 Submitted by: yugiRULER on March 06, 2012

Killing titanite demons

Hate those crawling iron staff wielding demons who shoot electricity as much as I do? Try smashing them with pyromancy, preferably the combustion or great combustion spell. This will hit them for much more damage than your weapon will and its a fairly quick spell so you can block again quickly. 8 shots of great combustion will almost take down the highest lvl titanite demon hitting them around 250 or so a pop. This is about triple the damage my weapon was hitting for.
Verified by: ifrit1 Submitted by: Titan22 on October 30, 2011

Roasting the armored boar

In the first area of the game shortly after you may or may not have been toasted by the red drake you will encounter a giant boar covered in metal armor. Walk too far out and he will charge and he hits very hard. Take out the first soldier you see then creep out look to the right and take out the second one holding the spear. Hug the right wall and walk towards the stairs, doing so will not attract the boar's attention. Right before the stairs you will see a patch of ground that is on fire. Hold up your shield and walk right towards it and stop just before you would step in and burn to death. The giant boar will charge and be stopped by your shield (may depend on your shields stability lvl so use one that is at least mid 50's). If you placed your character properly the boar will be standing right over the flame and he is too stupid to move off of it and will take considerable damage. Rinse and repeat if you have to and he will fall. Congratulations once he is gone he does not respawn until NG+.
Verified by: Darklord004 Submitted by: Titan22 on October 30, 2011